Monday, February 4, 2013


You probably wonder why I'm writing a blog about a device to help diabetics on injections remember their last insulin shot. Since I am a pumper, I no longer have these issues. That doesn't mean I haven't had them in the past. On numerous occasions I had to ask my family whether they had seen me shooting up insulin before my meal. Of course they never did.. Which lead to the dilemma: shooting up extra insulin, with the risk of getting overdosed or leaving it just like that, with a humongous high number afterwards because of the missed insulin... I tried all different tricks but none of them were sufficient enough. When I traded my insulin pens (I didn't really give them back, I buried them) for an insulin pump, I was so happy with the log book in my pump. Finally I could check whether I had given myself my insulin doses or not. Why had nobody come up with something similar for my D-friends on injections?

That's where Timesulin comes in the picture. John Sjölund, a T1 diabetic himself, is a very sporty guy. He likes to run, compete in triathlons, dares himself skiing... But like I said: he is on insulin, just like us. As so many of us, he would forget about when he took his last shot. Having a brain that never stops thinking, he came up with Timesulin. Timesulin is a replacement cap that turns any insulin pen into a smart pen, to show how long it's been since the last insulin injection. It helps in easing daily worries for people living with diabetes and preventing accidental missed or double doses.

This Timesulin smart cap, works with all major insulin pens. It enhances safety, reduces anxiety, is affordable and very easy to use. Because John knows what living with D is like. He knows how dangerous it is to go to bed, not knowing whether you shot up your Lantus or not. Now he can double check. His Timesulin will tell him when he took his last shot. It reassures him of a good diabetes treatment and better numbers. You can improve your diabetes treatment, just like John did! Ask your diabetes team about Timesulin or check their website for more information. You won't need training for this device. Just remove the old cap from your insulin pen, click the Timesulin on your pen and you're all set! Try it out for yourself!

Did I take my shot or not? will no longer be an issue when using Timesulin..

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Scott K. Johnson said...

Thanks for sharing, Cathy! I'm a pumper now, too, but this would have been a lifesaver for me back in the day.