Saturday, May 5, 2012

It's sort of a regimen

Before I started blogging in 2009, I had never heard of this Internet hype. Working as a personal assistant, I typed the blog for my disabled employer. She would dictate the lines and I would write it down for her. We often looked for suitable titles together and she taught me a lot about blogging. She made me long for a blog of my own and it didn't take me much longer to work one out for myself. In the beginning, I used to blog twice a day. Guess that's what I needed back then.. Now I try to blog once a day and my blog appears online at 8:00 AM sharp. That is, if everything goes right.

I just have to blog. It's something I want to do on a daily basis.. It gives me a good feeling and it keeps me alert. It makes me reflect over my life and the way I interact with others. It has become a bit of an obligation and a regimen to blog. Most of my readers I know, but there are always others out there I'm not aware of. Sometimes I run in to a writer's block and that's when my readers contact me to hear what's wrong. They like to read me every day and they would feel kinda lost if I would no longer write down my thoughts. It's nice to know that you have followers and that they truly enjoy reading you.

A couple of weeks ago, I started a second blog. A blog where I like to keep my recipes. The followers are enthusiastic and I hear they try things out in the kitchen. Even 15 year old girls tie their aprons around their waist and juggle with onions and apples. That brings me joy and happiness. My main blog has been printed into 3 books by now. This summer, I would like to print the 4th book. My cooking blog will be printed after 1 year, so I can have 365 recipes in one book, one for each day. I don't know yet, if there will be a sequel or not. It will depend on my inspiration, I guess. That's not something I worry about. We'll see when we get there. In the meantime, I'll keep blogging and I hope you will keep reading and commenting.

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Jangeox said...

Keep up the good work !
Je hebt in elk geval de microbe doorgegeven want binnenkort doe ik dat ook al één jaar :-)