Saturday, March 24, 2012


It had been ages since we ate as well as that night in Voorschoten, Holland. Not expected, but nevertheless thrilled about the outcome. Upstairs restaurant welcomed us into their nice decor and the staff made us feel at ease right away. They pampered us with delightful creations. I was so happy and excited with this menu and so was my blood glucose. For the first time in my diabetes career, I went out to dinner and my numbers did not flip all the way. Not at all, they stayed within range all night even though we indulged and had more to eat than we normally do. That is what gastronomy does to me. Not many carbs, low fat but still very tasty. I would love to go back and have second servings. I appreciate good food and honest produce. My taste buds have been spoiled. I'm looking forward to visiting this place again.

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