Thursday, February 28, 2013

What if?

What if you could make life with diabetes easier?
What if some device would warn you if your blood glucose is out of control?
What if you would get an alarm while sleeping, because your blood glucose is running dangerously  low?
What if you would be able to know your actual blood glucose every 5 minutes without poking your fingers as many times?

Wouldn't that be reassuring to say the least? I would think so.. What if I tell you, this kind of system is available/for sale? Wouldn't you hop up and get one? Right.. I guess all of us would like this kind of CGMS (Continuous Glucose Monitoring System) help us get better control. Alas, only a couple of people will get the opportunity to get reimbursement when using CGMS. My doctor talked about pregnant diabetics, young children with diabetes or people with hypo unawareness. Since I'm no longer a child and I'm not pregnant, I guess those two options are out of the question. I'm fortunate that I feel most of my lows in time and although my diabetes can play games with me, I am not that brittle a diabetic. Meaning: CGMS will be at my own expense. Yes, it's expensive. And yes, it's good for me. It can help me get better control and it can help me reach my targets. It can help me prevent lows and highs and it can warn me from nocturnal out of rage numbers when I'm too tired to wake up.

I have a Dexcom G4 in my pocket. It's working just fine and it gives me RealTime bloodglucose numbers without poking my fingers 8 times a day. It tells me to watch out when a low is coming my way and it warns me if my sugar is skyrocketing. The first night with Dexcom G4, I got warned because 2 lows were hitting in. The lows didn't wake me, but my CGMS did.. When that buzzer went off, I pushed the button and grabbed for candy that was sitting on my night stand. I went back to sleep to be awakened again, only two hours later for a second low reading. Wow... I was truly impressed by the efficiency and the accuracy of this device.

During the day, my Dexcom helps me keep track of my numbers. Finally I can really tell what food does to my glucose levels during the digesting process. I'm sure it will prevent me from eating foods that aren't good for me and it will show me how to dose my insulin when eating other meals.
The software helps you understand the numbers and tells you about patterns in your BG. It is then up to you to alter your insulin schedule and prevent future highs and lows.

If only insurances could get informed about the purpose and benefits of CGMS. It could help us prevent severe complications in later life and a better overall life. I'm glad it's sitting in my pocket and I hope we will find a way to pay the bill..

If you want to know more about it, check out their website.

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