Friday, February 1, 2013

In labor

The moment I heard about this video, I wanted to see it. Men are such wussies when it comes to pain. Their pain threshold is very low, not to say extremely low. Just thinking about a painful situation, makes their stomach twirl and cramp together. I don't know why this is, but I hear it from all of my friends. They all accuse their partner of being a 4 yo toddler when it comes to experiencing pain. They need your full attention, they want to be tucked in and you have to kiss them on their forehead, like their mother would do. Even a simple cold keeps them in bed and they couldn't care less about household chores. They want you to wait on them whenever they feel the need for a mug of hot tea with a spoonful of honey and some pain killers. At a certain point, you are ready to call an ambulance and have them pick up your patient. For it is too much to witness.

You can't feel sorry for them, as their overreaction is just pathetic at times. Isn't it hilarious how they take a look at themselves in the mirror over and over again, to check the paleness of their face and how droopy their eyes look? They want you to hold their hand when they feel nauseous and rub their back when they start to gag. They want you to wipe their sweaty forehead and tuck a second pillow under their shoulders.. Boy oh boy.. are they lucky wives are good nurses.. We are used to dealing with children in pain. We don't freak out when we have to clean dirty bums or wipe away vomit from the couch. We go to work with sore tummies that certain time of the month, without blinking even once. We massage our own neck when it's hurting and we are capable of putting on a band aid to cover that deep cut in our finger without passing out. We know where to find the first aid box and we make sure medical supplies are present. Have you seen us make funny faces when we have a spoonful of cough syrup? And no, it isn't cute or charming. It's not even entertaining when they tell their relatives about that awful disease they endured. You can see rolling (female) eyes when they exaggerate the degree of their illness. Us women understand.. we know what a pain in the bum male patients are. I have so much respect for nurses in the ER. They probably face that terror every day. When you hear words like "euthanasia" when your husband is having an ailment, just run while you still can. Don't give in. Don't pamper him! If you do once, you are lost forever..

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