Thursday, January 21, 2010

I've got you under my skin

There is something about you, that is so intriguing, that keeps drawing my attention. I can't let go of you. Maybe I don't even want to let go of you. We keep in touch and we mail back and forth on occasions. This week, I even planned on visiting you twice and it's no effort to do so. It's my pleasure.
I don't always agree with the choices you make, but that's okay. I try to respect them and treat you like the adult you are. You have made this one particular choice in life. To you, it's the best choice ever. To many others, it's the most stupid thing you could do. But you hang on and I admire you for that. You don't give a darn about other people's opinions. You are convinced that whatever you did, was the right thing to do.

Due to circumstances, things have not exactly turned out the way you had expected. But as usual, you will find a way to resolve the issues. I just hope it won't take too long, because to you, time is crucial.

You're a very special lady. You know you are. I know you are. And that's all it takes.

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