Sunday, July 22, 2012

مرحبا بكم في مراكش

We couldn't decide whether we would book a vacation or not. Thinking of going back to Florida, one of the girls protested that she wanted to go some place else. A place where she could visit historical sites and learn about the country. On the other hand, daughter number two was more than willing to go to Florida. She mainly wants to shop and lie down by the pool... Hmmm what a dilemma... I'm not entitled to take a break yet, since I just started working again. Hubby worked hard all year round and he's desperately looking forward to some time off and a vacation abroad. Arrgghhh!!! We need help!

We decided the kids would go to summer camp and the oldest daughter is starting her first summer job in August. Maybe we could go to Florida around Christmas? Or to Indiana? How about Bali? Darn.. if only all of us could agree on a destination and a set a date?

My in-laws would like to come to Florida with us. They talk Easter vacation 2013. That was the plan. Until Lana told us her class was planning a schooltrip to Italy around Easter. And Eva just announced that she would like to go to Durbuy to take courses so she could become a monitor for summer camps. So the Easter vacation is a no-go as well.

At work, we discussed the schedule for August. My employer and his family have planned another break, meaning I would be off August 10 - August 20th. So the idea started to grow in my head, that maybe, just maybe, we could escape from our rainy country and enjoy some sun some place else? I have always wanted to go back to Morocco. Not Agadir this time, but Marrakech. I would love to stroll around the Medina and enjoy the Moroccan cuisine. Just bed and breakfast and no children around. It's been a very long time since mom and dad went away all by themselves. The girls will be very disappointed, but we'll make it up. I'd better schedule care for the whippets as well. Arthur can stay at home, but the dogs would be better of at Fiefoerniek's to go play with their whippie friends.

I'm looking forward to the Arabic sounds, the music, the food, the sun, the atmosphere and some quality time with my husband. La Sultana looks very appealing and luxurious to us... Can't wait to go..

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