Saturday, September 19, 2009

Money talks

If you have money, it's easy to say money is not that important.
If you have no money, you wish you had it so it could make you happy.

Does money really make one happy? We need a certain amount of money to live, that's a fact. It would be real hard nowadays to survive in this world without any money. Do we need heaps of money, like the kind of money superstars earn? I think it might be nice for some time, to be able to buy whatever you feel like. Until it comes to a point that you can no longer dream your dreams or look forward to something. If you always have the finances to buy whatever you're longing for, what else is left to live for?
Money talks and money opens many doors. Money gives you different kinds of friends. Too much money can make you attractive for wrong friends. Not enough money might lock you out.

I find it intriguing that these pieces of paper, that you can rip apart in seconds, have so much meaning to them. From the day you are born, money gets involved, until the day you die and many many days after your death. It wouldn't be the first family fighting over the inheritance of a deceased beloved one.

I know this rich man, who has been divorced and in a new relationship. They have agreed to live together under the terms that she gets free food and housing. In return she takes care of him and fulfils all of his needs. If he dies first, she may continue to live in his house until she dies. But it will never be her own house. It's an agreement. His children come visit on their birthday and around Christmas. Because that's when they get money. For the rest of the year, they don't feel the urge to come over. Both children have got a beautiful property and they still get a nice monthly allowance. It is sad if your children only come visit you when they can get something out of it. But isn't that the way they were raised? Did their parents buy their love?

Money.. it's comfortable to have some, it's painful to have too much..

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