Monday, August 26, 2013

Jump out of your seat

You're a busy and energetic girl. There are always activities to attend and outings to plan. By no means one could call you a couch potato. It's just how you are: full of life and enthusiastic to do things and make life interesting.

You were away on camp, you came home to wash your laundry and pack for the next camp. Still exhausted, you were copying more than 1500 photographs that you have taken from the youngsters you guided on camp. Their parents will be very pleased with the result. Are you sure you don't want them to order copies of those snapshots? I know I would want some!

Yesterday morning, 6:30 AM, your dad and I got up to kiss you goodbye and wish you a great stay in Merksplas on your Krinkel Kamp. You're not much of a morning person and you like to be left alone that early. So we left you to it and didn't bother you too much.

A kiss and a big hug and off you went. Tanned legs, red socks pulled up all the way to your knees, short Chiro skirt and the blue blouse that holds your very special whistle. You didn't look back, but we didn't expect you to. Saying goodbye is always difficult, even at the age of 18. We won't be hearing much of you, since you won't have access to electricity. So no phone charging, no Internet. You'll manage. I'm sure there won't be time for social media. I was told 3000 youngsters would be present to attend this summer camp! That's quite a lot! It'll be a one of a lifetime experience for you and I'm happy you and your friends subscribed. College will start before you know it. Have a ball, sweetheart! You are writing history and stories to be told by the campfire later on.

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