Sunday, July 1, 2012

Simple comme bonjour

There are certain days my mother-in-law expects all of her children and their spouses to bring her grandchildren to the parental house. We never question those invitations. We just try to be there, out of respect and because hanging out with the crew is always pleasant. This time is no different. Every first weekend of July, we have cake and pies and cookies in Eastshop. Originally the event was the fair. A couple of years ago, there was not much left of the fair, but the tradition continues and we still get together. It's not easy to motivate everybody and it's possible one or two can't make it. But the major part of the family will be there to enjoy the company and the goodies. I'm grateful for my mother-in-law's energy and patience with all of us. It is of no effort to her to have around 20 people over and feed them. It's what she likes to do and it's a good way to keep the family together.
See you this afternoon! I'll bring the home baked cookies and pies. You bring your enthusiasm okay?

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