Friday, March 23, 2012

I'm still standing

When you started highschool in Bruges, you never thought it wasn't going to be for the upcoming 6 years. Pretty fast, you had a whole bunch of friends. Being in boarding school, gave you the chance to really get to know one another. There was always a peer to talk to, a friend to turn to when things weren't going that smoothly and you had an older student to look after you whenever you felt homesick. You looked stunning in your uniform, stockings pulled up to your knees and a short blue skirt. You had a wonderful time in boarding school and it was painful for you to leave your friends behind. The whole class split and several girls attended other schools that next semester. So did you.. You had no idea what to expect...

You have been doing real well in school. There are different best friends now. They are wonderful young girls and you have great fun together. Friends are important to you and you have proven to be a good friend to them, taking care of them whenever they are sick, making sure their study material is up to date. The last few weeks have been hard on you, since you're doing your exams. Something you didn't have to do in boarding school. You struggled a bit to find out a new method to study, but you're doing just fine now. In the morning, you have your exams and in the afternoon you're supposed to come home and study. But you decided otherwise: you're staying in school to prepare your exams for the following day. Too much distraction at home, you say. I'm proud of you for choosing what's best for you. I'm sure your report card won't disappoint us. You are a good student. Hang in there girly. It's almost time to relax and have fun!

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