Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Five years ago, Belgian journalist Annemie Struyf went to Kenia, to find the family of her adopted daughter Hope. Together with HIV positive Achieng - who had saved the life of baby Hope - Anniemie hopes to learn more about the country and the people of her precious little girl.
As a result of this adventure, there is this moving TV series called "The mother of my daughter". It tells the story of Hope and the life of so many orphans in Africa.. Achieng wanted to create a safe haven where orphans could live towards a bright future in a warm home.

The viewers of "The mother of my daughter" were moved by the series. They raised money for Achieng so she could realize her dream. Hope Home is a place where many orphan babies now get the care and love they would never have got without Achieng.

Five years later, Annemie goes back to Kenia. Her daughter Hope is 7 years old now. Annemie and Achieng keep in touch and are still good friends. They have both a personal and a professional relationship. Project Hope Home is a project they put a lot of effort, time and money in.

In "The sisters of my daughter", Annemie and Achieng look back to what happened five years before. They talk about how their lives have changed ever since. We can see Annemie and Achieng continue their mission. They tell us about life at Hope Home. But they don't hesitate to tell us about the life of young, black girls and women who are fighting to get a better life.

Check the website and open your heart to Annemie, Achieng and all of the orphans out there. They can use all the support we can give. It's Christmas time. Why don't we donate a little extra to Hope Home, so Achieng can continue taking care of these little babies nobody else wants to look after?

Watching the series always makes me whimper. It is so real, so true, so heartbreaking. But it's also motivating and positive, to see that there are still people out there, who are prepared to donate their time, love and energy to innocent children..

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