Monday, July 2, 2012

It was nice in time and place..

but it's time for a change. Our bedroom used to be the bedroom of the girls. I'm talking a long time ago, at least 10 years, I would say. Nothing has changed since, except for the shelves I built to display my shoes. There was a separate area for the sunbed, but that same sunbed died some years ago. We got rid of it, but not of the separate area. Maybe that should go to. I'm sure anyone with some common sense would admit lila and pink are not appropriate for a parents' room. The wall to wall carpet might have been flattering back then, but it's faded and worn out. I would like to freshen up the room and give it a more adult look and feel to it. It needs a decorative wallpaper on the wall our bed is placed against. The rest of the room could do with a good coating of paint. I would like to make the room come alive with a huge green plant next to a black leatherlook man's chair. That could become a nice place to relax and read a book. I want the TV out of the room, since it's of no use to any of us. We would keep the night stands, maybe. A large mirror would be great too. It's always a bonus to check yourself out if you are getting ready for a night out. We can keep the blinds and the curtains, but we could try to sell the antique desk. It truly is a beautiful piece and I know you would rather keep it, but we have no destination for it. Sometimes it is better to let go of something old and replace it with something more contemporarily. A bright and expensive looking chandelier could become la pièce de résistance in our new bedroom. New bed linen and tons of pillows will finish it all off. At least, that's how it goes on Make Over TV shows..

Now all we need is our youngest daughter to come up with a design. She is creative and she has splendid ideas when it comes to decorating. Did I mention this will be your birthday present? After all, one deserves an adult bedroom at the age of 45. Happy Birthday Hubby!

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