Friday, May 3, 2013

It just made my skin crawl

This week, I have been speaking to a lady friend I hadn't seen for a while. Although she only lives a block a way, we sporadically run in to each other. I do know her phone number by heart so sometimes we talk to one another to see how everybody's doing. She works hard and with 3 kids and a husband, there's always a lot of work to do.

She knows how passionate I am about food and cook shops and food stores. So when she called me to hear if I was interested in going to the ISPC in Ghent with her, I didn't hesitate one bit. I had done my grocery shopping that morning and I had just unloaded the car (not only the trunk, but the seats were taken as well). She has a van and that comes in handy when you go to the ISPC. Some other friends warned me to leave my VISA card at home and I told myself 1 shopping bag would be plenty.

I guess we had not been in the store for more than 5 minutes, when my first goody was in sight. I have been longing for this pastamaker I can attach to my Kenwood and there it was: like it had been waiting for me to pick it up. My friend has the same Kenwood and we both decided to get the pasta maker. What a joy! When she talked about the Robot Coupe she had ordered and the Green Egg she had bought, I could only sigh and dream on. I have many appliances in my kitchen, but they are nothing compared to the professional tools she's using. The thing I really like about her, is that she's so normal about it. She doesn't brag about it. She's just happy sharing the information and I love to hear her talk about her kitchen utensils.

This morning, she had provided me with a 5 ounce piece of pork shoulder, to make slowcooker pulled pork. I had planned on making Mexican carnitas with the result and since the slowcooker would need 10 hours to shred the pork, I had time to make fresh ravioli with my new toy. There's nothing wrong with my manual pasta machine, but the electrical version works so fast and the pasta sheets are much smoother. It means I can make much more pasta in one hour. The veal ravioli is sitting in the freezer now and I'll bring her some after work tomorrow. She was going to make me some sweetbreads topped with foie gras. I guess my belt will need an extra hole.. 

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