Sunday, December 4, 2011

You won't believe this!!!

People are so curious! Sentences like: You won't believe this or Did you hear.. draw people's attention. Write it in the subject of your mail, and you may be practically sure people will give priority to your e-mail. It's just this curious tic that people want to know everything.

Yes, I admit, I'm curious too. Curious George might be my middle name. I ask questions. Don't feel obliged to answer them though. If I ask too many questions, just say: mind your own business. No hard feelings..

Just try out how curious people are. Can you withhold yourself from reading a message that says: you won't believe this? Probably not. You wouldn't be reading this blog otherwise..


Nadine said...


Bittersweet said...

hahahaha! love you too proetie!

Jangeox said...

Moet ge nu eens iets weten ?

Bittersweet said...

hahahah goed geprobeerd Jangeox!