Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hear the leaves crunch

Photo by Lana Joos
Let's take the dogs for another walk in the woods. Inthe loves to play outside. She likes to race around the meadows, catching falling leaves. Her ears are always pointed, trying to locate a lost rabbit or a colorful pheasant. She just wants to play, our little toddler. Nearly two now, but still as playful and full of life.

Rebba guides over her. She doesn't loose track of Inthe and she calls her back whenever she goes too far out of sight. It's great to see them communicate. Although Inthe is pretty dominant, Rebba is still in charge. She's the older one, she's the leader of our little pack. She lets Inthe discover the world and she's very patient with her, but she will reprimand her if she goes out of line. Because that's her job and she cares so much for Inthe, that she wants to raise her in the best way she can.

Winter will be there soon. The fireplace in the living area will warm our feet more often. It will be harder each day to get Rebba going. But as long as Inthe will jump up by the sound of her leash banging against the hook on the door, Rebba will force herself to get up and going. It keeps us going too. I don't walk them as often as I should, but when I do walk them, they warm my heart and they bring me even more joy. I'm so grateful for these two.. they were the best present ever.

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