Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Till death do us part

He's a very successful, handsome young businessman. His life is exciting and he has managed to live his dreams. Madly in love with Carmen, they get married and they get along real well. Little Luna is their little princess and they love her to pieces. Every now and then, he meets other women and needs their love and approval to feel better about himself. Carmen knows about the cheating, but she forgives him for his enthusiasm and his boyish personality. 
Fate strikes. Carmen gets diagnosed with breast cancer. Although Stijn is very supportive of her, he has a tough time dealing with this struggle in their life. Roos is the woman he confides in. She comforts him and offers him a refuge, away from the cancer and away from his tormented family. He needs this escape from reality despite his deep love for Carmen. 
Carmen faces a breast amputation and her world falls apart. Stijn breaks up with Roos, to spend more time with Carmen. She won't live much longer and they agree to quit jobs and enjoy each other for the little time they have left. Carmen forgives him for the numerous affairs and he strokes her back when the chemotherapy makes her vomit at night. 
She's ready to leave for the other side and asks her husband to call a doctor. Euthanasia is her last wish.. 

This (Dutch) movie gave me the chills. The moment when Carmen had to say goodbye to their 5 year old princess, was devastating. I let my tears run wild. My blood sugars were totally messed up. I think I'll watch it again. "Komt een vrouw bij de dokter... "

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