Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The man cave

I honestly believe any man should have ownership to some sort of man cave. A place where he can retract and unwind and do whatever he feels like doing. Whether that is gaming or watching soccer on TV, hanging out with the dudes and share some beers. I'm not sure what men would want their man cave to be designed for, but I'm sure each one of them could come up with some ideas? It would definitely be meaningful for many guys out there.

Hubby has a place of his own. He calls it his shed and it's the place where he smokes his cigars and meditates about the day. There's no TV, no sixpacks of beer. He goes out to his shed several times a day. On his way over there, he collects the trash that needs to be dumped, fills up the dog food container. He sits on his little stool, rocking back and forth, enjoying his cigar. I never join him in his shed. After all, it's his man cave. I have no business being there. I want it to be his place.

If you ever plan on making your own man's cave, can you fill me in about your typical man activities? Or is that inappropriate for me to ask? Tell me to mind my own business. That's okay. I'm just curious. That's typical female..

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