Saturday, June 30, 2012

Love is..

.. losing track of time when you are together.

This little girl has something special, that makes anyone love her. I don't know how she does it, but you must love her. There's no other option. I'm so happy she was born in such a loving family. That may be obvious to you, but it isn't. I have seen different situations.. Needing people around her who care for her and who love her for who she is, this little Princess is growing up in the most loving environment ever. Surrounded by family, friends and caregivers, she's happy and nurtured.

I got pretty emotional, reading this letter from her parents. I was not the only one.. Grandma's eyes teared up as well. Fantastic people and wonderful parents to both little Princess and her brother..

All caregivers are invited to a pleasant night out in a nearby restaurant. It's their way to show their gratitude for looking after this beautiful child. It takes a team you can trust and build on, to make sure there's always someone there to help out. I'm lucky I can be part of this team. I'm lucky to have little Princess in my life.. Because she teaches me about true love..

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