Sunday, March 4, 2012


We all have our flaws and our limitations in life. It's interesting to find out what ours are.

I have two sisters-in-law who are very interested in living a healthy life. They work out, eat healthy food and are working on their innerself as well. They don't live their healthy lifestyle to loose weight, no. They don't even need to loose weight. They are convinced that eating healthy food will nourish their body the way it's supposed to be nourished. It's interesting to share opinions and recipes.
One sister-in-law is eating low carb and it's paying off. She feels so much better since she eats more veggies and less carbs. No more stomach troubles and plenty of energy.
The other sister-in-law is taking it even a step higher. She even works in a company that produces and distributes vegetarian produce. After her working hours, she goes to evening classes to become a health consultant. She's doing real well and living healthy is beneficial to her.
I learn a lot from both ladies. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me!

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