Sunday, June 24, 2012

Muy bueno

I'm still not the sporty person my doctors would like me to be, but I must admit: going outdoors to do some geocaching is a big hit. Looking forward to any occasion, I leave my hiking boots and thick socks in the car. The whippets are all hyper for they know they can come along. Lana loves to "prepare" them (read: make them crazy!) for their day out, so they are totally stressed out by the time we leave. They are too nervous to eat their breakfast and they don't like to eat in a different location, so when we get home late at night, they are starved..

Friday was a wonderful day. Although the rain washed us out numerous times, the sun warmed our heads and dried up the wet shirts. I think the five of us make a great combination to do this game of sports. I'm not of much use, since I still don't understand the rules (no I won't read the guidelines), but I love to observe the interaction between my friends. How they discuss coordinates, how they compare their mobile devices and GPS systems. I'm not clever enough to solve the mathematic formulas and it amazes me how good they are at it. Each one of us has its role in the game. Still trying to find out what mine is... LOL.

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