Saturday, May 25, 2013

Flash in the pan

Okay, this is the deal. I have this book on baking bread (yes, I have more than one and I read them like novels) and finally I have found the time to start acting. I have read all the guidelines and reviews of other bakers and I felt like I was ready set go. Not that I haven't baked bread in the past, but I have always had the feeling that I lacked professional background. The breads tasted right, but they did not always proof the way I wanted them to. Some breads had holes in them (they were not donuts, so there were not supposed to be holes in the middle), others were chewy and not risen to the fullest.

Photo Cathy Van de Moortele
There is this Dutch lady on Facebook I have been reading for a while. I follow her recipes and I read the reviews. This week I made my first order in an online bakery shop and the goodies came in the very next day. Can you imagine the butterflies inside my tummy? I'm sure my friend Jan has this same feeling when his goodies from Ali Express fall on his doormat..

I love the Internet. You can communicate with other bakers and the responses come as fast as you can type. It's been a big help so far. My first bread according to the new guidelines, came out real well. I'm not being real honest now. The first bread ended up in the bin.. it didn't even make it until "bread" phase. I trashed the dough, for it was too tough. I tried to soften it up by adding some more lukewarm water and oil, but that ruined the whole recipe. So I started all over. (thank me for all of the extra supplies in the pantry - I can give myself a pat on the shoulder for that.)
So the first/second bread came out and it had risen all above the tin, just like it was supposed to do. The crust was just perfect and we couldn't wait for it to cool down so we got the bread knife out. The top of this Tiger Bread or Dutch Crunch bread is supposed to look like Tiger fur.. well.. it didn't. It doesn't change anything to the taste, but it didn't look right.

I'm stubborn. I wanted my Tiger Bread to look like Tiger Bread. So later that night, I started all over, again. Darn me! When did I run out of fresh yeast? I did have some grain yeast in my pantry. Although I prefer the real stuff, there shouldn't be a problem with prepacked yeast. When I lifted the towel to check on the bread, I immediately knew this bread was not going to proof in the same way as the other one. I should've waited for my baker to open his shop in the morning, so I could get fresh yeast. O well. I'll do it again. Monday, I promise. 


Jangeox said...

love those butterflies :D
Ik ben geen kenner, maar vind het er behoorlijk goed uit zien.

Cathy Van de Moortele said...

Thanks Jan. De smaak zit heel goed, maar het hoort er niet uit te zien zoals in de eerste foto...