Wednesday, March 6, 2013

In case you missed it

Not even one more month before we will pack our bags and leave for Kissimmee, Florida. Can't wait! I'm sure we will have a wonderful time. For the first time, we will travel with the inlaws and an aunt. It will be a completely different vacation, but that's okay. We get along real well and the apartment is spacious enough to find some privacy from time to time.
Yesterday we got the confirmation of the rental car that will be waiting for us at Stanford Airport. It will be a huge monster this time, because there will be 6 of us and loads of suitcases. It will be kinda weird to be traveling without our oldest daughter this time, but it's reality: the girls are growing up and starting to live a life of their own. She will have a great time in Italy, we're sure about that..

Having diabetes and traveling shouldn't be a problem. There is some more preparation to do though: I have to order a spare insulin pump, in case the other one breaks down (I'm pretty sure it won't happen, but we won't take the risk). The application has been sent, so that's one item I can cross off my checklist. I need a document from my endocrinologist, stating that I need my diabetes supplies. Check. This time I would like to take the Dexcom G4 as well. Not sure yet how I will arrange that, but I'll contact the company. I would be more at ease to drive that monster car loaded with family if I had CGM to warn me from upcoming lows. After all, you need to be focused and I'm not familiar with all the new roads that lay ahead of us. I have to see my diabetes nurse for extra pump supplies and glucose strips. Don't want to be short of glucose strips or infusion sites while enjoying the Florida sun..

My suitcases will be packed just the night before we set off. I never worry about the contents of my suitcase. As long as I have plenty of medical supplies, I will be fine. I feel butterflies jumping up and down in my tummy.. So looking forward to going away for a while...

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