Friday, December 25, 2009

Enough is enough

We have been eating way too much this month. Outings, dates, restaurants, family dinners, Holidays.. Today was the last day of overindulging. If we eat any more, we'll explode! Enough is enough.. Today we had leftovers - Can you call it leftovers if you can feed 15 more people? - and I couldn't have any more. I'm stuffed like a turkey, without having any. Holidays are great and I love to spend them with the relatives, but the food is just too much. I'm glad I don't drink! Just imagine..
So the plan is, to start eating healthy again. Not that we didn't eat healthy before, but we had too much to eat. We'll have the same, but less. And since less is more, we're not going to do us any harm. It's not that I overeat, because I eat a lot less than other people. I'm mostly full when others are still having second and third servings. It's like my stomach is a whole lot smaller.

Next time, I'll freeze the leftovers instead of eating the same things day after day. And if it were up to me, there wouldn't be any leftovers, because I never cook for the days to come, I like to cook for just one meal only. My mother-in-law is always afraid she'll run out of food when she has guests. She should know better by now... there's always more than plenty. After all, the food is nice, but we are there to spend a good time together and enjoy each other's company.
Do you have a plan for the coming year? Do you need to go on a diet? Or have you been good and in firm shape?

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