Friday, April 30, 2010

Sweating buckets

If you are too big for your height, you tend to sweat more easily. That's another disadvantage. It's not just being too warm, it's sweating your guts out. I never need a jacket, although I have heaps of jackets. I'm always too hot. Taking a hot shower in the morning, makes me sweaty already. I can't blowdry my hair right away, or my face turns in to a deep red, ripe tomato. I like to cool down first. That's why I always leave the bathroom window and the door to the terrace open, when I take a shower.

I hope to solve this problem somewhere soon. Because there's nothing positive about being sweaty..

Try to stay focussed

I desperately need to get some paperwork done these upcoming days. There's a pile of documents waiting to be sorted out. I tend to do that on a weekly basis. Bills are paid right away and the paperwork archived. I don't recall why it hasn't happened for the last two months, but I'd better get at it to get it over with. Because the pile won't go away. It will only keep growing. Let's do it! No distractions today!

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Does anyone know a good place to hibernate in Spring? I need a shelter. A safe haven. A place to lick my wounds in private and cry the emotional pain away. I'm so upset and the tears keep coming, but that won't solve the issue. I know I'll have to move on, in the end. And that's what I'll do, eventually.

No, this morning's appointment was not good at all. I felt so misunderstood and I don't feel like they take me seriously. The emotional aspect is not an issue to him. He's not going to help me. So I'm on my own. Again. I have no idea what to do next. I had a plan B and a plan C. Plan D didn't work either and now I'm looking for a plan E. I hope I won't have to chant the whole alphabet before a solution presents itself. Forgive me for not being cheerful and happy today. I don't feel like it at all..

Don't turn your back on me

I'm getting ready for a very important meeting today. I'm not sure whether I should look forward to it or not. This appointment has been made a couple of months ago and it's finally there. Last night, I prepared myself for this meeting. I know what I want to say. I know what I want to hear. But I don't know how the other person will respond. Will he listen to what I have to say? Will he refuse to think it over? Will that be the end of it or will it just be a fresh start? Please keep your fingers crossed for me. Please tell me everything's going to be okay.. Because that's what I want to hear today.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

According to you

According to you, young boys can not be molested. You say it's just not possible, anatomically. You agree that little girls can be abused, but not boys. You wouldn't even know how a boy could be molested. And certainly not by a bishop! You say people badmouth the bishop for sending a young boy to the store to get buttermilk. I have no idea who told you that, but to me, it feels like you want to protect this man and condemn the child. I know you are very dedicated to God and I know you are convinced God will forgive the bishop if he has really done something inappropriate. God will forgive the bishop??? How about the child??? Who will heal the child??? You say the child must have asked for it, if it really happened.. I was gobsmacked when I heard you say that. Disbelief.. I know it's your upbringing. I know it's your belief in God. But that's just not good enough this time.

There's another scandal in our little country. A bishop is being accused of having molested his young nephew for a certain amount of time. The nephew asked for a conversation with his bishop-uncle and their family and the cardinal. They talked about the abuse and the bishop fully confessed. But nothing happened. The bishop didn't want the abuse to go public. But that was not up to him. The nephew stepped forward and told the world about what his uncle did to him as a young boy.. It is sad. It's really sad.. Here's another religious person who cannot sexually stay away from young children. Several people knew about the abuse. Some of them told church leaders. Did church react? Did they scold the bishop? No, they didn't.

More and more people are stepping forward. So many children - male and female - have been molested by priests, by religious leaders. For so many years, they were afraid to speak up for themselves. And now it may be too late. Because the molester can not be prosecuted if the abuse happened over ten years ago. That is just ridiculous! They don't think about the abused child. They only think about their religious leaders, who will keep their title, who will still be paid their salary, who will still live a free life. It's not right. It just isn't right..

The tooth fairy

Instead of putting your tooth under a pillow, you dropped it in my cleavage. Something was bothering me in my shirt and I examined my clothes. That's where I found your tooth. At first I had no idea whose tooth it was. It looked so different from our own teeth. That's when I realized it was one of your teeth, Inthe. Now we know why you cry every now and then. You're hurting! oooh.. sweetie pie.. I feel for you, I really do. Us people can go to the dentist or take some pain relievers, but you just have to deal with it.

I think I'm going to keep this tooth. I'm not going to put it under any pillow, for the tooth fairy to come get it. I think it's pretty special to have found that little tooth in such a special spot. I think I'll keep it. For good luck..

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I had a car with an attitude. It was kinda like driving Herbie. I loved that car, trust me! It was great driving this convertible for 2.5 years. But every now and then, it stood me up. I was lucky I never had to pay to have it fixed, because the warranty covered all of it.

On our way to our friends, we were stuck in a traffic jam. I hate it when that happens.. You leave in time, to end up getting late. But that was not the problem. My car got overheated! White smoke came out of the hood and the car smelled terribly burnt. Shoot.. Now what...
I called my garage right away. They told me to contact Mitsubishi Assistance, so we did. They towed the car to the nearest garage, to be checked and fixed. Is it a surprise to you, that they said there was no problem? They had 3 days to check the car, but all they could say, was that our car was fine. Nothing wrong with it.. Right.. How can a car have that terrible burned smell if nothing's wrong with it??

Anyway, we left for Scheveningen. One of our friends didn't come along this time and guess what he did? He went car shopping for me. Can you believe that? He bargained and made deals. So when we came home from our trip to Holland, a brandnew car was awaiting me in the garage of his choice - Cardoen Dendermonde..
All we had to do, was trade my car for the new one. Hubby signed the papers and agreed on the price. We contacted the bank on Monday and I'll pick up the car tomorrow.

I'm looking forward to driving this monster: Ssangyong Actyon Elite SUV! Space black, leather interior, fully equipped.

In the meantime, I have asked my own car shop to check out the convertible. They found the problem in no time: seems like the fan was totally blocked. How obvious.. still can't grasp the fact that the other mechanics couldn't figure that out.. Just imagine me driving that car again and ruining the engine.. A new piece has been ordered to replace the broken fan. Joy oh joy.
Let's hope the transaction will go smoothly. I'm convinced that the person who will buy my convertible, will have a great time driving it. And I'm very happy to have a bigger car, so the dogs will have a place of their own in the trunk and the girls no longer have to hold them in their laps..

What do you want?

I'm not a big cereal fan, but I do like muesli. There are not many brands I really like, so most of the time, I make my own. I will no longer have to do that! I have found a great website, where you can mix your own muesli. There are over 70 ingredients to choose from. I was very excited to have found this opportunity. And yes, I have ordered my first muesli mix. You can check the carb and calorie content of your mix online.

You even have the possibility to give your mix a name. That makes it easy to make a second order, without having to go through the whole list of ingredients again. Some ingredients are pretty surprising. Can't wait for my Powerfood to get here!

Monday, April 26, 2010

See food or sea food

I'm in the mood for sea food. Yesterday, we had some scallops on the BBQ and they made me hungry for more. I'm a fish and sea food lover. There are some kinds of fish I have not eaten yet, and I'm looking forward to trying some new ones.

Whenever I see food on TV, I try to find a recipe for it. See it as sports. I just have to do it. Even at 11 PM at night. I love to watch cooking programs. The pain is, that I want to cook whatever they are cooking on the show. That is my fun time. Everybody is in bed, and I'm cooking.

So what's your favorite sea food?

All hyped up

The two of you were so crazy when I picked you up. I felt like a pincushion when you were done scratching my neck and face. You little twit grabbed my glasses right away to chew on. But believe me: I was as happy to see you! Mrs S has taken very good care of you. Not for one moment did I worry about the two of you. You had plenty of time to play with the other whippets and Italian greyhounds. I'm glad you haven't forgotten about us though..

It's good to have this safe haven for you to go to, whenever we feel like making a trip abroad. It's not that obvious to find a good dog sitter. So we do cherish Mrs S and Mr L. They are wonderful and warm people, with a heart for animals.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Short of brain cells

Is it possible that the diabetes has infected my memory? Sometimes I have the feeling that I'm a little short of brain cells. I want to say something and in the middle of my sentence, I can't remember what I was talking about. On other occasions, things have happened in the last couple of days, and I have no memory of it whatsoever. I hate it when that happens.. I used to have a very good memory. I even remember the names of quite some classmates in highschool. My short memory though, is not that good I'm afraid. So bear with me. And keep telling me what I've forgotten.

This is how we do it

We had a great time in Holland! The sun was out, our friends accompanied us, the food was excellent and Mary Poppins was at her best! What a terrific musical! Such awesome talent.. I was truly amazed by the energy of the performers. I would like to compliment both children, who did a superb job at playing Jane & Michael Banks. As usual, we had great seats and lots of space for our tired legs. We have done quite some walking in Scheveningen. My foot is still sore, so I was not that alive and kicking, but I coped. My companions took care of me and they guided me throughout the journey.

I had quite some highs and lows in those days, but that's the dark side of diabetes. It won't keep me from having fun and doing what I like to do most: enjoy true friendship..

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dinner's served

There's this program on TV, my daughter and I like to watch. Four people come together to get acquainted over dinner. Every day, one of them is responsible to cook dinner for all of them. They judge one another and taste each other's dishes. It's a fun program and some recipes are worth trying out. It is a unique way to meet new people and enjoy good food. Well, that is, if the contestants are excellent cooks!

My children keep telling me I should enter the program. I don't think so. I love to cook and I love to have people over for dinner. I would not even mind cooking for people I have never met before. But not in front of a camera. Good gracious!

Concrete Angel

Someone shared this song with me, and it struck me. I wanted to share the lyrics with you.. It's heart breaking.. I hope the person who shared this song with me, didn't lead the life this child had to lead.

The song - Concrete Angel - is by Martina McBride

She walks to school with a lunch she packed
Nobody knows what she's holding back
Wearing the same dress
she wore yesterday
She hides the bruises with
the linen and lace

The teacher wonders but she doesn't ask
It's hard to see the pain behind the mask
Bearing the burden of a secret storm
Sometimes she wishes she was never born..

Through the wind and the rain
She stands hard as a stone
in a world that she can't rise above
But her dreams give her wings
and she flies to a place where she's loved.

Concrete Angel
Somebody cries in the middle of the night
The neighbors hear but they turn out the lights..
A fragile soul caught in the hands of fate
When morning comes it will be too late.

Through the wind and the rain
She stands hard as a stone
in a world that she can't rise above.
But her dreams give her wings
and she flies to a place where she's loved..

Concrete Angel

A statue stands in a shaded place
An angel girl with an upturned face
Her name is written on a polished rock
A broken heard that the world forgot.

Through the wind and the rain
She stands hard as a stone
in a world that she can't rise above.
But her dreams give her wings
and she flies to a place where she's loved..

Concrete Angel

Friday, April 23, 2010

What if...

someone would come over to our house, to help out with cleaning? That's what I thought a couple of years ago. We thought that would be a good idea. It is different if someone else comes over to clean. It's extra. It's sheer luxury. It's much appreciated.

We have had several women. Around 7 I guess, over the years. One of them stayed for over a year. She had always been a cleaning lady, because that's what she liked to do! Unfortunately, she quit her job, because she was getting older and she had found an older person to look after, so her job would be more easy. She thought.. It was so not her! She missed the work terribly and she got bored, looking after the old man.

In the meantime, we had to find someone else. It's not that easy. Finding a good person, that is trustworthy, willing to work, active and independent, is hard. That's why we have asked several cleaning companies to look out for someone. So far, we have had many different ladies. Some were good, some were absolutely not willing to work. Some just didn't show up, others were sick all the time. We recently changed agencies. Let's hope this lady will keep up. The dogs are mad about her (we try to go out with the dogs when she's here to clean, so they don't disturb her). It's good to have her.

Greenhouse is the agency that found our new cleaning lady. All you have to do, is tell them what you want and when you want it done. They find the perfect match for you. We're happy, they're happy, and we have a clean house!

Be in control of your destiny

I was zapping, when I saw a glimpse of Bear Grylls on Discovery Channel. I had seen programs by him before and I must say: I was happy to see another one. Bear Grylls is an extraordinary guy and I have never heard of anyone like him.

Bear - being a young boy back then - and his father would go mountain climbing. Bear knew no fear and was always in for new challenges. During service in the Special Air Service, Bear broke his back in three places in a parachuting accident. I didn't keep him from becoming the youngest British climber to complete a summit and descent of Mount Everest, at the early age of 23 years old. His injuries never kept him from doing what he likes to do most: challenge nature!

Bear is something special, really. You should watch one of his shows. He and his team from Man versus Wild (Discovery Channel) go to odd and far off places, to demonstrate survival techniques. He would cross an ice cold river - naked! The image that knocked me over though, was the one of Bear in the Sahara. The Berbers had given him a dead dromedary. Bear wanted to show how the dead animal could mean water/food/shelter for him. He skinned the dromedary, slit open his stomach and stuck his hand deep in the cavity of the animal. He pulled out the digested food - it had a horrendous smell - held it over his mouth and squeezed the fluids out, right into his mouth. Ugh! He then ate the raw intestines, before hiding himself inside the cadaver, covered by the flap of skin. What a macabre sight..

Whenever you know his Man VS Wild is on, try to watch it. You'll be startled..

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Open House

It's that time of the year. Many schools are getting ready for an Open House. There are many students out there looking for the best school for them to attend. Our children don't have to switch schools at the moment, but they have to be there anyway.

Since mom and dad are away for a couple of days, we have asked our sister-in-law to pick you up at boarding school on Friday. She's looking forward to that. And so are you! You'd rather go shopping with your auntie first, but she's taking you to grandma and grandpa right away. Because your favorite cousin is waiting for you there. The two of you get along real well. Don't stay up too late, will you? Because on Saturday, there's the Open House in school. Grandma and grandpa and your cousin are taking you. Grandma will make sure your uniform is spic and span, so the new pupils will see what they are supposed to wear if they decide to attend your school. Have fun kiddo! We'll be back before you know it!

Miss you much

The two of you won't be home while we are away for a couple of days. The children are in school and the day is too long for Inthe to be all by herself in the house. I don't want her to sit in the bench all day, until school is out. So we decided to bring Inthe and Rebba to the dogsitter. They are in Holland, back to their mom & dad where they used to live before they moved to Belgium. Fiefoerniek's Kennel is a great place. The people behind the kennel are absolutely wonderful.
Mrs S just loves taking care of her dogs. Trust me, they have plenty of whippets and Italian sighthounds. Nevertheless, the place is spotless. All of the dogs (and cats) are taken care of in the best way possible. That's why I don't worry about Rebba and Inthe. I know they will have a good time. Inthe will see her mommy and one of her sisters. Rebba's mommy is there as well. They will have outdoor playtime and a cosy bed to rest on when they are inside. Maybe they won't look forward to us coming back for them???

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Save the best for last

Are you a person who eats the best bits first, or do you save the best for last? I prefer to have the best pieces first. I'm not that big an eater, so it would be a real shame if I were too full to eat the best thing on my plate. I'm not a fan of eating things I don't like. So most of the times, my plate only has good things! haha!

Mary Poppins

It's almost time to start packing. We're leaving in a couple of days to Scheveningen, Holland, to go see the Mary Poppins musical. Is that supercalifrigilisticexpialidocious or what? I have watched the Mary Poppins movie a zillion times. Being an au pair in Portland, Oregon, the little girl I had to look after, just loved Mary Poppins. If it were up to her, she would watch the movie every day. Many lines I still know by heart and the 3 yo taught me to say the magic word. What a pain that was! If you want to break your tongue, just try to say it!

Julie Andrews is a wonderful person and she's done so many different characters. I remember our own children, when they were watching the Sound of Music for the first time. They thought Maria sounded so much like Mary Poppins!!! Isn't that great? They did recognize her voice in other plays as well. It took them a while to find out why they sounded that much alike..

I'm really looking forward to our outing. Spending time with good friends is important. It makes your life so much richer. We should celebrate our 7 years together this year. That's pretty awesome, isn't it? I have a feeling we'll do some shopping as well. And I have a present to drop off at a special person's doorstep. Someone in Scheveningen craves my homemade chocolate spread!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


There is no way to pronounce the name of that Icelandic volcano, and writing it down was no sinecure either. But I can say I am proud of Hubby and his colleagues at Eurocontrol for having worked so hard to find a solution. People have become so acquainted with airplanes as transportation, that they are nowhere without. The wind is still bringing quite some ashes our way and yet, all people want, is to get home or at their destination. They keep pushing the government to open the airspace as fast as possible. So the people at Eurocontrol had to think of the best possible and safest solution to give the pilots green light to start flying again. It is a major responsibility to get all of those flight plans ready and checked. But as of today, airspace is open again and stranded tourists will get a chance to come home. There are thousands of people that couldn't go to work, thousands of children that aren't attending school.

Is it a sign of nature? Are we depending too much on modern technology to lead our lives? Just think of the news of the last week. All people talked about, was how aggravated they were for not getting on their destination. Some were inventive and took trains or boats or rented a car to get home. Others were too far off to do any of that. I hear people had no place to sleep, because the hotels were packed with tourists.

The last time Eyjafjallajökull erupted, the dust cloud lasted for over 2 years. Let's hope things will be different this time, so the lives of the pilots and their passengers will not be at stake. The consequences of crashing are too serious. Thanks to everyone at Eurocontrol, for putting your heads together. Your business is much appreciated! Let's hope everyone will have a safe journey!

Careless whisper

The other day, I heard The Careless Whisper by George Michael. I had an instant flashback, way back to when I was 15. I had a boyfriend back then and that was our song. I remember us sitting in a bar when the DJ played Careless Whisper. It was dark in the bar and at my age, I wasn't supposed to be there at all. My boyfriend must have been 18 I guess, and he got me in. We danced and made out and I was in 7th heaven.

Isn't it curious how songs can bring back memories? I have a similar thing with smells. The smell of perfume can remind me of special moments in my life. Smelling cinnamon brings me back to the States.
I have several songs that bring a broad smile on my face. Another one is Nothing Compares to You by Sinead O'Connor. I like to look back and enjoy my memories. It feels good.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Be fast!

This Friday, K's Choice, a terrific music group, is performing in the Lotto Arena in Antwerp, Belgium. I have two tickets for sale for the event that starts at 20 PM. Be fast! They'll be gone before you know it!

The tickets are normally 86 euro, but they are offered now at 60 euro. Don't hesitate! They can be yours. The tickets will be forwarded in a PDF-file, to be printed at home. Those printed tickets are validated as the real tickets to go see the concert.

So contact me as fast as you can. You wouldn't want to miss this fabulous show!

Odd jobs

I may not be a 9 to 5 person and at the age of 38, I still don't know what profession would suit me best. But I do know I need challenges in my jobs. Routine in my life is not something I'm acquainted with. I like my days to be different. I like to go to work, not knowing what the day will bring. I like the unexpected. It makes life much more interesting. I have never ever had the feeling that I would want to stay at a certain job for the rest of my life. Some people wouldn't want otherwise. They are more productive in jobs that have become routines to them. That's fine. It's just not me, that's all.

If people ask me what kind of job I would like to do, I don't really have an answer. There's not a particular job description for me. There are so many interesting things to explore, and so many different employers, that it never gets boring. I don't like to be bored. I need excitement, I need challenges, I need innovations. I don't see what's wrong with that. Doesn't matter what job I do, I always give 100%, at any time. If I would do the same job for decades, I would become so bored and tired, that I wouldn't perform well. Maybe I should be my own boss..

Sunday, April 18, 2010

End of the road

For more than over a year, I have worked full time as a volunteer in our local retirement home. I had applied for the job, but my bachelor's degree was more than they could afford.
I really wanted to do the job and I suggested volunteering. Which they gladly accepted. So I started my first week as a volunteer. My job was to feed the residents, entertain them, talk with them, take them for a walk, bring them to the cafeteria, give them a shoulder to cry on. Many of the residents were real happy to have me. They were lonely, without relatives visiting them. They had family all right, but many young couples have kids and full time jobs, and very little time. So they don't visit as much as they could, should or would.

I had one department to take care off. Pretty soon, I knew all residents by name and I knew who had visitors and who didn't. One elderly man, living in the first room next to the staircase, was a joy to visit. The smile on his face whenever I entered the room, was like winning the golden ticket. One day, I had brought my camera and I made portraits of all the residents. I had them enlarged and each one of them, received their framed picture. So when I gave Mr A his picture, he was quite surprised how I got a picture of.. his father! He thought the man in the picture was his father! That's when it occurred to me, that this man, who had been in a wheelchair for decades, had not seen his own face for that same amount of time. The mirror above his wash table was too high. He never complained and nobody asked.

Soon after I had taken his picture, Mr A passed away. His relatives, whom I had never met (since they never visited him), asked me about the picture. They wanted to use it on the obituary. It startled me how much his son looked after him... I wonder if he would ever see a picture of himself, thinking it were his father..

Time after Time

I have been blogging for 1 year now. Twice a day, on a daily basis. It's been a great journey and I hope to keep on blogging for quite a while. I'm still full of inspiration and it feels great to have this challenge. I'm looking forward to having my second blog book printed! So keep reading and I'll keep posting.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


I was going to write a blog about youngsters and their addiction to texting, when I saw the Dr Phil show on Sexting instead of Texting. OMG.. It was pretty awful for everybody who was involved. This young girl (12) had sent a digital photograph of herself, partially naked (her face was not included in the picture) to a potential boyfriend. She wanted him to like her and she felt sending the picture was the right thing to do to make him love her. The boy - probably aroused by his hormones - was so happy with the picture, that he forwarded it to several friends of his. Of course the girl found out and realized what a stupid mistake she had made.. She was terrified the picture would end up on the Internet and she tried to kill herself. She could no longer cope and was convinced she could never ever lead a normal life again. What a relief to hear that her suicide attempt failed. She's alive. She's hurt, she's emotionally damaged and she quit school for the rest of the year. Her family and the families of the boys involved are damaged as well.

Have things changed that much from our days? I don't know. We did pretty stupid stuff at our age (not at the age of 12, but 14-15 is not that far off), but the consequences were not that dramatic. There were no cell phones, there was no Internet. If that technology had been available back then, so would sexting have been.

Do you know what your children do with their mobile phones? Do they have access to the Internet on their cell phone or computer? Have you talked to them about abuse and pornography and sex offenders? Don't think your teens are stupid. They know more than we think and they may be more experienced in life than we wish..

It's a small world after all

The Internet makes the world a whole lot smaller. You can buy things in whatever country you want and have it shipped to whatever destination you pick. Easy. Sometimes, overseas parcels are delivered faster than a handwritten letter within our own little country. Now you will probably think: what did she order this time?

Brothers All Natural is an American brand (I really should've been an American citizen) that brings convenient, healthy and fun food for all to enjoy. They provide best quality and nutritious products. This time, I ordered fruit crisps. They are all natural, real sliced freeze-dried fruit slices. No sugar added. And do they taste fabulous! We had the banana-strawberry and the pineapple chunks. Yummie! If only shipping costs and customs wouldn't be that expensive, I would order the other flavors as well. Maybe I should find a Belgian retailer that is willing to import the crisps? One bag has only 14 gr of carbs, which is ideal for us diabetics.
I would love to try the Fruit & Oatmeal as well. Full of freeze-dried fruit like blackberries, blue berries, strawberries...hmhmhmhm! And it's very handy, as every cup comes with a spoon. Just add hot water or milk and you're all set!

I have 48 bags of each flavor. So if you want to try it out, I can provide you with some. You'd better be fast though, since our oldest daughter believes 4 servings at a time are okay as a snack..

Friday, April 16, 2010

Tater tots

This may not be the most diabetes friendly recipe on earth, but reading the recipe made me very curious what tater tots should taste like. Would I be able to make them? I gave it a try and I was anxious to hear the comments of the family. They were as surprised as I was, since they had not ever heard of tater tots either. I'm pretty sure they are not being served over here, in Belgium. Maybe it's about time to change that!

So what do you need?

  • 8 medium potatoes, peeled
  • 4 tablespoons of all purpose flour
  • a dash of pepper and salt

It's great if you have a standing mixer - Kitchen Aid or Kenwood for example - to finely shred the potatoes. If you don't: use a manual shredder.
Drain the shredded potatoes in a colander, by pressing out any liquid left.
Season the flour with the pepper and the salt.
Pour the potatoes in a large bowl and sprinkle with the seasoned flour.
Heat your deep fryer at 350°F (180°C).
Shape into "tots" (cylindrical shape) and carefully fry until slightly golden.
Drain the tots on paper towels.
Serve with ketchup.

Tater tots look a lot like potato croquettes, but they consist of shredded potatoes instead of mashed potatoes. We have something similar over here, called rösti. But rösti are shaped differently.

Jump for joy

If only I could.. I was so happy to have that annoying cast removed, but my foot is hurting so bad, I wish I didn't have it removed. Shoot.. My pharmacist recommended wearing a firm bandage, to hold my foot. It helps a little, but still, it's not what it's supposed to be. Maybe I'm expecting too much? I don't know. I think I should rest some more..

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Being a girl, I have purses. Several. A lot. Too many. Purses to match different outfits. Purses to go out to dinner, purses to go to work, weekday purses, holiday purses. Purses with leashes, purses with a handle. The only thing I didn't have yet, is being sold by Tintamar. It's called VIP Two. It's a bag that has nine pockets. You fill it up with all the things you need. Admit it, ladies need a lot of things in their purse... duh. Then you stuff the VIP Two in whatever purse you want to use that day. The next day, you just pull out your VIP Two and put it in another purse. Just like that! Without complications, without any hassle. Isn't that a great invention? They come in all different colors and they are washable!!!

What did you expect? That I would tell you about the VIP Two without ordering one? Not! It's on its way. I ordered it in Holland, online. It'll be here this week and I'm looking forward to getting it. I know I'll be Stylicious with my VIP Two! It'll hold all my diabetes supplies, my cell phone, credit cards, snacks, a bottle of water, keys, change, wallet,..

I won the lottery!

This is not April Fool's! I have really won the lottery. Or at least, that's how I feel, when I think of my two beautiful, intelligent daughters. They are so precious and they mean so much to me. The two of them are so different, but both of them are very loveable. I appreciate their personalities and their specific characters. I often tell them how much I love them and I love to hug them and kiss them. Although they are growing older, I love to hold them. I miss the time they came to sit in my lap. Every now and then, they come snuggle up with me, and that feels great. They are good kids. They are the best thing that ever happened to me..

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


My little girl called me from camp. She had been in a very creepy situation the night before. The whole group was making a late night walk in the woods. They were supposed to find their way back to the camp. All of a sudden, out of the blue, a car raced towards the group of children. They heard the brakes slam and two people opened the doors real fast. They grabbed one of the girls, threw her in the car and rushed off. The other kids were totally frantic and panicking. They didn't know what to think of it. One boy was totally in shock, and he ran after the fleeing car, because he wanted to rescue the girl...!! But it was too late. The car was gone.. The guides accompanying the children, called the police on their cell phone. In the meantime, all of the children were crying and screaming. And then the car raced back towards the group. They heard the tires squeak on the tarmac, throwing pebble stones all over the place..

It was a joke. It was part of the game.. but it was not funny. Not at all. I don't think it's funny at all. Not in these dark days. Kids do get kidnapped and abducted. I don't see the use of making a joke out of it. Neither did my little girl.. She must have been frightened to death..

The cast

It's gone! I'm so happy to have my foot back and to be able to walk again. It's still sore and my foot is stiff, but I guess that's what it's supposed to feel like after a cast has been removed?

Stumbling around the house wasn't very good for my lower back and my hips. I wasn't even supposed to walk on that cast, but what can one do?
I mean, some chores can't wait huh. I haven't gone grocery shopping for almost 14 days and I'm really longing for a good shopping trip. It was good for the budget though, not being able to go outside.
The doctor said I had to be careful not to overdo it. Right. I know. I'm sick of sitting on the couch. I think I need to make a long ride in my car. Go places. See people. Get back into the world.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bovine ears and cheese-spread Kongs

Nowadays, I no longer run errands only for the family. We have two dogs and they come with special dog treats. So many items I had never heard of. I thought dogs had dog food, period. Apparently, there's a whole range of dog food, going from wet food over frozen meat to raw meat and puffed pellets. There's just too much choice.. And that's only their main course. How about treats and snacks? I have found several websites selling special home made dog biscuits. Go figure! Really! Garlic & cheese, peanut butter (dogs looooooooooove peanut butter), bacon biscuits.. the list is endless. Cookies to keep flees away, cookies to clean their teeth. It's just absurd. But I guess I'm absurd enough to go with the flow and buy them all the treats they crave.

So yes, I frequently order from an online petshop, by the name of Zooplus. They give good deals (you may find a dog treat or toy in your delivery box every now and then), great prices and excellent products. They are fast as lightening when it comes to home delivery: how about the next day? I'm glad I found that shop and Inthe and Rebba go absolutely nuts when their goodies are being delivered.

Dogs love toys as well. Inthe is trying to lick the cheesespread out of her Kong toy and Rebba is chewing her way through a bovine ear. I guess nowadays dogs are being spoiled. They have their own toy chest, a dog's bed, a passport, pyjamas and fancy leashes. They have become family members I guess. Don't forget their blanket if you want them to take a nap on your beautiful couch..


Sometimes, I hear my children talk about the future they have planned for themselves. One is looking forward to living abroad, preferably in a country like Egypt or Honolulu or Turkey. She's a sun lover and she really needs her daily portion of sun to enjoy life. She wants to live in a huge house, near the beach, with her own swimming pool (an indoor and an outdoor - how good it is to dream..). She will drive a BMW convertible and go out for dinner most of the time. If I ask her what kind of job she's going to have, she has no idea. She doesn't want to work. She won't have time, because she will be travelling most of the time.. Hmhmhm..

The other one wants to live in a very modern house, downtown New York or Sydney. She wants to be a famous designer or a teacher and will shop 'till she drops. She'll get married and have a bunch of children. Her sister won't. At least, that's what she claims. Men are stupid and children a nuisance. Do you think she forgot that she's a child herself when she said that?

I would really like to know how they will achieve their dreams. Miss One says she wants to spend a year abroad, to broaden her horizon, before she decides about the rest of her life. I won't stop her. I think that's a very good idea. I will encourage her to do so. It would be a good lesson in life. She could be an overseas student right?
Miss Two will probably follow her mother's footsteps, because she would like to work as an au pair. Not in the US. She prefers Australia. That's something different huh.

It's good to have dreams. It's good to think about the future. It would be good to think of how they will finance that future as well. But that's the least of their concern at this very moment..

Monday, April 12, 2010

To die for

I'm craving berries this week: ruby red strawberries, juicy raspberries, plump blackberries, firm blue berries, succulent gooseberries, shiny cherries, sour currants.. I'm so looking forward to having fruit salads and smoothies. Sometimes, you see little stalls along the road, where one can buy fresh strawberries or cherries. I would go there immediately, to buy tons of red fruit. I was not always a fruit lover. That changed when I was diagnosed with diabetes. But nowadays, I really love fruit. Too bad fruit has quite some carbohydrates. Meaning we need insulin when we eat fruit. That's why I prefer red fruit over other kinds, because they contain the least carbs. I'm out of here. I can no longer talk about strawberries without having any..

Get cute for you!

Being overweight, sometimes you just don't bother to dress up. Putting make up on, is the first thing you stop doing. Skipping appointments with the hair dresser might be next in line. Shopping for clothes is no longer considered as a fun outing and you fear the mirrors in the mall. So you don't go. Is it necessary to shave your legs if you don't want anybody do see you?

Summer is on its way, I hear. People are happier and they seem more relaxed. Normally that goes for me as well. Not this year. Not with this weight. How can I look forward to sun tanning, sleeveless shirts or skirts and bare legs? I just don't. Because it doesn't feel good. It's hard to accept a body that is not familiar to you. You don't want to be in that body and it makes you feel unhappy about who you are. Because I do know that the outer body is just appearance and yes, the inner me is more important. But it's that outer body I see in the mirror every time I enter the bathroom. And it's not a pretty sight..

Maybe I should start treating myself better. Of course I want to look my best for the people I care for. I feel that part is not working right now, because I don't feel pretty at all.
It might be helpful if I could start to pamper my body, just for me. I could get cute, just for me. Not for anybody else. Do you think I could enjoy applying body lotion just for me? I don't know. It's been a while. I haven't thought of it for a long time. Taking a fragrant bubble bath, spending quite some time in the bathroom to blow dry my hair or put on mascara. I could give it a try. I guess..

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The horse whisperer

It was your dream to go see the horse whisperer. You and your sister love to go horseback riding and that's what the two of you do every Wednesday. I love to see the two of you ride. It also reminds me of my childhood and the years I used to ride my favorite horse Torro.. It's been a while, but it's still there, in my memory..

Yesterday, Hippo and Friends - the Belgian organization for children with diabetes - treated you on an outing to the horse whisperer Joel. You had been looking forward to this event and so had we. I wasn't sure I was going to get there, because I still can't drive my car and walking is not really allowed yet. I tried to use my crutches as much as possible, and we had a great day.

Joel did real well, trying to make you feel at ease and one with the horses. You have a wonderful mommy, did you know that? She does the best she can to let you go ride on a weekly basis. I know the two of you love her to pieces. It's a gift to see the big smile on your little faces... Both you girls love animals and you would never hurt one. Neither would Joel, the horse whisperer. In fact, he rescues horses from mean owners and death. He's a pretty special guy!

It was a 1.5 hour drive, but well worthwhile. Thanks for the invitation. I'm really glad I came along..

Taking care of business

There is a lot of work in the backyard. You have rolled up your sleeves to get at it. The wheelbarrow is full of dirt and shrubs lay row by row, ready to be planted into the holes you dug beforehand.

We used to have a playground with swing and slide for the girls. They didn't use it that much, they are more in to jumping on the huge trampoline that is also sitting in the backyard. So we all decided the playground had to go. Too bad it is captured in concrete in the ground. What a pain! We didn't plan to dig it up again, when we put it there in the first place. But children grow up and their interests change, right?

Your brother will come and make sure there will be a new lawn to play on. We don't know yet, how we will make the whippets understand the grass needs time to grow. They are not supposed to dig holes and ruin the lawn. I suggested putting up a fence across the yard, so they cannot run on the new grass until it is fully grown and strong. The fence could be used afterwards, to build a new pen for the chickens. We'll see. Keep on digging. There's a lot of work to be done..

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Le Notre Dame de Paris

I had been looking forward to this musical for quite some time. I had no idea what to expect. Having the original French version in my heart and mind, and loving every bit of Garou and Hélène Segara, I knew the Flemish cast would have to do a heck of a job to even come close.

I was surprised though! Sandrine Van Handenhoven did absolutely fabulous. She's so tiny and fragile, but that's not what her voice sounded like. It was pure and strong and passionate. She's a delight to look at and to listen to. The leading roll of Esmeralda suited her real well and her performance was very credible.
There was also Gene Thomas, as the Hunchback. He's also fragile and tiny. I would have made his costume a bit more robust and sturdy, to impress more. His voice is not bad, but it's not Garou. His voice is just not strong enough, although he really did his utmost to make a good performance. He mimicked Garou pretty well, meaning gestures and movements and all that.

I really liked Gringoire, played by the Dutch Dennis Ten Vergert. He had the right posture and a clear voice. He and his boyfriend make a real nice couple I must say. After the show, we had a drink in a nearby pub, where the crew had planned a relaxing aftermatch. That is, after they signed our programs. LOL.

Wim Van den Driessche, originally from Eeklo (where I used to live), did a great job as Frollo, the priest. He shouldn't have taken off the priest's habit while singing "Détruire". Because priests don't wear skinny pants. They just need that habit to be plausible. He did a great job though! A warm and deep voice.

One of my favorites was Clopin, played by Clayton Peroti. He's gorgeous. Yummie. And very talented as well. A little bit of moon in a cup of coffee.. Why did I forget to ask his number??

Tim Driesen was Phoebus, meaning Soleil. He looks so young, but then again, he's experienced and did a great job. Not my favorite star, because he lacked some maturity. But that is just my personal preference. His friend - Fleur de Lys - played by Jorien Zeevaart, was very good. So pure. Her appearance made me think of Céline Dion.

I may certainly not forget to mention the amazing dancers! What a crew! What a choreography. I was gobsmacked by their talent and jumps and energy. Congrats, all of you! You are The Notre Dame of Paris!

And of course: thanks to my special friends, for organizing this wonderful outing and making sure we had the best seats available.. Our daughters were really happy they could come along this time. It will be a night to remember.

I had a dream

Photo by Lana Joos
I had a dream, that one day, I would own a whippet.. It's taken me almost two decades to get one and now we have two.

They are a handful, since Inthe is just a 4 month old puppy. Rebba is almost 4 years old and she's well behaved. Inthe is still very playful, but we enjoy every minute of her childhood.

Now just look at that picture. Isn't she adorable? She looks so proud, so elegant, so whippet.. She's spoiled rotten, I must admit. Some days she doesn't deserve it, for ruining the house and our belongings. But she's the golden child of our household. I'm so grateful for having adopted both Rebba and Inthe. They have enriched our life..

Friday, April 9, 2010

I used to live alone

In 1994, I was living all by myself, in a small room in Eeklo, Belgium. It felt awkward to live all by myself, but at the same time, I enjoyed the private time. Now, 16 years later, I no longer live in Eeklo and I certainly no longer live by myself. I've been married for nearly 15 years now. We have two gorgeous daughters and a house full of pets. A tomcat, 2 whippets, a fish, 3 turtles and 4 chickens. There's not much private time left and the only silence in the house is at night, when everybody is asleep. But that's okay.

Some days, my mind drifts of to 1994. Things were totally different back then. I had no idea what my future was going to be like. I was afraid to think of the future. I was all by myself and had no future plans whatsoever. I was convinced I would go back to the States. Things turned out differently though. Who would have thought I would lead the life I'm living now? Certainly not me. I didn't want to get married. I was not going to have children either. Maybe some pets. Strange how life turns out at times..

Sugar, we're going down!

Elizabeth Edelman, a highly respected member of Diabetes Daily, is a type 1 diabetic and a young mom. I like to read her blog and just recently, she surprised us readers, with a 7 day diabetic meal plan. What a joy! This is exactly what I've been looking for!! Elizabeth eats low carb. Doctors over here are not convinced that low carb meals are the solution for us diabetics. But I think differently. I have heard about the results of the people sticking to this kind of diet and I'm prepared to give it a try. Living in the States would make things a lot easier, because they have low carb products everywhere, even in restaurants. Over here, not many shops have these products. That's a pain, but having read Elizabeth's meal plan, it's within reach.

I have translated the recipes for my Dutch diabetic friends and my grocery list is made. I'm ready! This meal plan looks so healthy and still has so little carbs, that my blood sugars can't but drop. And isn't that what us diabetics want in the end? So yes, sugar, we're going down this time!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A life sentence

I have seen this video several times, while I was trying to find more information on the orphans of Mogilino. I'm just shocked by the footage of this video. It's about Serbians with Down syndrome and Cerebral Palsy, being warehoused in these mental institutions. It's sheer torture, unheard of. I feel so bad for these children and adults. It's their life sentence, it's all they know but still, it's deeply disturbing. These patients are hosed down like life stock, instead of given a humane shower. Full grown young men are crammed into small cribs, their bodies severely contorted..

They are deprived of love, food, education and medical supplies. Their stick thin bodies seem to be frozen. They are suffering, while we live in luxury. Men and women, tied to their wheelchairs, trying to free themselves by taking off their pyjamas, falling on the floor and laying there, naked.. These images are heartbreaking..

Du pain, du vin, du boursin

Living like God in France. All we need is bread, wine and good cheese. There is not one cheese I don't like. Some people say they don't like cheese, but there are so many different cheeses that I find that very hard to understand.

A couple of years ago, I have worked for a local goat farmer. He made his own goat's cheese and I must say: he had the best goat's cheese I have ever eaten. Too bad he's gone out of business, because now his cheeses no longer exist. He won several prices with his cheeses, even in Holland, the cheese country!

I must have passed my love for cheese on to my children. We like to have a cheese platter every now and then. Another favorite cheese of mine is blue cheese. You should try the Blue Cheese Soufflé in the Shakespeare Theatre in London. That was so divine!

My old time favorite though, is Boursin. Plain, garlic, pepper, walnuts, figs.. every variety can bring me pleasure. Boursin, a glass of deep, red wine and crispy home baked bread. What more can we ask for?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

You'd better not pout

I'm the worst patient ever. I'm not good at being unable to take care of myself. I don't like the crutches and depending on others is even worse. That cast is really bugging me and it's a real nuisance. Working as a personal assistant is what I like to do. Needing a personal assistant is not my cup of tea. I like to be independent, I like to do what I want whenever I want to do it.
Taking a shower for example, is a true ordeal if you have only one foot to stand on. And the tub is pretty slippery!!! Blow drying your hair is different, if you need crutches to stand. It takes me half a day to get showered and dressed and by then, I'm so sweaty I could use another shower..

So I throw the crutches in a corner and I hobble around the house. I know I shouldn't, but there's work to be done and food to be cooked. I thought having the kids at home would make things easier, but they are so used to having mom around to do all the chores, that it doesn't occur to them that helping out could be useful... Now what's that word kids use all the time: whatever? Right... whatever...

I'm absolutely over the moon

This Friday, all four of us are invited to go see the Flemish version of the Notre Dame de Paris. It won't be a surprise to any of you, that our good friends are the people who invited us. So there will be a bunch of us and I'm convinced we'll have a great time!

The Notre Dame de Paris is a French-Canadian musical which debuted in Paris in 1998. It's based upon the novel Notre Dame de Paris by Victor Hugo. The musical has played in so many different countries by now and has been performed in English as well as in Spanish and Italian. This time, we'll see the Flemish version. I adore the French songs, although I'm not a French song-lover. But the original lyrics are still the best. Garou and Hélène Segara were two of the rising stars in the French version. For the Flemish version, they have chosen Gene Thomas to be the Hunchback and Sandrine as Esmeralda. I have no idea what to expect and of course, with the French version in mind, we will compare both versions. It'll be exciting though! I'm looking forward to it!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A magnet

A good friend of mine has recently divorced her husband. Ever since, she's been like a magnet to single (and married) men. Some days she feels hunted like a rabbit, but most of the times, she's happy with the male attention she had lacked for many years. Her former husband - he decided to leave her - is not thrilled with all the attention she's getting now. Why?
I thought she was not interesting enough for him? Now he sees that other men think very positively of her, he's jealous. What a strange world.. She has always been interesting. How could he miss that?? Didn't he make enough effort to see how special she is? Was it the wear and tear of living together and the relaxed attitude of: I don't need to bother - she's mine anyway? I don't know. I only know she's happier now. Her eyes are bright and she looks her best. It's great to see her this happy. Because that's what she deserves: happiness. Don't we all?

A nightmare you can't wake up from

Being a diabetic I use insulin for a life saver. I need it 24/7 to keep my body healthy and going.
I was absolutely gobsmacked to hear, that a male nurse in my town was standing before a judge last week, for having killed 4 elderly by giving them an overdose of insulin. A fifth victim slipped away into a coma, but she recovered and she's alive but terrified of what could have happened.

I'm talking about Kurt Dobbelaere, a 45 yo male nurse. He used to work in an elderly home as a head nurse. The man kept saying that his deceased mother whispered him in the ear, that it was his task to murder these persons. The psychiatrists decided though, that by no means, this man was forced by voices in his head to commit these horrible murders. This man is a true psychopath. He's very capable of committing the same crimes if he gets to be released. He's a cold blooded murderer and should be considered a medical serial killer.

But what was the motive for these random murders? Dobbelaere feels people should be proud of him, for taking the life of these elderly. He thought it wasn't fair that his mother had to die at a rather young age, while his victims had lived a long life until he crossed their path.
He decided they would be better of dead. The relatives of the victims cannot understand why their beloved ones had to leave this earth in these horrible circumstances. Their beloved father/mother was happy in the elderly home. They were not ill and they attended most social activities. By no means did they talk about dying or committing suicide. Dobbelaere played God and decided all by himself that he should give these people an insulin overdose. The tragic outcome is 4 deceased persons.. Kurt Dobbelaere was found to be guilty: life sentence.. I wonder how many years he will serve in prison.

To be continued..

Monday, April 5, 2010

Dig deep

Yesterday, a good friend, my oldest daughter and I went to see Derek Ogilvie in Antwerp. We had been looking forward to his show for quite a while. I'm so glad my friend brought a wheelchair along, so I didn't have to walk with crutches all the time. I can now call him my personal assistant!

Derek is mad, absolutely mad! That is, the English meaning of mad, not the American. He moves around the place like a grasshopper, full of energy and humor. He looks exactly like on TV. My friend had the chance to shake hands with Derek, when he entered the place. The audience was really enthusiastic, especially when he was making fun of the "Limburgers". LOL.

But then it became serious pretty fast. We were told only to react if all of Dereks statements were related to us. Some people didn't understand and raised their hands whenever they had the chance to. Of course that is not the best thing to do. There's not that much time for readings, so it's good if he can connect with the right people right away.

The language was a problem at times. People couldn't react properly or didn't understand the Scottish accent. Someone was there to translate, but sometimes that wasn't sufficient. I'm sure the readings work better with an English speaking audience. The Flemish are more reluctant as well and maybe too modest and shy at times.

We had a fun day though. I'm still convinced Derek Ogilvie has a special gift and I'm glad he wants to share that with the world. You rock Derek! Keep using your talent and spread the word.

Happy Meals

It's always great to cook for people who appreciate your effort. I like to ask my family what they want for lunch or dinner, to prevent disappointment either way. Most of the times, they would say: whatever you feel like cooking. Most of the time, I have plenty of inspiration, but every now and then, I like them to think about their next home cooked meal. After all, I always want to serve happy meals. I don't like to see sobbing faces at the dinner table.

Do you know what I really like to do? Make monthly menus. I think I'm going to start doing that again. Since I can't budge much (the cast, remember), it may be ideal to do some thinking and writing. Maybe I'll post it here, for you to get inspired by what we eat. Don't be afraid to share your own menus, I'm always in for something new.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Not that far from us, is a company called Cavalier. No, they do not sell Cavalier dogs. Cavalier is a young, local company, founded in 1996, in Eeklo (between Ghent and Bruges). Owned by the Belgian family Verdegem - De Ruyter with tradition in healthy food, Cavalier develops, produces and distributes uniquely no sugar added chocolate and biscuits. Cavalier looks for the most natural ingredients with care for people (from cocoa farmers to the consumers) and our planet.

Cavalier aims to develop, produce and distribute the most delicious of the healthiest chocolate, to provide the customer a guiltless moment of joy.
Only no sugar added: chocolate bars, tablets, sea shells (don't you love those?), chocolates (pralines), neapolitans, seasonal chocolate products (easter eggs f.i.), chocolate spread, snacks, biscuits..

You just have to taste the delicate chocolate to appreciate it. And after all: who wouldn't want to indulge and enjoy guilt free chocolate? To be recommended. Everyone who is trying to live a healthy life as well as anyone with diabetes should have some Cavalier chocolate in reach, as a special and delicious treat.

Cavalier chocolates were sweetened with maltitol and that was just fine. However, Cavalier has found a way to replace maltitol by stevia, that is much more natural and healthier. Stevia is a natural product, that found its origin in Paraguay. Belgium was late in discovering this sweetener, although the Japanese have been convinced for many years. Stevia contributes to improved dental hygiene and increases insulin efficiency. This type of sweetener is ideal for anyone who wants to cut back on their sugar intake but doesn't want to give up on having delicious chocolate. Looking forward to tasting this new chocolate!!

Patience is a good virtue

You plant a seed, you give it water, but don't expect it to be a tree by the following day. The same goes for a sprained foot. It needs rest, rest, rest. A cast is holding me back to go out and go for a ride. I'm housebound and that is so not me. I like my freedom and the knowledge that I can go where I want and when I want. Shoot.. Just thinking that I need to depend on others now, to take me to places or to help me out in the household, is something I really despise. But it is what it is. I guess I'll be spending quite some time in front of the TV and reading books..

I need crutches to help me walk. The cast may be removed by April 15. Let's hope my foot will be fine by then. I'm sick of it already..

Saturday, April 3, 2010

If only

If only you could realize, how important it is to take the rest you desperately need. You are always on the road, working late hours and driving across the country to do your job. Aren't you standby for sick colleagues all the time, ignoring your body's signals that you need your rest as well? I'm asking you, my friend, to listen to your body. The stress is taking its toll and you ended up in hospital Thursday. You were diagnosed with gastritis and you had to undergo a gastroscopy. I know first hand how that feels, so I'm sympathizing with you.

I hope you will listen to your doctors and rest. Try to find out what causes the stress and even more important: what you can do to relieve your stress. After all, you're going away on a holiday pretty soon. You don't want to miss that, do you?

If only you knew

You mean so much to me. You have always been like a mother to me. Whenever I came out of college, I drove to your house to tell you about my week in school. You have always been there for me whenever I was in trouble. Nowadays, we share the same disease: diabetes. You have type 2 while I have type 1, but we both know what it's like to have a chronic disease that deserves your attention 24/7.

You texted me that you were in the hospital. I wasn't surprised at all. We had spoken on the phone this week and you told me you had blisters under your feet, that is, under your toes, and they hurt big time. I asked you to go see your endocrinologist, because wounds on your feet are not a very good thing if you have diabetes. Wounds heal harder if you're a diabetic, especially if your blood sugars are high. You told me your blood sugars have been pretty normal lately, so I'm a little reassured. I will come visit you today. I love you, mammie, and want to hold you and tell you everything is going to be okay. I hope the pain is bearable and you will get better soon.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Humpty Dumpty

I felt like Humpty Dumpty.. Walking in Bruges with the girls, the heel of my shoe got stuck in the cobbles. I fell down on my knees, twisting my foot. I couldn't help it, but I started to laugh out of misery. My daughter wasn't sure whether she could laugh as well. It hurt big time, but whenever I fall or see somebody else fall, I just have to laugh. I couldn't stand up right away, so I had to crawl to the sidewalk where I could take a rest. I felt so silly.. Pulling up my trouser leg, I could tell one knee was bleeding and the skin was damaged. The foot of my other leg was bruised and swollen. Shoot.. Not a very good beginning of a shopping afternoon with the girls. But I had promised them a fun day out, so I had to pull myself together, to stand up and keep going.

By the time I got home, my foot was black and blue and hurting big time. I could feel my heartbeat in my foot. The instep of my foot feels really sore.. I keep thinking of Humpty Dumpty, because that's who I felt like, laying there, in the middle of a street in Bruges..

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king's horses,
And all the king's men,
Couldn't put Humpty together again

Red Flag

Tenerife. One of the first holidays with our children. They must have been like 6 and 8 back then. We had chosen a nice hotel, close to the beach, surrounded by many pools and terrific restaurants. We had a great time and were enjoying the good weather and the relaxation of being away from home.

That particular day, we went out to one of the hotel restaurants. I was pretty hungry and couldn't wait to check out the buffet. It was a sea banquet that day. I love fish and sea food, so yes, I was looking forward to it. Those grilled mussels looked so appealing to me, that I took a couple at a time. Something didn't taste right about them, but I thought it was just me, not appreciating the food. So I ate my dinner and I was fine.

Later that night, after the children had gone to bed, Hubby and I were sitting outside on the terrace, talking about that day. That's when my throat started to swell. My eyes began to sting, my nose was running and I had this scary feeling that breathing was no longer obvious. So I told hubby that I didn't feel well and that I was going to lay down. I had experienced anaphylactic shock before, in my teens, after eating snails. I was trying to remember if I had eaten snails that night, when the mussels crossed my mind. I remember they tasted kinda funny. That's when I realized an allergy was causing the swelling in my throat. I was happy to have brought antihistaminic tablets and I took a couple. But it didn't do anything..

So I told Hubby I was going to find a doctor and he should stay with the children. At the reception, I asked for a doctor. The receptionist didn't speak any English and I didn't speak Spanish. But he could tell it was serious. In just a couple of minutes, an ambulance rushed on to the court of the hotel. Two male nurses jumped out and they made me lay down on a stretcher. They wheeled me in the ambulance, turned on the siren and rushed me to the hospital. There was no time to warn Hubby. I needed to draw the attention of the nurses, because I was already a diabetic back then and I could not have cortisone shots to help me get better. But they kept yelling at me: no comprendo, no comprendo!

It took them quite a while to get me to the hospital. They opened the door, let me out and drove off, to pick up their next patient. And there I was, outside the hospital, on a Saturday night, waiting in line, amongst drunk and injured people. I tried to find someone to translate for me, but nobody was available. There was no way I was going to enter that hospital without being understood. A shot of cortisone might make me slip into a coma! So I left, to take a walk and get some fresh air. I assume the oxygen and the tablets I had taken previously, finally helped me get better. I stopped a cab to take me back to the hotel. I had no wallet on me, no money, no phone. The driver thought I had been drinking, which I hadn't and he was really getting on my nerves. But he brought me back to the hotel, where Hubby was, standing by a different receptionist, asking about his wife.. He had no idea..

Thursday, April 1, 2010


You didn't really think I was pregnant, did you???? DUH!! As if!! Ever heard of April Fool's?? Come on! I had my uterus removed in 2003! What a joke! Just imagine, me being pregnant again. Oh please.. so not!

I'm glad I busted you though. It was pure balderdash, but many of you believed it. Hahaha! You should've known better. Shame on you..

I'll think about it another day

Several people have told me lately, that I have gained weight. They use ugly words when they tell me. Words I will not repeat, because they are hurtful. And yes, I have gained more weight and no, it's not pleasant at all. But at least, now I know why I have gained weight..

I'm pregnant.. I can't believe it yet, but that's what the blood results said. I had my blood tested the other day, because my tummy felt funny and not normal. So I went to see my GP and he had my blood work checked. He called me with the news and I'm not sure yet, whether I'm supposed to be happy or not. After all, our daughters are 15 and 13! There's one advantage though: now I know why I'm gaining weight.. Poor excuse huh..

I don't want to think about it. Not just yet. Maybe some other day.. I can't set my mind on it. I'll have to, very soon, since I'm 3 months pregnant.. The baby is due in September.