Saturday, September 1, 2012


It's getting worse by the day. My short-term memory is absolutely horrible. I remember plenty of things from the past, but I can't seem to remember that silly talkee-talkee from this morning. I poke my fingers in the morning and only 2 minutes later I forget what number it was. I put a ton load of ingredients on my countertop, to scratch my head and wonder what I was going to prepare. 
I have to write down most everything. There's always a grocery list in my BlackBerry. If I wouldn't make one, I would forget most of the stuff I need and come home with a bunch of things I don't need. 
It's no fun. At times, it's even embarrassing. The day before yesterday, I stepped on my scale three times in a row, because I couldn't remember my weight. Is it a sign of getting older or is it diabetes-related? I hear more diabetic friends suffer from the same problem. Would there be a way to improve this symptom or is it just something you have to deal with? There are ways to make sure you don't forget everything. You can keep track of dates in your agenda (I really suck at remembering appointments but I don't forget birthdays) and write grocery lists. You can ask someone else to remind you if you're afraid to forget. Most cell phones have an alarm function and smartphones have Task lists you can use. But still, it's not the same. Maybe I should do some brain training?

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Upje schrijft said...

Als je ooit iets vindt om dat terug te verbeteren, let me know ... . Want inderdaad, lijstjes en alles opschrijven zijn een must, maar zelfs dan loopt het toch nog regelmatig fout. En nee, dat is niét leuk ...