Sunday, December 11, 2011


Yes, it's your turn! There are actually men who are no chefs but who love to cook and impress. And yes, I know a few and it's great talking to them. No matter how young or old they are, each one has his own particular talent and I love to discuss food and recipes with them. Maybe we should start a cooking group, that is if they would allow women as well... Although, when I think of it.. I might not allow other women in the group and keep those gastrosexual men all to myself!

Hubby is not gastrosexual at all and maybe that's beneficial. I wouldn't like to give up my kitchen. I have no idea what it feels like if your partner decides what's cooking. I have always been the cook around this house and I believe it's my job to feed the crew. It would be kinda awkward to let hubby cook and just grab a seat and wait at the table.. So not al men have to be gastrosexual, please. But every now and then, it feels great if a man tries to please you with his cooking talent! I'll happily stand next to you and sip my glass of Chardonnay.

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