Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Running out of time

There are so many things left we want to do, but we are running out of time. We had St Petersburg and Saint Augustine on our schedule, but we had to make choices. Since we wanted to go to Clearwater, we chose St Petersburg as a new city for us to discover and that was definitely a good choice. It's good to have our TomTom in the car, as he brings us wherever we want to go. Downtown St Petersburg was our destination and we were thrilled to see the center of this
beautiful city. I almost had a Sex and the City feeling, strolling around town.
It's a pleasure how Americans tend to help tourists when they see you are new in town. They show you the way to the places to see and they advice you on where to have lunch. So we sat outside Lucky Dill Café to enjoy our sandwiches. I almost ordered a $ 22 sandwich for gramps, just to see if he could eat it in 30 min and have his name put up on the Wall of Fame. But I ordered him a Lucky Italian Hoagie, loaded with ham, salami, pepperoni, provolone cheese, greens and Greek peppers. As he is always in for a good bite, he had no problem indulging that humongous piece of bread.. We stuck to a sandwich a bit smaller in size and had some fries and onion rings on the side. Great lunch, great place! We did need a walk down to the harbor - only a few blocks away - to burn those calories.. There were too many vagabonds (drug addicts?) and beggars in the parks, so we decided not to talk to them and hold on to our wallets. We could have taken the trolley to discover this city, but as usual, we had too many things planned on the same day and we were running out of time.. again..

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