Wednesday, June 6, 2012

An experience

I know not everybody is fond of dogs. It's not fair though to say you're not a dog lover, if you have never owned one. There are dogs and there are dogs. And then there are whippets.. Yes, here I go again. This breed is so different, so.. well... I don't really know how to express it. Most people who are not fond of dogs, have no issues with whippets. As a child, we owned a whippet girl. Her name was Kelly. She was brindle, just like our Inthe. Her sister, Lady, lived with my cousin in Brussels. She was more like Rebba, a bit darker maybe. So I was used to the breed. I knew what whippets were like.
It took us some years to get our own set of whippies, but we don't regret having welcomed them into our home.
Having a whippet in the house, is a reassurance that you will always have someone wagging its tail for you. Someone who will be full of joy when you enter the room - even if you have left it for only 5 minutes - and who will love you for no reason. A companion who will fight for the nearest spot next to you on the couch. A warm head in your lap and two legs on your shoulders, in a clumsy attempt to give you an enormous hug. The look in their eyes, when they are sitting like sphinxes, waiting for a crumble of that cookie you're having. Their body close to your leg, when you get up to stroll to the kitchen. You always have a shadow following you..
Our daughters were not looking forward to having a dog. They don't like how they want to go in and out the house multiple times a day. They don't like the smelly part, when they have eaten something beyond their diet. They still believe whippets are ugly. But I can tell they love them. They cuddle them when they come home from school. They kiss them goodnight and they let them sleep under their blanket on the couch, stroking their head. So I do believe that they have changed their minds about whippets. I do hear them say they will NEVER EVER have a dog when they have a place of their own. That sounds so familiar.. I felt the exact same way when I was their age..

The sign is wrong. It should say: All you need is Love.. and a whippet. Sorry guys. But whippets rule.

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