Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A pleasant pastime

I wish I could have given you a more pleasant pastime, than taking you to the doctor's this afternoon. All week you are in boarding school and you are not supposed to leave school, unless you have a doctor's or dentist's appointment. Some parents try to find an excuse to pick up their daughter on Wednesday afternoon, to spend some time together. That's not easy on the other children that need to stay in all week, so I don't want to break that rule if I don't have too.

I picked you up at noon and we went out for lunch together. Did some shopping afterwards. But the real reason you came home today, was because you needed to see the ophthalmologist. You had this little wart on your eye lid and it had been bugging you for more than over one year. You wanted to have it removed. So we finally had the chance to make an appointment for you.

The visit was not that pleasant though. You liked the examinations. Reading out loud the letters the doctor showed you, was fun. But then she took you to her other office, where she stuck a needle in your eye lid (ouch!). You needed some local anaesthesia so you wouldn't feel her cutting away the wart. You cried, my baby.. it hurt big time. The anaesthesia made your eye lid swell up immediately. It sedated your eye though and you didn't feel any of the cutting. It was not a pretty sight, you know.. Little blood, but painful for you. I'm sorry you had to go through this, but at least you're wart-free now. Twice a day, you need to apply a drop of ointment, to help prevent it from infecting.

You did great kiddo. And I promise: I will come pick you up one Wednesday, for a more pleasant pastime.. Just don't tell your principal, okay?

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