Thursday, May 16, 2013

To hell and back

You were expecting pain and tragedy and a lot of inconvenience. But magically, you are doing really well. Of course you feel they have operated on you, but it's not like the pain is unbearable. I'm glad you follow up your doctor's advice to keep quiet and relax. We have installed you on the couch, the remote control within reach, the bottle of diet coke next to you and no work that is waiting to be done. You are being fed and waited on. That's the least we can do to take away any discomfort you may feel. After all, we want you to be up and going in the best possible way and time. It will take some time before you will be dismissed from not driving your car, so visits need to be scheduled if you need a ride. Of course you have your iPhone to keep posted and there's Facebook to log into. You even have the chance now, to read the newest Dan Brown without being disturbed.

The dogs miss you. They miss their long walks with you. From the day you came home from the hospital, they have been pampering you. Animals have a sixth sense when it comes to feeling their people parents are not ship shape. They are calm with you. It's been a week since we saw them jump you over to lick your ears and face like they do when you come home from work. They lay by your side on the couch and they take turns putting their heads on your knee. They kinda like the ice pack you're using to take the swelling away. I'm glad they are taking good care of you too.

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