Saturday, June 23, 2012


Photo Lana Joos
Money can buy you the most beautiful dog, but not the wagging of its tail..

Today is your birthday, my lovely Rebba-girl. You turned 6 and you are happy as ever. Always ready for a cuddle and a hug. You are so loyal. Not always obedient, but whippets are supposed to have a mind of their own. I'm so happy you came to live with us, that September 1 2009. We can tell you like your new home. You have your favorite spot on the couch. Did I tell you that you are so good at making me smile? Just the other day, it was hilarious to see how you nibble little bites of a cookie that I held up for you. You are still my little baby.. Hope to have you with us for many, many more years..


karin, robijn, viefke said...

A big b-day-hug for Rebba-girl!

Bittersweet said...

ooooh bedankt!