Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My momma told me so

Don't forget your beach towels! Bring the sunscreen! Have you packed enough cold drinks and where are your sun glasses?

All of a sudden, it feels like having small children in the household again. Although our girls are grown up now and they can pack their own things, going on a holiday with the inlaws
Photo Eva Joos - street artist Pier 60, Clearwater, Florida
sometimes means you have to explain things over and over again. What should I wear? Do I need to bring a sweater in case I get cold? Can I put on sandals or do I need trainers to go for a walk? .. I'm no longer used to putting that much energy in my family and it wears me out. So I could do with a rest on the beach and Clearwater was the best area to do so.
   On the way to the beach, the clouds were getting darker and we expected rain and thunder. But wasn't that the same thing last time we were here? We knew we had to persevere and keep driving and in the end, the sun would come out and we would have a great day at the beach.

We had visited St Petersburg on our way over to Clearwater. The car was packed with drinks and cookies, swimsuits and towels. We were glad Eva brought her camera, because we wanted great pictures of the Clearwater sunset. I wanted to surprise Hubby and Gramps with a visit to Hooters, but we ended up one floor higher on The Lookout, where we had a small dinner, overlooking the beach and the crowd. Pier 60 houses a dozen of street artists and they give people the opportunity to sell their hand craft goodies on the pier. There's a good atmosphere and people enjoy themselves. There is always interaction between the crowd and the artists.

The Gulf of Mexico was too cold for a swim, but we enjoyed the beach nevertheless. We rented an umbrella and seats, where we could enjoy our magazines and Oreo cookies. Too bad there were so many bugs on the beach. They freaked us out! They come with the sea breeze, so we were told and they wouldn't last long. They were harmless, but hey, we don't like bugs okay?
Photo Eva Joos - Sunset Clearwater, Florida

The sunset was amazing... It was worth the wait (7 PM is not that late) and the whole family was quiet and patient.

We had a long 2 hour ride home ahead of us.. I don't like to drive in the dark, since my eyes get too tired focusing on the road, but there was no other option. It was good to see the Irlo Bronson Memorioal Highway, knowing we were only a few blocks away from Caribe Cove. Hubby had to keep me awake in the car, tapping my arm every now and then and checking my Dexcom receiver, to make sure I wouldn't go low in the car. It was another memorable day out...

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