Sunday, April 22, 2012

Help! I need somebody!

Ppppfffff.... I hate riddles. I hate mathematics or difficult puzzles. I just can't concentrate or find the energy to focus. It's always been like that. If it can't hold my attention, I don't even bother. If I were given this kind of riddle on a math exam, I would just have drawn a diagonal line through the whole thing and handed in my paper.

This riddle needs to be solved before we can do our next geocaching. I'm lost already. The first one is solved, but I have no idea about the following questions. They are all too tricky for me. I prefer language over math, but no language is involved in this game. Hmhmh... maybe it's time for me to broaden my horizon and learn to focus on things I'm not that good at. That is, if nobody else can help me out. So I'm asking you: who can solve this riddle for me? There must be at least one whizz kid out there?

I'm waiting for your mail! I'm curious to see how many of you will find the solution.

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