Thursday, October 20, 2011

'Cause this is the end..

Lately, I have been wondering about death and dying. People are so good at organizing their life and celebrating that life, but they forget about death. Although death is part of life, there's still a major taboo and people don't like to discuss their end in this life.

I heard about this couple, that has prepared their funeral in advance. They do not wish to bother their children with arranging a funeral in a moment of despair and grief. It's very confrontational, for both parents and children, but at the same time, it's a guarantee and a reassurance that their last wishes will be respected. Not a bad idea at all, I would say.

My family knows I'm not a catholic anymore. It's pretty obvious that I wouldn't want a Christian funeral either.
I would like to be cremated in a serene scenery, surrounded by friends and close family. No outsiders, no snoops. Just the people that have meant a lot to me. Just like I would have invited them over for a cuppa or for a dinner party. I have already thought about the music too. One song I would really like to hear on my funeral, is Aimer - from the Roméo et Juliette musical. It is such a meaningful song and it's so full of life and love, that I find it very appropriate to be played on my last journey.

Life is fleeting. There's no use trying to desperately hold on to this life. Maybe you find me too sober on this subject, but that's just the way I feel. I'm not scared of death, since I truly believe it's part of life. That doesn't mean I'm looking forward to leaving this world though. I'm having a pretty good time here and there's so much left to do before I make the transition to another world. But being prepared is not a bad thing. We never know what life has in store for us..

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