Friday, August 23, 2013

She's here!

It was on Christmas Eve, when our sister-in-law gave the inlaws a letter to read. We were all touched by the contents and some of us even had tears in their eyes. Although 9 grandchildren are a bunch, there's always room for one or two extra. It's been a while since the last baby was born (he's 7 by now) so all of us were happy for the newcomer. Right away people were speculating on the sex of the baby. We were excited and although September 1st was still far off, we knew months would go by fast and the baby would be more than welcome with all of those cousins to take care of it.

Baby's Mommy was doing real well, looking after herself and the three other children in her household. We had never expected baby's Daddy to become a father for the fourth time, but the glance in his eyes proved we were wrong. He's a man of little words, but he has a big heart and plenty of love to give. He's happy again and it shows.

I wanted to stroke The Tummy, but I remember how awful I found it when others touched my pregnant tummy, so I withheld myself. I tried to imagine what the baby would look like, but I found that very hard. There was nothing left but wait and be patient.

By the 15th of August, we knew the baby would not remain in Mommy's womb until September 1st. It was ready to be born and we were counting days and guessing the estimated birth. We must say: it was worth the wait. The final phone call arrived and we were so proud of our sister-in-law for making us all happy. Little Nora is gorgeous! See for yourself! 


Anonymous said...

Ooooh, super!
En is ze nu een klein reuzinnetje geworden?

Hopelijk gaat alles goed met beide dames!

Cathy Van de Moortele said...

3.750 dacht ik. Flinke, gezonde baby met alles erop en eraan en de mama stelt het ook goed. xx