Monday, February 6, 2012

Je me fou du monde entier

You actually don't give a darn what people think of you. Being abroad for 5 weeks does you well. You are so happy with your partner and the two of you like to travel and enjoy each others company. Today is your birthday. Years go by so fast. I think I have known you for around 12 years now. No matter what happened to you during that period of time, you always kept your joy and positive attitude and you didn't let anyone get you down. Keep up that spirit, my friend. I'm looking forward to the short visit you will pay our country, before you go back where you like to be the most. I'll see you on Thursday, as usual, for our monthly day out. We never get bored and there's always plenty to talk about.
Have a very good birthday. I'm sure that won't be any problem.

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