Monday, July 8, 2013

Cutting the apron strings

You were totally confident about getting a student's job. Although we live in a small town and finding a job here is not easy, you said I had to trust you and confide in your ability to find a job. So I did.
You had been talking with Sister Erika, who has been the head nurse in a hospital in Ghent all her life.  Since she is the sister of your grandma, you know her well and the two of you make a good pair. She promised you a job at the hospital. All you had to do, was fill out the forms. You were 100% convinced that the job was yours. And you were right!

Tomorrow at 7:00 AM sharp, you will be present in the kitchen of the nursing home. The tasks on your contract include making sandwiches, cleaning the kitchen and washing the dishes. Pretty versatile tasks, I would say. It's not something you are used to doing, but I know you will do well. You are stubborn and determined to make some money of your own. You want to be more independent and earning money is a good start. You can't believe how much we look alike. I recognize your determination and your eager to move on. It will be hard and you will sweat and your feet will be sore on day one. But you'll get used to it. There won't be a cell phone to text your friends and you won't be able to have a drink or a snack whenever you feel like it. But there will be chores to keep you busy and colleagues to talk to and of course, there will be the residents to take care off. They will be so happy to see your smile and your youthful attitude. I'm sure you will give the elderly a hug when they ask for one. You will ignore the spit and the smell of the dirty diapers. I know you will be brave and you will bring your job to a good end. Work hard sweetheart! The people at the resort are counting on you. Make them proud and best of all: make yourself proud. It's another step towards adulthood. You're ready to make that step. The safety of moms wings is no longer necessary. It's time to flap your wings and discover another world. We're proud of you.

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