Friday, June 22, 2012

He called me a Minx????

I remember the first time I met JayJay. I had just visited my diabetes nurse in the hospital and leaving her office, I saw this young man reading a magazine in the waiting room. He was dressed real well, his hair all black and shiny, skinny jeans and shirt ironed perfectly and wearing flip flops. Know what I mean? Exactly.. My nurse asked me to wait a little longer, because there was a diabetes workshop a little later that day. So I chose a comfortable seat in the waiting room, opened my purse and looked for my book to read some more.

Shortly after that, my nurse left her office, accompanied by that same young man. I saw them coming right at me. She left the man beside me and we introduced ourselves. I invited him to join us for the workshop - after all, we shared that same D-sease. He refused at first, because Sales started that day and he wanted to do some shopping. The workshop was not going to start for 2 more hours, so he had plenty of time to shop. I didn't expect him back though, because he was a bit reluctant to join in.

When he entered the meeting room, disturbing the crowd, presenting himself by: anyone willing to see what I bought?, I became his number one fan that day. Hahaha, what a great guy! I offered him the seat next to mine and let him babble. Because that's what he does: he babbles, he's witty, he's good looking and fun to be around. His Indian roots make him even more interesting.

Without knowing, we shared a mutual friend. Another diabetic.. Can't believe so many friends of mine are diabetics! So we thought it was a good idea to do some shopping together, in Antwerp of course. Where else? We had a wonderful day. A day we wanted to do over some time later.

I was talking to JayJay the other day, when all of a sudden he called me a Minx. A what? Exactly, that's what I said too. I had to look it up. See for yourself. And it's okay. He can call me a Minx. It flattered me somehow, hearing it from his mouth..

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