Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I suck..

I really suck at reading user manuals. Most of the time, I just throw them in the bin, together with the box the device came in. This time, I'm glad I didn't. I started using my Dexcom last Wednesday. I'm still testing this thing, so I can't throw anything out until it's completely mine. And then I get in trouble, when signals appear on the screen and I can't interpret them. I get lost when signals like ???? appear and make me wonder why the thing is asking me questions??? The problem solving notes in the manual explain it all, but guess what: I haven't read them. Well I have read them, diagonally.. Because I always think that I know better... I have numbers I can call and coordinates to mail people who do read their manuals or who are more familiar with technology than this nitwit. They always help me out, but it would be smarter if only I would read my own manual. Okay, okay! I will read it! I already got started, until someone distracted me and told me I didn't blog this week. So the manual is still by my side and I can read some of the words from the corner of my eye. It's like being back in highschool. I would know quite a bit of everything, but I wouldn't focus enough to get the whole of it. I'll be a better student this time. At least, that's the goal..

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