Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I'm perfectly content with..

a good book and a tasteful mug of Latte Macchiato. I like to take care of my family and serve them home cooked meals on a daily basis. Shopping for groceries is not a chore for me and making sure the pets are taken well care off and fed is also part of what I do (apart from walking them, that is). I like to meet up with friends and speaking about diabetes in public is something I would like to continue to do. To me, this job is as important as a job on the payroll.

Some days ago, one of the girls had to fill out a schoolform. School needed to know what professions the parents have. She wasn't too sure what to write down. She hesitated for a while and then wrote down: housewife. Twenty years ago, that would not have caused any negative feelings. Nowadays, it's like being a housewife is something to be ashamed of. And why? Because women feel forced to go out and work fulltime? Because society tells them being a housewife is not good enough and certainly not fulfilling? Could be to some, but to me, nothing's wrong with being a housewife. I'm proud of the fact that we could give our children the chance to come home after school instead of going to daycare. It's nice for them to come home and have a slice of home baked apple cake for tea. There's someone there to hear their school adventures and to discuss school subjects. Having a blooming career is not my priority.

I'm lucky to have a husband who gives me the choice. He won't force me to stay at home neither will he force me to go to work. He's the man in the household and he makes sure we can lead a good financial life. It is my job to make sure everything is scheduled at home, so life is comfortable.

As a housewife, you don't get rewarded in the same way as working colleagues. You don't get paid for the work you do, you have no paid vacation or sick leave. There are no colleagues to talk to and no meetings to attend. There are no financial bonuses or promotions. But on the other hand: you can plan your work, you can take a break whenever you feel like it, your hours are more flexible and there's no need for aggravation while stuck in traffic.

I'm perfectly content with my role. I hope my children will share that opinion..


Upje said...

Niks om je over te schamen. Ik ben er stiekem zelfs een beetje jaloers op. Je doet dat ongetwijfeld heel goed, dus laat niemand je iets anders vertellen, hoor!


Bittersweet said...

ik ben niet de typische huis/poetsvrouw, dat weet je wel hè. Maar voor de rest kan ik me er wel helemaal in vinden :-)

Stijn said...

Als het financieel draagbaar is met één inkomen zou ik mij er toch ook geen zorgen in maken :)

De kindjes en de hubby kunnen thuiskomen en hun voetjes onder tafel steken, .... Als jij ook fulltime zou gaan werken zou het allemaal niet meer zo evident zijn vrees is.
Ik merk dat er veel stress weggevallen is doordat mijn vrouwke nu efkes tijdskrediet genomen heeft!

Bittersweet said...

Het is fijn als je de keuze hebt en er samen uit komt wat er het beste is op dat moment hè.