Tuesday, July 3, 2012

It all went wrong

This Saturday we are having friends over for dinner. It's been a while since we last met up, so it will be fun to enjoy each other's company. If only I had not had this awful dream..

I needed to get some final groceries to prepare the meals I had in mind. I was in a rush an I could not find my shopping list. So I decided to leave the house without the list. I knew what I wanted to make, so how hard could it be to race around the store, retrieving the products I needed?
I was doing real well and I was on schedule. The table had been set earlier that day. The champagne was getting cold in the fridge and my dessert was looking great. No sweat!
Our friends arrived and I was calm as a cucumber. No stress at all. Why should I stress out? I mean, come on, these are my friends after all. So we served drinks and appetizers and I was getting ready for the entrees. There was a choice of fish or meat and my friends had given me their preferences in advance. I opened the fridge to take out the fish.. where did the fish go??? I checked the other fridge, but I couldn't find it anywhere! Panic! Breathe, breathe.. I could hear Hubby laugh and chat with our guests, while I was dying in my kitchen.. My sugar level dropped instantly and..

That's when I woke up, to treat my low. It was only Sunday night. I had not done any shopping yet and I had plenty of time left before the weekend. But my heart pounded like a mad man's heart. Just chill.. I'll do just fine. I'm prepared and nothing of that manner will happen, right? Right?

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