Sunday, February 24, 2013

She made up her mind...

It is a very difficult question to answer: what do you want to be when you grow up? I'm not talking about becoming a fireman or a ballerina. They were a whole lot younger when those answers crossed their minds. I'm talking present time now. What do you want to do as a profession in not so much later time? How "professional" does that sound? It's a very loaded question, because you have to think of so many things: career possibilities, talents, financial consequences, studying, a place to study, social life, .. That's why it takes so many of us so long to decide what they really want to do in life. Sometimes you cannot label the profession you picture yourself in. So you just say: I want to do something I'm really passionate about, so I can stick to it for a very long time. I want to leave for work with a smile and come home with an even bigger smile.

There were a couple of fields our daughter was interested in. She loves economics and languages and that gives her the freedom to taste many different aspects in the workplace. We had the chance to talk to both students and teachers of the schooling she has chosen. The college she will attend, had an open house on Saturday so we stopped by and asked our questions. Network Economics.. that's the name of the education Lana would like to participate in. We discussed the schedule with her teacher-to-be and the more he told us about it, the more I realized this is what Lana really wants to do.

There were a couple of objections though. She had already chosen her favorite city to go to college: Ghent. What a bummer when she found out Network Economics is a field you can only study in either Bruges or Kortrijk. Hmhm... dilemma.. Very understandable,  knowing that most of her friends will be studying in Ghent. She's a smart girl though. It's all about your future. There are no certainties in life and you have to make the right choice when it comes to your education. There will be time left to spend with friends and to visit places.

We looked into housing in the nearby school area. And we found what we were looking for: a very nice room with a private bathroom and plenty of space to put things away. The rooms have been renovated recently and they sure did a great job! There is a courtyard where you will find the students cooking their dinner and enjoying a meal together. But there is also the privacy of your own room and the assurance that you won't have to clean up someone else's wet towels. She'll do just fine. She's growing up.. and we are growing with her..

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