Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The weeping whippet

My little rascal is not to be trusted at all. She's still young and playful and full of mischief. That's why she needs to be put in the bench if nobody's home to keep an eye on her. She gladly sits in the bench, until she realizes she can't get out if she wants to. Rebba is pretty cool, all by herself and she doesn't ruin anything. But Inthe is a whole different story.

She ate my glasses the other day. Not all of it of course, but she chewed on it big time and one of the glasses was missing. I was able to put it back together, but it's still ruined. I'm thinking of getting a new pair in the month of May.

So Inthe sits in the bench during our absence. I check on her every once in a while and she does fine. But as soon as we let her out, she starts to weep and whine. What a cry baby.. She probably feels really deserted and she is so worn out by the weeping, that she crashes on the couch and falls asleep instantly. The crying doesn't stop though. We can still hear her weep in her sleep.. Poor thing.. she is so adorable..

One way direction

Your food intake is supposed to go in one direction: down, all the way to your stomach, where the food can be digested. I think I might have a problem somewhere down there. My oesophagus hurts big time and I have chest pains day and night. I can tell you, I have felt better. I have severe heartburn and the gastric juices seem to go back upwards, making me cough and gasp for air. It's painful and it doesn't feel comfortable at all. It keeps me up at night and I already lack a lot of sleep due to hypoglycaemia.

I'd better see a gastro enterologist I guess. I'm not looking forward to having an exam, because I already had one last fall, and that was not pleasant at all. But if it needs to be done, I'll do it. I hope it won't be an ulcer. I'll cut back on soda pop and coffee to start with. Not that I have that much, but maybe it will help? And I'd better stop eating bread again as well, because bread doesn't do me any good. I hope to get a doctor's appointment somewhere soon..

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I heard so much about the new TV show M!LF, that I persuaded myself to watch it. I should've known better.. M!LF stands for Man Liberation Front. Times have changed quite a bit for men in the last 50 years. They believe it's about time to stand up for themselves and become REAL men again. If I may believe M!LF, real men burp, fart, scratch their private parts, think about sex every other second,.. The people behind M!LF urge other men to liberate themselves from the demands of their wives. They are convinced it will make their life better! I dare them.. really.. if they think their wife will love their new appearance and attitude, I can guarantee them: they won't! Oh please! Who would voluntarily want a burping, beer drinking man, sunken down on the couch after dinner, leaving the dishes to their wife? Exactly..

According to M!LF, women should not ask their husbands to do fun activities with them. Because they hate it! Do men and women even belong together?? I'm not sure any more, after having watched several episodes of this circus.. Time will tell I guess. I'm glad Hubby is not an M!LF man. He'd better not try to be one either..

As good as it gets

It's your birthday today. This year, a 40 will appear on your birthday cake. You don't look 40, on the contrary. You look young and well kept and you take good care of yourself. Life hasn't been easy on you and especially the last couple of years were hard for you. In the beginning of this month, your dad passed away and that has changed your life a great deal. But I know you: you will cope. It will be tough at times, but you're pretty good at straightening your shoulders. You will keep going and you will do what people expect you to do. Because that's typically you.. what else can you do, right? I'm proud of you, for hanging in and for dealing with all the difficulties in your life.

Have a very happy birthday. May this year bring you some joy and happiness and may you keep good memories of your beloved father.. I'm thinking of you.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Remote control

Have you ever paid attention to people pushing the buttons on their remote control harder, once the batteries have almost died? That is just so funny! I admit, I do it too. Like it would help..

Over the years, we have become lazier. There are remote controls for almost any appliance in the house/car. I only use the remote of the TV. That's plenty. Oh, that wouldn't be true. We also use the remote of the gas fire under the TV. There's not even another way to make it work.

We have two remote controls of the TV. The spare one is usually in a drawer somewhere. One day, one of the girls - can't remember which one - found that second remote and she decided to prank a joke. So her dad was watching the news, holding the remote control in his hand. Our daughter had the spare remote besides her. She would change channels without being noticed. Her father had no idea how that happened! So he used his remote again, to go back to the news channel. And of course, she did it again.. and again.. until he found out... I love it, when they prank jokes. Especially with their dad. He's the perfect victim.

Daddy Long Legs

They seem to be everywhere nowadays. Behind door posts, in the bathroom, under the couch. I hate spiders! Doesn't matter how big, fat or black they are: I just don't like them at all! They don't scare me, but I find them icky. They run sideways and they always appear when you least expect them.

Sometimes, I compare our whippets to spiders, because of their long legs. But they only have four, not eight. So that's a huge difference. And whippets don't walk sideways, nor do they climb walls. I'm glad we no longer have a basement. I would never enter that basement, because it was the perfect climate for spiders.

Some people vacuum spiders, but I would never do that. What if they survive? Just the thought of them living there, inside the dust bag. Ieuw! I don't smash them either. I like to flush them down the drain, especially if I find one in my bath tub. I rinse them down with hot water and then I close the drain, so they can't crawl back into the tub. That way, I'm sure they are gone.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


I must have watched this video a zillion times. It's still great. This little boy stole my heart. I feel sorry for him. He's really concerned about baby's health and he's trying hard to let his daddy understand how serious it is. Poor thing..

Sans dire un mot

We don't have to speak to understand one another. We are all experiencing the same thing. We know what it feels like if our sugars play games with us. Lows and highs, thirst and extreme hunger. It's interesting to see, how we cling whenever we meet. New members are always welcomed into our diabetes family. It doesn't matter how old you are, what type of diabetes you have or if you are talkative or not. We accept all of you. Just because of that one factor we have in common.

Yesterday's meeting wasn't any different. A couple of new members showed up. It took us no longer than 15 min to get acquainted and pretty soon, we were all smiles. It's always nice to meet up every now and then, even though we talk on our diabetes forum on a daily basis.

I would like to thank the host of yesterday's meeting. He did a great job organizing the day and welcoming us. He's still young, but a good guy. Thanks for everybody who came all the way from the distant Limburg.. I know it's far, because I have attended meetings over there as well.

Next week, we're going to visit one of our members, who has cancer. We're looking forward to seeing him and his family.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Everything is shipshape

This week, I had the opportunity to babysit our nephew. He's going to be 10 soon and he's a real joy and full of life. Hubby was asked to be his godfather, so he is just that little extra to us. He's a cool kid and he looks great. Pretty smart for his age as well and very sociable. I like him!

So I got to look after him. Not that there was much to do, because he's very independent. Inthe joined me as a surprise and he was very happy to see her. They cuddled on the couch and Kid promised her a treat if she would sit down for him. Which she did, of course. She's a whippet after all and always in for a treat. She laid down on top of you on the couch to take a nap. You're real gentle with her and she loves to lick you. Ugh.. I hope she will stop doing that one day..

Kid's mom texted me to see how we were doing. As expected, things were shipshape and Kid went to bed at his regular bedtime. No probs! I hope he will come visit us during Easter break. It would be great to do some cooking/baking together.


It is pretty common for teenagers to squabble about the littlest details. It may be about their allowance, bed time, curfews, clothes. There's always something to nag about. I bet we did the same thing many many years ago. Because that's just what makes teenagers teenagers. They like to be rebellious and they can't wait to say black when you mean white. But that's okay. I have no problems with that. Now it is their time to find out who they are and what they want in life. They'd better be a rebel now, then when they have a household of their own, so I'm not going to keep them from being true adolescents..

It's just that the squabbling gets on my nerves every now and then. It's good to hear though, that even our girls think they are crossing the line at a certain point. They do know when to stop, but sometimes, it's stronger than themselves and they blur it out anyway. So I forgive them. I don't hold it against them for months and months in a row. I get over it pretty fast and so do they. After all, we all make mistakes, don't we?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Beating the odds

My story starts in 1945 with the diagnosis of my diabetes. My successes and failures along the way are explored for the 64 years I have been a diabetic. Many people in diabetes support groups online have found my story to be very inspirational, and it has given them hope for their future. It is my desire to provide inspiration and hope to all who read this book.

That's the message Richard A Vaughn is telling us. I got acquainted with Richard through a couple of years ago. He's such a great sport and always in to help out others. He has a lifetime experience when it comes to diabetes and there is so much wisdom to share. So yes, I was thrilled when he finally got to publish his notes. I ordered it right away and I had a hard time putting it down. Once you dig in to the book, you want to finish reading it. Richard has an intense personality and a writing skill to enjoy.

Richard, I hope your book will sell well, so you will reach out to so many fellow diabetics all around the world. Great job!

Chicken run

All the way back in the yard, we have 4 chickens in a pen. They have been there for ages and they give us eggs in return for food. Every now and then, hubby has to make sure to clip one of their wings, so they can't fly. I guess it is about time..

Rebba and Inthe were racing around the back yard. I was holding the kitchen leftover container, to go feed the chickens. The whippets love to join me all the way back there, but I never let them socialize with the poultry. Too dangerous. Both of them love the taste of poultry and I do not want to tempt them.

But now things were a little different. One hen had successfully crossed the border. She had managed to escape from her pen and she was strolling around, picking in the dirt to make the worms appear. Oh oh.. that was not a good plan. Rebba spotted her and chased her. I opened the door to the pen, and luckily, the hen found her way back in. She raced towards her fellow chickens, making a terrible noise. I slammed the door shut, just before Rebba could take a bite out of her bum. So hubby, grab those scissors. We really do not want the dogs to eat the other pets..

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Whippets on board

Have you ever seen two whippets enjoying the sun in a convertible? It's superb! They stick their nose in the air and look at all the other cars drive by. Looking in my rear view mirror, I felt the urge to give Rebba a pair of sunglasses. She would have looked stunning! Inthe was sitting in front, on the passenger seat, totally relaxed and all stretched out, like she was having a sun bath.
I totally love my dogs, wouldn't want to miss them.

We went to visit the whippet's kennel Fiefoerniek, the place where we got both our whippets from. The people behind Fiefoerniek's decided to keep one puppy out of Inthe's litter. So we had the chance to bring the two sisters back together. Her name is Ebba! Sounds like Rebba huh? She's adorable and she and Inthe look so much alike!

I hear one puppy sister moved to Assenede, another one to Zomergem. A third one went to Bruges. All of these places are nearby where we live, so I hope to run in to the sisters some day. That would be nice! They all looked pretty much the same, being brittle colored. It was good to see Mrs S. She deserves a medal for keeping all those Italian greyhounds and whippets. She has so many. Even the handicapped or crippled dogs are still welcome to stay with her. She loves them all and it doesn't matter if they are old and cancerous. She cares..

Comin' up

Many of my friends don't like to run errands. I don't know why? Is it the lack of time? Lack of inspiration? The hassle at the check out register? Having to take the kids along?

I have always liked to shop for groceries. I prefer shopping for groceries over shopping for clothes. Really. I just love to stroll around the supermarket and discover all these new things. Whenever I'm abroad, I like to enter any supermarket to see the difference between their and our cuisine. That's why I always bring home goodies from our trips.

Most of the time, I run errands in Holland. It's only like a 15 min drive and still, the Dutch have so many different things we don't have. Low carb, low fat, sugar free. Belgians are more reluctant to new things and they are more old school.

I make grocery lists on my BlackBerry during the week. When the list is long enough, I hop in the car and drive off to have a great time. Can I bring you anything?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring is in the air!

I was so happy to see the sun!!! Right away, I opened the top of my car, to go for a ride and enjoy the sunbeams on my head. What a delight.. I have longed for the sun for way too long. Thinking of my months in Portland, Oregon, where I had plenty of sun to enjoy.

I saw little purple and yellow crocusses, spread over the grass. They looked like little paper flowers, so fragile and brittle. We used to have many snowdrops in our garden, but somehow, they didn't survive. I liked to watch them grow. They didn't have much scent to them, until you picked them and put them in a little vase inside the house. Then you would notice a subtle honey scent.

In front of our town hall, yellow daffodils are peeping through on the roundabout. I have an overall spring feeling. I'm happy!

Girl's night out

Last night, I went out with a friend. We met for dinner in a small restaurant. It was nice to sit out on the deck and it was warm enough to sit there without any heating on. We had a lot to talk about. We have children of the same age and they used to be in the same classroom for a number of years. Time flies by. The children get older and so do we. It doesn't feel that way, but their age tells otherwise.

After dinner, we left the restaurant to have a couple of drinks in a nearby pub. It was fun and we had a good time, although the smoke of cigarettes in the bar killed me. My eyes were all red and stinging by the time I got home. The loud music was still pounding in my ears. On my way home, I listened to Susan Boyle and I must say: I really enjoyed her voice..

It was late when I got home. I checked my notebook and then rushed of to bed. Does that tell me I'm getting old anyway?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


A couple of weeks ago, you and your boyfriend broke up. You are not devastated, because the two of you will remain friends, being in the same class room. You're young and you will probably have some more boyfriends, before you find Mr Right Guy.

This morning, you were dressed to the nines. I asked if you were ready to go to a party? The look you gave me, was like: duh! Mini high heels, black pantyhose, short dress, mascara, fragrance.. I asked you to wear your Mary Janes instead of the heels and you were fine with that.. I guess, because you changed shoes without giving me a dirty look.

Are you in love again?? It sure looks like it. I thought this outfit was more like a party outfit, but you told me all the girls in school wear short dresses and nylons. What can I say? You sure looked pretty in it. I know what it feels like to be young. I was young once, remember? Fifteen year old girls are one barrel of hormones, looking out for the other (or the same) sex. I remember the excitement, the joy, the happiness of being a teen. How wonderful it was if someone was in love with you and you had someone to love back. The secret encounters (it didn't remain secret that long), the blushing cheeks and pounding hearts, the sweaty hands. I sure remember those days. I'm happy for my daughter that she's intelligent, loveable, sociable, pretty, sportive, .. I want her to enjoy her teenage years and her innocent young life.

It is kinda awkward though, to see your first daughter in love. She's still so vulnerable and you don't want her to get hurt. But at the same time she's a big girl. I can tell she copes well. In the old days, we really had to be inventive to spot a guy, because we were in a strict and catholic "girls only" school. It was so exciting for us to run away from school to see the boy we had fallen in love with. And all we did was hold hands.. Nowadays, 15 yo girls are more mature and informed. They will never experience the sensation of turning the world upside down to see a member of the other sex. The other sex sits right beside them in the classroom. That's a totally different experience. Boys or girls: they are all friends, no matter what gender they are.

Which method is better: the old school or a contemporary one? Time will tell, I guess.. It is good to see though, that boys and girls can communicate better than in my days. Our children can arrange outings with friends - male and female - without us nagging about it. After all, isn't that what the world looks like? I mean: men and women? What's the use in keeping them separated..

Men's Rules

I know women have many rules when it comes to men. But do men have similar rules when it comes to women??? I believe so. At least, that's what I read and I thought it was kinda funny. Although it was probably not meant to be ridiculed. Sorry guys.. but it's hilarious..

1. Breasts are made to be admired. Period.
2. Leave the toilet seat up. That's the way we like it.
3. Saturday means sports. That's as natural as the moon.
4. Shopping has nothing to do with sports. And no, we will not change our minds.
5. Crying = blackmailing
6. Say what you want to say. No need to be subtle. We don't understand subtle.
7. Headaches that last for 17 months need to be checked in the hospital.
8. If you think you are too big, it's probably because you are. So don't ask us.
9. If you know the best manner to do something, just do it. Don't ask us.
10. If you wish to say something, wait until commercial break.
11. We don't ask for travel directions. Never.
12. We know 16 colors. Not more. Peach is a fruit, not a color. Salmon is a fish..
13. We scratch because it's itching. So what!
14. If we ask you what's wrong and you deny anything is wrong, don't expect us to ask again.
15. Yes, you look great. Always. Especially if we have to leave in time.
16. Don't ask us what we are thinking about. Unless you want to talk sports, sex or cars.
17. You have plenty of clothes.
18. You have plenty of shoes.
19. I'm in shape. That's also a shape.
20. I know you will make me sleep on the couch tonight. But you know what? I don't mind. Because it's kinda like camping and we love to camp!

I must say: many men will love this list. But I also know some men who would think this list is sheer horror.. I'm glad and happy with the latter.

Monday, March 22, 2010

A broad smile

We had planned a lunch date for today. I was waiting for you with a broad smile. Because that's how I feel when I have the chance to go out with you. You didn't have that much time, because you had to be back in the office by 2 PM. But that was just right to have lunch and do some chatting.
You looked great, I loved that dress you were wearing. In combination with the necklace, it made you look real foxy and dressed up.
The restaurant was rather crowded and we were lucky to be served in time. How long ago did I get to meet you? Was that 7 years ago? I believe your oldest child was still in kindergarten. It's like I have known you for ever!

I wish you and your family have a great time in Disney this weekend. I know your kids will love it. They will need 1 zillion eyes to see all the fun stuff. Dare yourself and try at least one rollercoaster, will you?

Two more weeks, and we'll have a cookery date at my place. Looking forward to that! It's been ages since I saw your girls..

A steep hill in front of me

I have a steep hill in front of me, but with the right attitude and a little (okay, a lot of luck), I'll cross the hill somewhere in the near future. It was not the end. It's just the beginning..

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Is Alli a good ally?

There are numerous pills out there, that promise you weight loss. I have tried several and not one of them has done the job. The adds look very promising and the models they show are not even overweight. But even they need to loose weight..

There's Reductil. Or I must say: there was Reductil. Because it's no longer available. Too dangerous, the scientists claim. It was supposed to make you eat less. I tried it. I didn't eat less, since I don't eat that much to begin with.. And it's probably not a surprise that I didn't become thinner.

Acomplia is another one. Same thing here: was.. Because this weight killer is off market, because it allegedly made some suicidal. There were quite some studies about this promising diet pill though, and it was going to be the best diet pill ever. Been there, done that. Didn't do anything for me. And I'm still alive.

Xenical leaves you with terrible diarrhea if you don't cut back on your fat intake. Then what does the trick? The pill or the fact that you stopped eating fatty foods??? It didn't help me either, because I'm not a fat junk. My body doesn't cope well with greasy food.

The latest pill to help you loose weight, is Alli. For every 2 KG you loose, Alli makes you loose one KG extra. At least, that's what they say. There's only one problem: as soon as you stop taking the pill, it makes your weight go up again. So what's the use?? You can't take pills all your life, can you? This Alli pill may be compared to Xenical. The only difference is, that Xenical comes with prescription and Alli is over the counter. Alli contains half the dose of Xenical. So if you take two instead of one, you have taken the dose that is only available on doctor's prescription. Hello???

The best thing for now, is to move on. Keep eating healthy. Buy bigger clothes sizes. Cope with it. The only certainty I have, is that I won't loose any weight the traditional way. On the contrary.. Years of dieting are taking its toll.

Only one day

Someone asked me what I would do, if I could be diabetes free for one day.. I really had to think about that. Do I lead a different life since diagnosis? What do I miss and do I really miss out on things? I'm not sure. Life has become a little more complicated, because I need to think about action - reaction all the time. I can never put anything in my mouth without wondering what it will do to my blood sugars. But how could I change not thinking about that if I were diabetes free for one day? I guess I would still think: If I had diabetes, I would have to weigh that particular food and count carbs, so my mind wouldn't be free after all. Even if I didn't have to weigh and count carbs, I would still think of it, because it's become part of my life and I'm so used to it.

What would I do differently? I don't know. Honestly. I don't feel like there are things I can't do because of my condition. I probably wouldn't be that overweight if it weren't for D. But then again: what difference would that make on just one diabetes free day?

Would I be happy if a cure would be found to get rid of diabetes? Absolutely! Especially for the children out there, who should be leading a guilt free and careless life. They shouldn't have to worry about getting their insulin shots in time. They shouldn't have to worry about lows in the playground and hypers in school. I have fully accepted the fact that I have D, but I wouldn't mind getting rid of it. Not because of D itself, but because of the complications it may bring and because of the impact it has on family life..

Saturday, March 20, 2010

You can make a difference

I'm really puzzled. Many couples amongst my friends have divorced or separated. Some couples I would agree they'd better separate. If they have done everything they could to make their relationship work and there's still no improvement, it's better to call it a quit. If only things were that easy..

My heart bleeds when I hear the story of separated parents or parents in the midst of breaking up. How they no longer grant the happiness of their former spouse. How they badmouth their ex. How they refuse to see the children, just to get back at her. How she steals away his right to see the children, because she wants to make him pay for cheating on her.. It's sad. It really is. Because in the end, it leaves all people involved with an overall unhappy and frustrated life.

Why is it so hard for people to move on, once they have split up? What's the use in making the other's life so troubled? Does it bring the other back? Not at all. Does it make them feel better to take revenge? I don't think so. Maybe temporarily. Is it hurt ego? Probably. But then why is it mostly the man, who decided to leave his wife, who can't cope with the final decision of being separated? Why can't those men let go, so both of them can start a new life?

People say I would speak otherwise if I were in their shoes. That's possible. I'm glad I'm not in their shoes. We can't predict the future and the "until death do us part" - wedding vows are words I never believed in. We never know what is going to happen or what could come between us. If there are no children involved, things may be easier. My heart goes out to the children of a broken home. Especially those, who have parents that could care less if the other gets hurt or sick. After all, the child is still the product of both these parents. It's not their fault that they look after mom or dad. Imagine hearing on a daily basis what a drag your mom is or what a cheat your father is.. It's so damaging..

It's heartbreaking that people, who once loved each other deeply, are now ready to emotionally and/or financially bankrupt the other half. Refusing to pay child support is only to get even with their former partner. It's not the children's fault, so why pretending they are no longer yours? Take it or leave it, but even after separating, the children will always be your children. Even if they get stepparents. You will have to trust that stepparent with your child, so you'd better come to terms with them. Scolding the new partner in front of the kids and then sending your kids over there to spend the weekend, is not very exciting for your children. After all, they will spend quite some time in that new household. The separation of their parents is traumatic enough. Don't give them a new trauma by undermining the position of the plusmom/dad. After all, weren't you happy your partner got out of your life? Then you should embrace his new partner for having him and wish her all the luck.

Reach out and touch

Godparents. They come into our lives as special people. In the old days, it was real common to pick your own parents/parents-in-law as godparents for your children. Nowadays, people pick whoever they want to godparent their child.

Now what's so special about being a godparent? Do you remember the real meaning of a godparent? Originally, a godparent was someone who agreed to help raise the child and help them become a good member of the religion. They may also have taken over as parent to the child if both its real parents died. Today, the role of godparent is not often a formal one and has no real responsibility to the child.

I still believe godparents can play a significant role in the child's life. For example, our oldest daughter has a wonderful and warm godmother. She adores her and the feeling is mutual. They often contact each other by sending text messages back and forth and sometimes they surprise one another with a small gift or an unexpected post card. Her godmother is very peculiar about sending her birthday cards. She would never forget her. Whenever our daughter has a school report, she tells her godmother about her school results. They sure have a special bond.

Our second daughter is more fortunate, in that manner, that her godmother lives closer to us than her sister's. That's because her godmother is also her grandmother. Grandma has 9 grandchildren, but her godchildren are just that teeny weeny different to her. Eva likes to spend time with her godmother and she loves her very much. As I said: godparents are different and special and they are a gift. You need to deserve that gift and cherish the fact you are a godparent.

Hubby is the godfather of his sister's son. The older the boy gets, the closer he and his godfather are becoming. He has reached the age where they can relate to one another. It is a unique opportunity to love a child in a special way. It's not about money.. It's about the little things in life. It's about love and caring for each other. It's about being special to this one particular person..

Friday, March 19, 2010

Love and peace

The two of you were nearly born on the same day. Only a couple of hours after our oldest daughter was born, you came into this world. You were the second grandchild of the inlaws and they were so happy, to have a granddaughter and a grandson in two days time!

You and Lana saw a whole lot of each other in your first year on our planet. We used to live in the same town, even in the same street. So we met pretty often, to let the two of you play together. Did anybody tell you how frustrated our daughter was, when you found out how to crawl? She was devastated and she was rocking back and forth, while you had the chance to explore the whole house. And then, the two of you got into a fight.. You would grab wooden blocks and hit your cousin in the face. Ouch!! That hurt! I'm glad the two of you have grown up now. Isn't it great to see how well you get along? You text each other once in a while and we meet up at grandma's place every other week. Cool!

Have a very happy 15th birthday! You rock!

Daddy Cool

Now is he a cool dad or what? The way he fools around with this little one, is just so hilarious it breaks my heart. Look at the face of the baby, waiting for its daddy to make it laugh. It's so funny! What an adorable twosome..

daddy cool

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Have I got what it takes?

You no longer need to doubt: YES! you have got what it takes!!! People around you were convinced you have got what it takes, long before you did. But today there's no longer a reason to think you wouldn't be adequate for the job. That's why they promoted you hubby. You deserved it, more than anything. You have worked real hard to get this promotion and see: your hard work paid off. For several years, you have given the best of yourself at work. Always present. Not afraid to work hard. Colleagues can ask you anything: you will help them if you can. Training other colleagues, taking over shifts, staying late: you did it all. And now you are being rewarded for your input and efforts and hard work. They chose the right man. They won't regret it. Congratulations!

All good things come in threes

You were only 5, when you started to read and write. Still in kindergarten and so eager to learn. You couldn't wait to go to elementary school. Always looking for new books to read. You were a cute little girl and very articulate for your age. And then all of a sudden, you were 10. I think the year you became 10, was one of the best school years in elementary school. Your class went away on a field trip for a whole week, sleeping over and all. The teacher adored you and you were a very good student. Always good grades without much effort.

Today you have become 15.. I can't believe you are already 15.. You were just so tiny when you came into this world. You screamed your lungs out. That was the day you were born. You never cried much in the years to come. Oh believe me, you are sensitive, let's say high sensitive. You don't like it when people get mad at you. It makes you cry. Getting emotional after having seen something moving on TV, is not uncommon for you. But you never cried like other children did: to get their way. That's not you. You were never a nag or a pain in the neck. You still aren't.

Happy Birthday my sweetie. I love you very much xx

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Are you a cocooner? Do you like your blanky when you are watching TV at night? I do! And so do our children. We all like to cuddle up on the couch and we always fight over blankets and who gets which one. We have several blankets, but not one of them is like the comforter I saw on this website. It's made out of the best fleece fabric ever. It has sleeves, a hood and even a scarf for the coldest winter nights ever!!! And believe me, we've had some real cold nights so far!
This is not just a blanket. You can make the blanket shorter or longer. Shorter, if you need to get up and walk around, so you won't trip over it. Stuff that bag of crisps in the front pocket on your way back to the TV room. Once you have found the best spot on the couch, make the cocosy longer, so it can keep your feet warm. And if you're ready to go to bed, just fold your cocosy and put it back into it's holder, to turn it into a nice cushion.

The cocosy was designed by a young Flemish woman. I think she's done a great job. I know I would like one! Maybe I should put it on my wish list. Just in case.

In loco parentis

You are having a real hard time. So hard, you can't think straight anymore. I know life's not been easy on you and the worst is yet to come. Not being with the person you love the most, is heart wrecking and devastating. I'm not going to say I know what it feels like, because I don't. But no doubt you are desperate and suffering.

There's a possibility that the two of you will not be reunited the way you want it to be. You are not prepared to give in, under no circumstances. You have set your goals and your terms and according to you, there are no other options. I understand, because it's against your belief in motherhood. But can't you make the best of it and choose an option that is as close to your wishes as possible? The clock is ticking, May is getting closer. You don't have much time left and you are scaring away the people around you. You no longer wish for me to come or help you. That's your choice and your absolute right. But if it will help you? I doubt it.. Too bad you can't trust the people that care.. Life isn't fair. Nobody said it was. But we have to make the best of it. Even if that means softening the edges and being less sharp.

You were given a very good solution. A durable, trustworthy solution. If I were you, I would gladly embrace that option with open arms. But I'm not you and you're not me. I haven't gone through your ordeal and I don't have your disease. I'm just an outsider. But I care. You may say I don't, but deep down, you know real well I have supported you the best I could. I wish you all the best..

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Looking for bargains

Being out on the streets, looking for bargains, my fingers are hurting. Little cuts from the plastic bags I have been holding for way too many hours, while marching from shop to shop. Two grocery bags in one hand, three bags in the other. And then my phone rings. I have to put everything down on the sidewalk, so I can pick up my phone. Shoot! a jar of strawberry jelly rolls out of one bag and shatters on the street. Great.. I was too late answering the call anyway. So I pick up my bags again, to continue my walk towards the parking lot. My nose is itching and it feels like I will have to sneeze! I put down the plastic bags again, to look for my handkerchief. That's when I remember seeing this online advertisement, on the Yoke Shopper. That's exactly what I need! A gadget to hold my bags for me, so they won't cut my fingers any longer. It comes with a strap so you can shop handsfree. Too bad I had not bought it earlier. Can't wait for it to arrive! It is so magnificent to shop online for great gadgets!

Picture perfect

Photo by Lana Joos
You are a wonderful girl. I love your smile and your cheerful character. You have so many friends and they miss you whenever you are not around. This picture was taken in Morocco last summer and it is so typically you, that's why I have chosen it. Happy as a young filly in a fresh green meadow..

You are very wise. A good quality of yours, is that you always fight for justice. You are loved by your friends and picking at people is not your thing. You accept people for who they are and you see good qualities in every person you meet. You are special. Have I told you that lately?

Just last month, you turned 13 and that changed you. Biting your nails is no longer an option. You like to polish them now and you put on fragrance after taking your daily shower. My little girl has turned into a young lady..

Monday, March 15, 2010

Et maintenant?

We just had a great conversation on the phone. We talked for over more than an hour. It's been a while since I last saw you, so we had to catch up. You're 75 now, but still very alive and kicking. By the tone of your voice, I can say how happy you are. You are a special lady. Life hasn't been easy on you. You raised your children by yourself and you even raised your grandchildren. Nowadays, you have two greatgrandchildren and they are as welcome as you welcomed your own kids. You are a terrific mami!

I hope to see you some day soon. I would like to introduce Rebba and Inthe to you. You have some affection when it comes to whippets, since your son owned one for many years. You're looking forward to seeing mine.

Just like me, you're a diabetic. You're a type 2 and I'm a type 1, but that doesn't matter. You are well educated on the subject and you know what you are talking about. I smiled when you told me you are still in to gymnastics and you work out on a daily basis. What an example! Your family is very lucky to have you. I'm lucky to have you. Our family is not the best family around, but you and I get along pretty well. I guess we think alike a lot and we live our life to the fullest. Thank you auntie, for being there for me.

Kitchen gadgets

Don't you just love kitchen gadgets? I'm always looking out for new gadgets to use in the kitchen. The latest one I bought, was a decorating knife. You can use it to cut veggies in a special way. Make little waffles out of potatoes, cucumber, carrots, red beets, radishes, horseradish, zucchini. Your salad will look totally different with these shaped crudités. It took me several months to find this special knife, and all that time, it was just sitting in a cook shop in Bruges. I pass that shop on a weekly basis, when I'm in Bruges to pick up my youngest daughter. I was afraid to enter the shop, because I know there will be so many things I would want to buy.

I also bought some silicon covers. They can be pulled over an open tin (think cat food, dog food), to keep the contents moist and to prevent these flavors from ruining the rest of the fridge.

So if you have a special kitchen gadget and you want to share that with me, you know where to find me!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

What's cooking?

I had a blast with the girls. We decided to make lunch together. Both girls help out quite often in the kitchen and they can already make quite some meals by themselves. They just pick out one of the many cookery books (in Dutch or English - doesn't matter), look for a good recipe and they start to cook. This time, we had minced meat, boiled eggs and mushrooms in the fridge. So we decided to make a dish we call "bird's nests". You wrap minced meat around the (peeled) boiled eggs and you deep fry them. They come with a creamy tomato-mushroom-madera sauce we call "schildpadsaus" and mashed potatoes. The kids did great. Each one had their tasks: the youngest one (she's 13) made the mash. She's pretty good at it and she loves to season and taste. The older sister (15) made the sauce. She's very precise in whatever she does and that also goes for cooking: measuring her ingredients to the gram, resulting in a delicious sauce. I was in charge of the bird's nests: that's what I like to do.

It took us no longer than a good 15 min to finish the dish and sit down at the table to enjoy it. I love these moments with the girls. Great teamwork!

There's a place for us

I met the owner of the place - Café Parti in Ghent - , a couple of months ago. After having lunch in his restaurant, my friends and I were excited about the cooking skills of this man. Excellent food, great cooking methods and good staff! are three qualities of this restaurant.

So I sent them feedback and told them about people with diabetes. The man was interested right away and he called me to make an appointment. And we did. We talked about food, about diabetes and a healthy lifestyle. He was excited and so was I! It doesn't happen that often over here, that restaurant owners meet with their customers to discuss the menu. But that's what this man did. He listened to the needs of diabetics. He heard about carbohydrates and how they affect our blood sugar. He suggested to adapt his menu and become a carbohydrate-aware restaurant.

I would say: go visit the place! Have lunch, sit down for dinner. Enjoy the excellent dishes and service. I'm a fan!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Good girl!!

You went to puppy class.. I can't believe I took you there.. But it's supposed to be good for you. You are a fierce and energetic puppy and some discipline will do you good. There were 15 puppies in total and thus, the class was divided. There were 6 puppies left in your class: Ivory, Lady, Zara, Jana, Aico and you. And I must say: you did pretty good for your first lesson. You had to sit, lay down, walk on the leash, step over several items and walk through a curtain of plastic tubes. You didn't like the last one at all, and they told me not to force you. So I didn't.

Too bad they forgot to tell me puppy school is outside. It was 7:00 PM, dark and I was freezing my butt off..! And so were you!! All shivery and cold. They also forgot to tell me to bring your favorite toy and some goodies. Shoot.. We'll have to do better next time. Maybe I shouldn't wear high heels either, because that is not the best footwear to walk in the meadow..

Keep your cool

You sure scared the hell out of me! Darn! I guess the neighbors overheard me scream!

I had my hands full of items I wanted to put away in the pantry. I must say, our pantry has 3 huge sliding doors, hiding the pantry as well as the freezer, washer and dryer. Not all of us close the sliding doors after use and I hate it when that happens. So whenever I enter the hallway and I see an open door, I shut it.

As I said, I was going to put away some stuff in the pantry. I used my foot to open the sliding door and a loud scream came out of my mouth!
I dropped the tins and containers I was carrying. You scared me, Arthur! What where you thinking, when you crawled into the pantry, to find a new sleeping spot? You liked that huh? Were you hiding from the whippets? Or were you looking for goodies? You seemed very relaxed and you stretched your legs to come out of the closet.. That was not good for my heart you know..

Friday, March 12, 2010

A teardrop in my throat

I found it pretty emotional, when I got the first copy of my book in the mail today. It's just how I wanted it and I'm very happy with it. It is rather strange to read your own blog posts in a book. I know what I'm going to do tonight! Do you know how proud it makes me feel, to have accomplished this? I have wanted to make a book for many many years, but I never knew how to start or what to write about. Having my blog posts printed, is an achievement for me. It will be nice for my children, when they are old enough to read it. Got to go! Have some reading to do.

Morning after dark

Do not look back
and grieve over the past,
for it has gone..

Do not be troubled
about the future,
for it has yet to come..

Live in the present
and make it so beautiful
that it will be worth remembering..

Thursday, March 11, 2010

We forget what we know

The more we learn
The more we know
The more we know
The more we forget
The more we forget
The less we know..

why learn any longer?

I have written these lines on the school board, many many years ago. My math teacher didn't like me for not being a good math student. We were learning about logic thinking. I thought my lines were pretty logical. Is it a surprise to you that she didn't feel the same? Detention.. was her answer, and my school report said 19%..

Believe in life

Life's good. Really. There are ups and downs, and sometimes disappointments, but nevertheless, it's good to be alive. Waking up in the morning, holding my puppy in my arms and seeing her bright eyes sparkle, gives me the energy to hop out of bed (forget it, I don't hop out of my bed - it's more like crawling) and get going. I see the first sun beams, letting me know Spring is on its way to brighten our life. I need the sun badly. Days have been too short and too dark for way too long. Spring is my most favorite season, when the heads of the daffodils start showing their colors. People react differently when the sun's out. They appear to be more joyful and pleasant. I'm one of them. I will be glad to leave Winter behind and head towards warmer weather.

There is no life without death. Unfortunately you may think, but that's the way it is. We cannot be born without having to die. It's the circle of life. Death is still a subject many people try to ignore or not think about. But it is as much part of life as birth. Death doesn't necessarily have to be a sad event. To some, it means the start of a new life in a different environment. I think we live multiple lives at the same time. Is there another life after we die? I don't know. I don't need to know, because I live now. This is the life that matters to me. It's the only life we are certain to live. So why not make the most of it?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Being sick is one of the biggest joys in life, taken that you aren't too sick and you don't need to go back to work before you're better... That's what a friend told me, after she found out that I'm not feeling well. I have been sick to my stomach for two days now. Terrible headache, no appetite. Just thinking of food makes my stomach twirl. I fill a small bucket for 1/3 with soapy water and put it aside the couch. Just in case. I can't throw up in the toilet. Just the thought of it.. ugh. So I need that bucket to get me through this ordeal. The smell of the soapy water makes it more bearable. Yesterday was really bad. I couldn't even hold fluids in my body. Both the whippets kept me company on the couch, fighting for the best spot beside me. They kept me warm. It was like they knew I wasn't feeling well and they tried to comfort me.

My glucose levels are on a roller coaster. For several days I have had 400 region numbers and at night too many lows. Maybe that's the reason why my body is so upset?

I think I will have the chance to watch some DVD's I have wanted to see for a long time. Spending the day in pyjamas isn't so bad after all..

A child strapped to my leg

Neither one of our children were clingy. We have raised them to be independent children with good self esteem. They don't always need their parents around to help them out. They are 15 and 13 now, and they do real well. They have learned how to take a shower at a young age, cook simple meals, iron their clothes or do the laundry, vacuum the house, change the covers on their beds.

Some people decide they do not want to have kids. They are afraid the child will be strapped to their legs and they will loose their freedom. I don't have the idea that I lost my freedom because of my children. On the contrary, my children have brought so much joy and wealth into my life, that I'm so lucky and happy to have them. They are a true gift.

Of course there are times that I would want to hide them in a drawer or leave them with my inlaws for a couple of days. But those days are rare.
If I see the neat and fragile interior of a friend's house, I envy him for not having children. Imagine two kids on a white leather couch.. Think greasy finger prints on expensive wallpaper. Sticky pieces of jelly sandwiches crumbled on the seats of your fancy car. It just wouldn't be right. That's an advantage of not having children, although your heart is big enough to have them. I'm sure you would be a wonderful dad. It is more realistic to have this kind of life, without children.

I'm very happy with my girls. I wouldn't want to miss them. Just thinking something might happen to them, would make my heart stop. I couldn't imagine a life without them. Even if the both of them argue. Because that's what sisters do. I love to go out and socialize, but I'm as happy to come home and cuddle my children and respect them for who they are..

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I did my best

HbA1c is what my doctor tends to say when I visit him: let's talk about your latest HbA1c.
It is the average blood glucose of the last 6 weeks. For diabetics, the number is supposed to be below 7%. Some diabetics get there, some have many difficulties getting there and others will never get there. Does that mean they don't take care of themselves or their diabetes? Sometimes.. Others take real good care, but have some things against them.

For 6 years, I have struggled to reach that number 7. I haven't reached it yet, but I'm getting closer. For the last 1.5 years, I haven't had numbers higher than 8% and I'm very proud of that.
I have to put so much effort in getting a decent number. But don't we all? I'm glad it's my responsibility, not somebody elses. Imagine it's your child that's been diagnosed with diabetes and you are responsible for its management. Of course you want to do the best you can, but some circumstances may make things more complicated and you end up with higher numbers than expected or wanted. Not something to scream of the roof tops, is it?

I got my latest HbA1c this week: 7.2%. I'm very happy with it. I'm getting there. Step by step.

Life as we know it

It's not about syringes, or pricking your fingers or having an insulin pump attached to your body. That's not the hardest part. I have come to terms with counting carbs and having to drag along all the supplies whenever I leave the house. There's more to it. Think job interviews.. Do you tell your possibly new employer that you are a diabetic? When do you tell your colleagues? Can one refuse you the job, because of your medical condition?
I'm pretty open about my diabetes. People around me know I carry an insulin pump and I try to teach them about diabetes, hyperglycaemia and hypos. Do they understand? Probably not. Do they care? I don't know, some will and others won't. It is pretty difficult to grasp it, if it's not part of your life. It is my life though, and it's the life I know.
Diabetes doesn't come in handy, if your car is stuffed with children and you feel your blood sugars drop. That's when you curse the whole thing. It's no joy if you cannot go to work, because your body is sick because you had ketones the night before. We have to prove ourselves even more than other co-workers, because just once too often, your employer is afraid you will be an extra cost for him. They are not looking forward to having an employee that needs doctor's visits every now and then. Ever had a hypo while talking on the phone with an important client? Do you think they will realize what you are going through, no longer finding your words and getting all sweaty and shaky and confused? If you're lucky, you will have a colleague take over. Of course you work overtime without hesitation, because you were out half an hour, due to a severe hypo.. Does that go for your colleague as well, who calls her mother for half an hour twice a day, in between meetings and business calls? No, because that is accepted on the work floor.. hypos aren't..

One day, your diabetes management is great. The next day, it can be the complete opposite. Diabetes is very unpredictable. You never know in advance what your sugars will do. You learn new things about your body on a daily basis. I remember my diagnosis and the thoughts I had that day: okay, I have diabetes. I'll take my insulin and in no time, I'll have great management! Not.. That was a true disillusion.. I had to learn to be less perfectionist overnight..

It's not always drama, luckily. I'm a pretty normal person, you know. Nobody can tell I have diabetes. I have my pump in my pocket or way back in my bra. There are no outer signs. It's not written on my forehead. It's just part of me. Me and my diabetes..

Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm a major weeper

Watching the documentary on Mogilino, an orphanage in Bulgary, I realized how lucky our children are to have parents that take care of them. It was heart breaking to hear the stories of the orphans at Mogilino. Many children were abandoned by their parents and dropped at the institution, undiagnosed. They were not being educated. They were fed like people feed geese: spoon after spoon after spoon, without letting the children have the chance to swallow. Many children spent hour after hour on their potty, just sitting there, rocking back and forth. Waiting for someone to come release them out of their miserable life. They never knew when they were going to get hit again. They never learned how to speak, read, write. They were deprived from any warmth or love. Left on their own, without anyone who cared..

Some of these children were mentally sane when they entered the orphanage. Being treated the way they were, many of them lost their mind and couldn't cope any longer. But what was the alternative? They had terrible bed sores, some even had gangreen.. It won't come as a surprise that a great deal of these children end up on the cemetery before they reach the age of ten. And if they don't, they continue to live the life of the deceased..

The reporter that made the documentary, often tried to make contact with the children. They were not used to being touched and cared for. Many of them backed off as soon as the reporter tried to hold them or cuddle them. It was devastating.. absolutely devastating. Some of the people in charge, abused the orphans in so many ways. These children, some blind, mentally disabled and other mute, had no means to defend themselves. They could only cry without being heard and go on the way they have gone all their childhood.
The young girls were lead to the showers naked, like cattle being drifted towards the meadows. Supervised by male care takers.. Just so wrong.. so terribly wrong. This is not an underdeveloped country! Bulgaria is part of the EU and nevertheless, this is still happening.

One out of 50 Bulgarian children spend their childhood in this kind of institution. It shouldn't be like this...

Be prepared to see shocking images.. open your heart to these children.. They deserve better, a whole lot better..

My choice

I'm not a convinced meat eater. I could do without. It's not that I don't like the taste of it, it's just not something I need. Some types of meat are more appealing to me than other. Talk steak. I love steak! I like my steak walking around the farm yard, if you know what I mean. Rare, not cooked any longer. Well seasoned, hot griddle. Gently pat the steak in the sizzling butter, swirl it around a little, turn it over, swirl it around on that side and serve! So far for beef. Or not, because I also adore beef carpaccio. Under the condition it is absolutely fresh and no olive oil has spoilt it. Just the paper thin slices of beef and some slivers of fresh parmesan, a dash of pepper and salt and some ripped basil. Oh my gosh... that is just so delicious!

How about chicken? I used to like chicken. I still like the taste of it, but my gastroparesis thinks big no-no. The texture of a chicken breast is not acceptable for my intestines. It's pretty hard to digest these fibres, making me taste the chicken fillet all day. And the chicken fillet is the only piece of the chicken I like.

Veal is too dry. Lamb I don't like. Then there is pork. Our family used to eat a lot of pork: sausages, burgers, pork chops, meatballs, meatloaf, minced meat,.. The day I realized how much pork we ate a month, I started making monthly menus. This to make ourselves aware of the way we feed our bodies. I never ever want to eat that much pork again. We now eat it like once a week.

Conclusion: I prefer fish over meat. Any kind of fish. There's no fat on fish, no nasty tendons and fish is healthier than meat. You can always make me happy with any type of fish or seafood.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Family Memories

Yesterday, we spent a very relaxing but at the same time exciting day with our friends. It's always a pleasure to meet up with them. Over the last ten years, we have had the opportunity to get to meet them. It started out with two brothers and the mom. One brother was added to the company a couple of years ago and just a couple of months ago, we got to meet a fourth one. What a great family..

In 2007, when they were over in the States to visit their brother and his family, a video was shot to surprise mom for Mother's Day. It was moving to see how mom and sons get along and cherish one another. The American brother said a remarkable line: "Many people are embarrassed about their parents... We are not. In fact, our mother is so intelligent, interesting, articulate and special, that we even introduce her to our own friends..." That is so special and it's true.. She's a remarkable lady.

She welcomed us in her home, and let us enjoy her excellent cooking skills. No wonder her sons still love to come home for lunch or dinner. It must be wonderful to have such a warm family, where you always feel welcome and accepted. They get along so well, even after all of those years together. I felt privileged to be invited into their home again and enjoy the family memories. And do they have memories all right! I have never seen so many pictures, I have never heard so many family stories and I have never before enjoyed TV-moments of a family like this. Their mom wanted to have a daughter, but got 6 sons instead. Sons she hasn't regretted at all. She's so proud of her children and they worship their mother. It was moving to be there and a little overwhelming to see the video on their mother.. She's a lucky woman and they are fortunate to be born in such a loving family..

Thank you my friends.. it was a true privilege and pleasure to spend another wonderful day together. Looking forward to our next meeting.. xx

Deo Dorant

I remember this girl in college. She must have suffered from hyperhidrosis, definitely. But in those days, we had never heard from that condition. We only knew that we didn't enjoy the sweaty smell that overwhelmed our class room. It came to the point, that a friend of mine couldn't take it any longer. She went up to that girl and asked her, if she knew Deo Dorant? The girl was puzzled and we could see her mind spin. She had to nod, for not knowing who Deo Dorant was.. That's what I thought, my friend said, and she handed her a bottle of deodorant..

I can't remember whether she started using it or not. But a couple of years later, I found out she had multiple sclerosis. And I'm still ashamed about that Deo Dorant moment..

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Where do I start?

I did it! I ordered a first copy of my blog... I'm so excited and I can hardly wait for it to get here. I had to order it in the US and it will take a couple of weeks before I will be able to hold it. It's great to write on the Internet, but the thought of having your blogs in a book is just this little extra. I love to write and I love to read. The combination of both is super! It will have all my previous blogs up until 31 December 2009. It will be documented with pictures as well.

It will be my first book and I'm pretty proud of it. It will get a special place in my book case and I'm sure it won't be the last book written by my hand. I'm looking forward to writing many more!
Keep inspiring me and keep reading. That's what keeps me going.

Let's do some living after we die

I used to be catholic. My parent's choice, not mine. I don't go to church and neither do I believe in any God or religion. I believe in life, in people, in friendship and love. That's plenty to believe in. I believe one should live his life to the fullest and not wait for paradise after death. What a waste if you live sober all your life, just because you believe in heaven and rice pudding with golden spoons.. Maybe people should create their own heaven on earth, instead of holding back and wait for their death to make them happy ever after.

Our daughters are not church minded either. But they do attend catholic schools. There's not much choice of good schools in our area that are not catholic. But those schools are different from the old catholic schools. There are no more nuns around and you don't have to go to church all the time. So the girls are fine with that. We raise our children to be good to themselves and the people around them. They know the difference between right and wrong, without any God telling them.

So is there a life after we die? I believe spirits are out there somewhere and those spirits connect in one way or another. Some spirits have difficulties to cross the border between this life and the spirit world. Some spirits want to remain in this world. I don't go to the cemetery to encounter my deceased loved ones. They are in my heart. They are no longer on the graveyard. We are the ones that keep their memory alive or not. There are some people I like to think of every now and then. They make me smile when I relive some memories. I'm not afraid of death or dying. We are not that important that we have to stay here as long as possible. The world will go around without us after all. And that's comforting. Don't think too much of yourself. Just live your life..

Friday, March 5, 2010

Don't do that

You're almost 15. The other day, I saw this show on teen moms. Some of them were even younger than you and already expecting a child.. Drama.. really.. Just imagine yourself with a growing tummy? It gives me the chills. You and I watch the show together. You tell me you would never be that stupid. You say you don't even want kids! But sometimes things don't turn out the way you want them too. These young girls didn't want to have babies, they wanted to have sex! These things happen, you know. Really. You must be aware of that, even if you're not planning on having children, or sex..

I can tell you this: we would never ever kick you out of the house if you were to become pregnant. We would still love you and cherish you and we would help you out the best we could. Because you would still be our child. You should never have to fear losing us. Please remember that. Take care of yourself sweetheart. We'll keep an eye on you.

Please step forward

Working as a volunteer is a very grateful job. In my opinion, working for free can give you as much satisfaction - or even more - as making big money. Of course, we need our pay check in order to survive in this hectic and selfish world. If only you could spend a couple of hours a week to work as a volunteer, you would know what I'm talking about.

A decade ago, I have worked full time as a volunteer in a local nursing home. It was my job to feed the elderly of my department. I helped them eat and some of them needed to be fed. I talked with them, laughed with them, sang with them, hugged them. Sometimes I played music on my flute and the residents of the home had to guess what song I was playing. They absolutely loved that game!

There were plenty of residents who had no idea who their family was. Not because they were mentally disabled. For the single reason that their family never came to visit them.. I thought that was so sad. They really suffered from not seeing their relatives. They missed their children and grandchildren. Some got visitors, around the end of the year. Just in time to come get their Christmas allowance... That's why I would take my children along, for them to cuddle and give all the love they had left.

Working as a volunteer is a special kind of work. It's a blessing. It's different. It's rewarding. Or at least, that's what it means to me, to say the least.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I'm thirsty

Shoot.. I had to detach my insulin pump for a routine check up. Stupid me, for not double checking after reattaching it. I should've known better! A couple of hours later, I was so thirsty, I could drink a gallon of water.. or two. It was right before dinner that I came home, and my blood glucose meter was still in the car. So I didn't test. I sat down right away and digged in. I was hungry!! I thought... But in fact, it was thirst that my brains were noticing. It was not till after dinner, that I finally stood up to get a drink. I checked my blood sugar on the way back from the car. Darn! 543 mg/dl... Immediately I checked the cannula on my tummy and indeed, it was not locked properly. I reattached it and consulted the bolus wizzard to know how much insulin I would need to make my levels calm down. Let's hope they will have downsized by the time I go to bed..

Whippet in the pocket

Little Inthe is too small to walk on a leash. Having her in the car while driving is a true ordeal. That's why we bought (okay, why I bought) a dog purse to keep her safe in the car. It's like a messenger bag, with that difference that it holds a dog instead of paper work. The lining of the interior is super soft and Inthe falls asleep in it right away. She likes the movement if you walk around with her. You only see the tip of her nose peek out of the kangaroo pouch (that's what it looks like). I feel safer in the car, knowing that she's buckled up in that pouch. And she doesn't mind.
I wonder when we will have to get her acquainted with a leash? Rebba doesn't want to go for a walk without her little sister. They are best mates! Rebba is getting lazy though. She hasn't been out for a walk for quite a while. She and Inthe do race around the back yard every day. You should see them enjoy themselves!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's not fair

My dear friend,

your text message came as a total surprise to me.. I had to read it several times before I could grasp it. Your daddy passed away today. All of a sudden, out of the blue. He didn't feel well, sat down and passed out. The paramedics were at the scene pretty fast, and they tried to bring him back, but it was too late.. I'm so sorry this had to happen. It's not fair.. Not your dad. The two of you got along real well and your children loved him deeply. It will be hard for your mom as well. They were a great couple and your father did the best he could to take care of your mom. He will be missed..

Hang in there, my friend. Tough times are coming up and the loss will be immense. I wish you and your beloved ones all the courage in the world. I'll light a candle for your father..

Squeeze me

I hesitated, but I bought it anyway. I just couldn't walk out the store, without buying the cheapest juice extractor ever. The Moulinex vitae Y36 juicer normally costs around 55 euros and I got it for: 2,50 euros! That's what I call a good deal. Okay, it's not new, but I'm not sure how much I will like vegetable juice. So I'll experiment and I'll see how I like it.

It's not a very sophisticated appliance, but it'll do for a beginner. I have done smoothies before, that's what I use my blender for. But this juicer is meant for squeezing juice out of vegetables and fruit. I have to count carbohydrates because I'm a diabetic. Fresh fruit juices contain a whole lot of carbs, so I don't drink them that often. If I could enrich the fruit juice with vegetable juice, it would contain less sugar. It would also be good for me to have more vegetables a day. I don't know what my stomach will say if it gets carrot-celery-apple juice, but I'll give it a try.

It would have been better if I had read the manual before trying out my first juice. This machine doesn't take orange peels... That tasted so.. peel-like. Ugh.

All the different parts that come in contact with food, can be washed in the dish washer. That was a must, since I'm not prepared to do much cleaning up after blending juices.

So if you have any favorite recipes, feel free to share them. This is a recipe I have tried and embraced:

* 1 medium carrot
* 1 apple
* a small piece of fresh ginger

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Giant George

Oh please, this is not what you think, you sick mind! Size doesn't matter, remember??? So why would I discuss that?

No, seriously, today we're going to talk about Giant George, a Great Dane. He's the tallest dog in the world. George weighs 245 pounds! and is 43 inches tall. Wow.. He looks gorgeous, doesn't he? Wouldn't want him in my house, no way, but he is adorable after all. He looks like a whippet, just a bit heavier and taller. LOLZ.

George is 4 years old and he has his own Queen size bed, just for him. Just imagine the amount of food he needs in a month: a little 110 pounds!!! Oh my gosh.. that must cost a fortune! He's just H.U.G.E.!

Want a puppy? Somebody? Want to take this doggie for a walk? Wouldn't want to scoop up his doodoo..

Breakfast at Avalanche

If you are planning to spend a day at the beach, you should have breakfast at Avalanche. What a delight to taste those freshly baked sweet crescent rolls and crunchy bread rolls. A glass of Prosecco and the vitamins from the freshly squeezed orange juice make your day perfect. The choice between coffee, tea and hot cocoa makes you feel comfortable once you are seated. The first part of Avalanche is where you can buy the most delicious pies and cakes. Everything is made by the owner, Peter. The tastiest cake - the specialty of the house - is a combination of chocolate mousse, crème brulée, hazelnut and praliné. You have to taste it, it's a must.

Peter had his training in Ter Groene Poorte, one of the best schools of Belgium. Peter and Annelies, his wife, welcome you from 7:00 AM to enjoy breakfast or pick up tasteful bread. You can hop in to have a quick bite around lunch time: the shrimp croquettes are delicious!

Place to be:

Kerkstraat 18
8420 Wenduine

Monday, March 1, 2010

Oh my gosh

I can't believe it!!! I got 3 tickets to go see Derek Ogilvie in Antwerp, Belgium. He's coming to our country for a show of 2,5 hours. I have been wanting to go see his show for a number of years and finally he's coming to Belgium. I'm so excited!!!! Of course my daughter Lana is going to join me. The two of us watch every show by Derek and we are really impressed by his psychic talent.

Derek Ogilvie is also called The Ghost Whisperer. He's from Scotland and he has an amazing gift. He has the ability to talk with spirits and the deceased. His audience is impressed by the accuracy by which he can describe the character of the spirits he comes in contact with. He brings messages from the dead to the people they left behind.

Derek is not always that serious. His humor is catching and he has so much positive energy surrounding his person. What an enthusiasm!

I got VIP tickets, meaning we'll have lunch before the show. A friend of mine got tickets for the evening show. Too bad I couldn't buy more tickets, because I have more friends who would love to get a ticket! And some of them really deserve to get a ticket..

Well, I'll let you know if it was worth the money! But I'm pretty sure by now it will be the event of the year!

And if you want to get hold of that third ticket, give me a call...!

I don't care anymore

I give up. What's the use.. I have been on the CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring) since October 2009 and it has been really good for me, resulting in better blood glucose reading and in understanding how my body reacts to certain foods and activities.

There's a struggle going on. The struggle between my body, my diabetes, my weight, my mind, my selfworth, my overall well being. And to be honest? I'm sick of it. I don't want to struggle anymore. I don't even want to think about it anymore. I DON'T CARE ANYMORE. At least, for now. I know it will pass. Because I have no other choice than to take care of my body. But for now, I've had it. I'm done with it. Period. So I'm returning the CGM to sender. He's free to give it to any other diabetic, who deserves this favor more than I do. He considers me a loser anyway. So be it. As I said.. I don't care anymore..