Monday, March 5, 2012

I know your ways

You and I are so much alike... we have similar features and our humor is not always to be understood by others. My little girl looks after me and in that knowledge she looks after you too. It was good to hug you and kiss your cheeks and tell you how much you are loved. You are very special to me. Good days or bad days, you have always welcomed me into your home. Driving home from highschool, I would stop by your house first. There was always a hot cup of tea for me and you were anxious to hear about my week. It felt like coming home..

I'm so proud of you. When you told me your HbA1c had dropped to this very acceptable 5.4%, my heart got filled with pride. There is not one day you don't go outside to take a brisk walk. It's paying off. Following the guidelines of your endocrinologist and dietitian, you are doing so much better than a couple of years before. We talked about your mom today. How she died at the age of 58. The exact age you are now. Can't imagine what it would feel like to lose you. Having chosen you as the godmother of our oldest daughter, you will always have a special place in our hearts. I see how you look at my children with deep love and interest. You ask them about school, their friends and their special friends. You enjoy their stories and you love to cuddle us. That's what moms do.. and that's what you are to me: my own mammie... xxx

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