Saturday, July 31, 2010

Back in a flash!

You and your family are leaving today. For two or three weeks, you're not sure yet. It'll be a long ride, but you know your family is waiting for your arrival. Your parents will be so happy to see their grandchildren. They have to miss them for a whole year and they always look forward to your visits. Your sisters daughters will have grown so much in the last year. The youngest won't recognize you yet, but the oldest will. Your brother got married in May and it will be different to see him as a wedded man. I hope you'll have a great time! I will miss you! Don't worry about the house, I'll keep an eye on it and I'll feed the fish and water the plants. I'll be checking my mail regularly, so don't forget to email me. Two weeks are plenty..

Scar tissue

My friend recommended me a cream to take care of the scar tissue on my tummy. That may be a good idea, so I started rubbing it on yesterday. It'll help make the scars flatter and less pink. The scars are not that big or obvious, but still, I need my tummy to insert the infusion sites of my insulin pump. The less harsh scars, the better, right?

Do you think that scar cream would be good to heal mental scars as well?

Friday, July 30, 2010

Floppy ears

Your ears are supposed to lay beside your head. But yours are still standing up, little Inthe. You're 8 months old now and almost as tall as Rebba. Your pointed ears make you look like a rabbit: one up and one floppy. It makes you look kinda silly! I have no idea when your ears will grow in the right direction. I guess we'll have to be patient..

Bed & Breakfast in Belgium

There's a new TV show we like to watch. Every week, 4 different Bed & Breakfasts get the opportunity to present their concept. The owners of every B&B spend a night at the B&B of the competition. They get to choose how much they want to pay for their stay. The B&B who makes the most profit at the end of the week, wins the contest.

I really like the idea behind the show. Most B&B's have a website nowadays, but it's different if you see it on TV. My favorite so far is Tussen Kunst & Konfituur... The hosts are really nice and their place looks really inviting. I hope to go there some day, to experience their hospitality and to discover Leuven. Looking forward to that!
There was one more place that really caught my attention: Asinello in Bruges. Bruges is a wonderful city. I come there on a weekly basis, since one of our daughters is in boarding school in this town. I would not mind staying at Asinello one bit! Lovely hosts, extraordinary interior (check out the hammam) and a great atmosphere.

The owners of the other places must have thought the same thing, because Tussen Kunst & Konfituur won the contest! I'm happy for them! They deserved it!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Zipp it!
Pumpwear is amazing! They keep coming up with new goodies for people with diabetes. That's really awesome! After all, we have diabetes 24/7 and it's great if you can get cool stuff to keep your diabetes supplies and pump handy.

This morning, I received one of their latest pump packs, called the ZIPPS. Now that is a neat and versatile pump pack! I put it on right away. It's so flat, you can barely notice it under your garments (not that it may not be seen - it looks great - but you don't always want a big lump showing under your shirt). You slide your pump in the ZIPPS, pull the line through the hole in the back and connect. The piece of line you don't need, can be tucked right back into the ZIPPS. So there's no danger your line will get hooked over door knobs or in your zipper. It is made out of soft material and it's attached to a band to be closed around the waistline.

Even if you are not a pumper, or even better: not a diabetic, ZIPPS come in handy at all times. You can use them for your iPod, cell phone, keys or even to keep your money safe. I think sportsmen, wearing the ZIPPS while working out (I think my husband will want one to keep his iPod for his running episodes - no, I'm not giving up on mine!). I think children with diabetes: it can hold their meter, strips and lancing device if they are not pumping!

You really have to check it out. ZIPPS come in different colors. Think pink, think polka dots or sparkle. But hey, they didn't forget about the boys, so there's also camo and even dual zipps with two divisions.
I'm not going to say any more. Just get one. Or two.

Joie de vivre

I feel great! I haven't felt this way in a long time! I'm happy and cheerful and although I'm still very tired, I'm vibrant and in a very good mood.

I'm longing for a complete makeover. My selfworth can use an extra boost and I would like to freshen up my look. Maybe look for a new hairstyle?
In August, our friends have booked another weekend in Oberhausen, where we'll do some more shopping in the largest shopping mall of Germany. That's a good start, isn't it? I might need some help picking out new outfits.

I'm looking for a makeup artist to help me accentuate my features. She could tell me what colors match my face best. My eye brows need to be waxed and a manicurist may give me a French manicure. Girls need to feel at their best once in a while. Not for a particular reason. Just as a treat..

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

All that she wants...

All she ever wanted, was to have a baby of her own. Despite her disabilities. Despite the advice of the doctors and relatives. Because after all, she's a woman before a disabled woman. It's a controversy and it's a battle. I stopped seeing her, but I still care a big deal. I'm a mother myself, and not having your child around is just dreadful and devastating. Not being able to convince the world of your capabilities as a mother, is sheer horror. So many people out there, who don't look after their children. All the abuse and neglect in so many families. Children are being deprived of any form of love, all over the world. At least, this little girl is loved deeply. She's fed properly, dressed well and spoken to. Why can't anyone hear the voice of the child?

Her first birthday party is coming up. Baby and mom have been fighting for too many months. Time is precious since children grow too fast. The fingerprints on the wall paper will have faded by now. I don't know the solution. I don't know which way is the best way. All I know is that a loving mom and her baby should not be separated against their will..

Just give me a minute

I have quite a few cook books and I keep buying more. This week, I received 4 more cook books: 1 Dutch cook book with great recipes for diabetics and 3 American books to keep me busy. I must admit: I read cook books as if they were novels. Really! I find it real interesting to read those recipes and check out the pictures of the outcome. I can hardly put one down once I start reading it. Most of the time, I'm sitting on the couch to browse through the recipes. But I do take my books along when I take a hot foam bath or when I go to the ladies room. Seriously, I'm that interested and it always fills my head with new ideas. It won't come as a surprise to you, that I start making grocery lists reading all of those fabulous recipes. Because after all, you're supposed to cook as well!

So if you plan to go somewhere and take me along, make sure there are no cook books to be seen. Or you might hear me say: just give me a minute!...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A battle in patience

I've never been the most patience person ever. When I think of something, I want it to happen as soon as possible. That's not always possible or realistic. Over the years, situations have taught me to be more patient. I think that was a real U-turn for me!

For the last year, my patience has really been tested and guess what: I was frustrated quite some times, but I survived the stress of being impatient. Patience is a good virtue and I'm getting better at it. My new motto is: if I can't fix it today, there's no use stressing about it. Patience is the best remedy. We'll cross the bridge when we reach it.

For the next two years, I will need an extra portion of patience. I promised myself not to get on the scale on a daily basis. That would be too frustrating. Once a week, no more. I'm startled to see that it's actually working.


Last night, Hubby came home from work, in a blue lighted house. He had no idea what to expect! I'm sure the Police song Roxanne must have crossed his mind..

I went out with our oldest daughter yesterday, to look for some device to get rid of the flies around the house. We finally ended up with a blue light that electrocutes insects as soon as they hit the light. I know, it may sound cruel, but I'm sure they are killed instantly. It is pretty effective, as long as you have no other lights on in the house. The first PANG that we heard, made us jump up from our chairs. It's a pretty loud noise and we didn't expect it to be that harsh. After the third PANG, I was convinced of the efficiency of this device. I wonder what the neighbors will think, when they see our house flooded in blue light..

Roxanne, you don't have to put on the red light
Those days are over
You don't have to sell your body to the night
Roxanne, you don't have to wear that dress tonight
Walk the streets for money
You don't care if it's wrong or if it's right

Monday, July 26, 2010

Pencil skirts

Eva, February 23, 1997
Our youngest daughter asked to spend a couple of days with her grandparents. She loves to be there and it gives her the chance to play with her nieces and nephews. They like to hang out together and play games. They dress up and sing songs and sometimes they even help grandma out in the kitchen.

She's become a little lady. Her style is changing as well. She's always been in for fancy clothes and fashion interests her. She's fond of tucking in a nice dress shirt into a stylish pencil skirt. It sure looks great on her!
Both daughters have a totally different style and that's okay. They are two different personalities after all and it's interesting to see them grow up to be independent young women.

Me and my guitar

Photo by Lana Joos

Our oldest daughter has been playing the flute for quite some years now. She's pretty good at it and on a weekly basis, she and her friends meet up to play their instruments together. It's great to see her having a good time!

Is it because of Tom Dice or is it the age, but she's been talking about buying a guitar for a while. She was saving for this one particular guitar she saw in a store in Holland. She was real serious about it. I asked her if she wanted to take classes and she was considering it. On YouTube, there are clips you can watch. They show you how to play certain songs. She thought that was pretty easy.

I drove her to Holland on Thursday. She had her savings in her pocket and she was thrilled! She picked a real nice guitar! The seller tuned it for her and he gave her a bag for free, to keep her guitar from getting dusty. As soon as we left, she tried the guitar, in the car. It even sounded nice already! Maybe she's talented as a guitar player as well?

The guitar looks great on her.. I like to watch her sit on the floor, her hair hanging down, while she tries to get her fingers right on the strings. I'm looking forward to hearing her first song..

Sunday, July 25, 2010

I was blown away

This Saturday as well as this Sunday, 80 hot air balloons were airborne in Eeklo, the town next to ours. Some pretty special balloons entered the event this year. They came from many different countries. It was a nice scenery, to see them all pass by.

Our oldest daughter and her friends were there. It was a night out for them. I'm happy for her she could attend the event. It is great fun after all. Let's hope all went well and no balloon got in trouble.

It was a dream of mine to go ballooning one day. And that's exactly what I did, after my family gave me a voucher for my birthday. My oldest daughter saved up her pocket money to accompany me and we had a great time. It was awesome to be that high in the sky and watch the followers on the ground. They looked like ants from where we were! We had a very pleasant flight and the landing was terrific. It's been a couple of years now, but I still remember it real well. It was pretty special and I'm glad my daughter joined me.

On top of the world

I feel great! I haven't felt this great in many years.. Honestly, I have a good feeling about this whole situation. It's even better than I had expected. Many people tried to talk me out of it and I'm sure they had the best intentions doing so. Because things can go wrong, terribly wrong. But you know what? Things can go right, you know.

I'm really amazed at how well my blood glucose is doing since the operation. My numbers have been fantastic since. There is no reluctance whatsoever to poke my fingers. I love to see those great numbers appear on my glucose meter! Fabulous! My average blood glucose used to be 187. Nowadays, it's 116. That's awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing my next HbA1c result. I have a feeling it will be < 7%, for the first time in my diabetes career!

My slow digestion has disappeared! That's another bonus. No more bloated tummies and there's no need to shoot up extra insulin to correct high numbers, since the high numbers are no longer part of the programme. I have this feeling I could stand on top of the world and scream as loud as I can: I DID IT! I'm so glad I persevered..

Before the operation, I needed about 85 units of insulin, just as a basal pattern, without meals. That has been reduced to 32,45 units a day. The units of insulin I needed to cover my meals, had an average of 50 units a day. Now I need about 10 units.. leaving me with a daily total around 45 units, compared to 135 units before the surgery. If that is not improvement??

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Picture Perfect

The photoshoot went real well. Pascale and Douglas are a great couple and they made me feel at ease real quickly. I'm not used to having my picture taken. Mostly I'm the photographer in this house. I don't like it when people try to take pictures of me. Because I don't like the result..

Every now and then, Pascale let me see some of the pictures she had taken so far and that helped. It made me feel more confident. For the first time, I actually looked into the lens of the camera. I felt proud and I can tell my selfworth is coming back. And that's a good sign. Little by little, I'm getting stronger. I'm starting to like the person I see in the mirror. The scale is no longer my worst enemy. I can face the mirror when I'm taking a shower. It's not yet where I want to be, but there's improvement. I'm happy..

The photographer will enlarge 3 pictures of me to keep. One of those pictures I will give to my mammie. It's her birthday today. For all my life, she stood by my side and she has always been very supportive in whatever I did. I know she will be happy with a picture of me, being happy and cheerful.

Les sans complexes

Today, a Dutch photographer is coming all the way from Rotterdam to shoot some pictures of me. A Dutch magazine is going to tell my story on the surgery I had July 8th.
For the first time, I don't feel bad about someone taking pictures of me. I haven't reached my goals by far, but at least now I know my efforts will pay off in the end.
I'm curious about the photographer. What will she think and where will she want to take pictures? Inside? In town? In my backyard?
I have to get moving. The hairdresser is awaiting me..

Friday, July 23, 2010

Stop bugging me!!!

I hate bugs!! They are so irritating!! Since I keep the back door open for the dogs, flies and mosquitos have taken over our house. They are just everywhere! I'm looking for some device to help me fight them. The dogs snap at them and they catch quite a few, but still. The bugs don't give up and they keep coming. I'm going mad!!!!

California Dreamin'

This summer, we haven't planned any overseas trips. The kids aren't happy, because they love to go abroad and especially to a sunny place where we can relax and have a good time. It was too tricky to leave the country this soon after the operation. You never know.. I wouldn't feel safe, being away that far from the hospital and the surgeon who operated me.

Maybe we'll go away in the fall. We've done that before. Egypt had the perfect climate late October and Portland, Oregon was great too! I have no clue where this year will lead us. There are plenty of countries to discover and the girls have a mind of their own. I'm sure we'll come up with a destination we will all like. By then, the wounds will have healed well and I'll be strong enough to be travelling and walking around.

California sounds very exciting and I'm tempted, but I know that will just not happen. It's way too expensive to fly the four of us over there. And anyway, we only have 1 week in the fall, so that's not an option. Keep on dreaming..

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Creative, fun and less worry!

I'm a girl.. trust me. Always looking out for new ways to carry my insulin pump. After all, that insulin pump is attached to your body 24/7, so why wouldn't you make the best of it and try to find great ways to carry it around?

Real soon after I had been given my first insulin pump, I found Pumpwear on the Internet. Pumpwear has its own online shop, full of goodies for people with diabetes. You have no idea, but some items are really fabulous. And yes, I have ordered quite some things so far. It doesn't matter the store is not located over here. Online shopping is so easy and Pumpwear ships real fast.

My last order was a thigh pump band. Since I use the Accu-Chek Combo pump, I no longer need to use my pump to give myself a shot of insulin. I have a remote control now to do so. In that manner, the pump can remain hidden under my shirt or wherever I want to hide it. That's where Pumpwear comes in handy. They offer many different ways to hide your pump. As the word says, the thigh pump band goes around.. your thigh. It has a little pocket to hold your pump. Great to wear under a skirt, dress or wide trousers.

On Facebook, I joined the Pumpwear group and that's where I found the new bra pump pocket. The pump pocket is the latest in versatility. With garter like hooks and a satin pocket, you can place the pump in many new ways. Use the pump pocket under the arm, in the front or back of a bra or attached to other undergarments. You'll be pleasantly surprised on how hidden the pump really can become.

Don't forget to check on the Zipps! They are great pump pockets (I don't have them in my collection yet, and I'm sad I missed them the last time I made an order...) that hide your tubing well. Check the description, so you can see how the Zipps work.

In our country, there aren't many options for us pumpers, to shop for diabetes accessories. That's where Pumpwear comes in handy. Meter cases for example. I don't grasp why companies still believe meter cases should be black and boring! There are so many cute and fun cases out there. I have never used those dull meter cases and I have already bought several other cases on Pumpwear. There's one more I fancy. It's called the Buttercup Organizer. Don't you think it looks kinda cool??? It comes with a small matching case to trash your used meter strips. The organizer can be easily put away in your purse or backpack. To be recommended!

To pump or not to pump

I haven't always had an insulin pump. The first four years of my life as a diabetic, I survived on shooting up insulin. My endocrinologist had suggested a pump before, but I wasn't ready for it. I thought it would be nothing but a hassle. After all, you're hooked up 24/7. But then I heard about other people on insulin pumps and I had the chance to see some in real life and talk to their owners. It made me cross the line.

Making the decision to go on the pump, was a very wise one. It helped me achieve better control and I got more freedom. Yes, you heard that one right: more freedom! Even with a pump being attached to my body 24/7, I feel more free. No specific bedtimes any more. No more early wake up calls on weekends, because I no longer needed to get up at a certain time for my Lantus. What a relief.. I had less high morning readings and it was easier to correct my blood glucose. I was used to 5 insulin shots a day, and I didn't feel much like giving myself corrections by adding 1 or 2 shots to those 5.

I have had 3 different kinds of pumps: I started out with the Deltec Cozmo. That was my most favorite pump so far. Too bad it went out of business. I was really attached to my "Gizmo". I was forced to trade it for the Paradigm 722. That pump gave me the opportunity to try out CGM or Continuous Glucose Monitoring, an expensive but clever system, that warns you for low or high blood glucose.
I now have the Accu-Chek Combo since June 23. It's a great pump! I still miss some features my Cozmo had, but this pump certainly has other advantages. Wouldn't want to miss it! I have several systems to carry the pump and it is not an issue to have it attached to my body. It's become a part of me, just like my glasses have.

If one day - and I wish that day will never come - one of my children would get diagnosed with D, I would certainly recommend them a pump. Because it's the best solution so far and it's the closest one can get to mimicking a real pancreas. I'm glad we are that privileged we can make that choice in our country. There are no costs for the patient. And it definitely gives us a better life..

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Have a great time!

My kids have many friends. They like to go out and have fun with their mates. Friendship is important. Sleepovers, outings, shopping days, going to the pool together, just chatting on the Internet. It is important to them and it makes them grow. I'm happy they socialize well and I always encourage them to take good care of their friends.

So if either one of the girls ask whether they can spend some time with their friends, Hubby and I let them. We do want to know their where abouts, but we wish them a good time. I'm sure they don't tell everything, they are teens after all, but that's okay. They know their and our boundaries. And so far: they are doing great. I enjoy their happiness and the friends they have made..

How sleepy can you be?

I have never seen a breed lazier than my two whippets.. It appears to me that they sleep at least 20 out of 24 hours a day. They do get up to eat - trust me, they would never ever skip a meal - and to take a peek outside, but most of the time, they crash on the couch. Or on the deck. The lawn. Their bench. A blanket on the floor. Anything. If only it let's them do what they do best: sleep. What a life..

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Trying to keep my cool

You're home sweetie!!! I was so happy to see you again. You've been away too long...

It was time to pick you up at the train station. Daddy could barely wait for that train to arrive. I have missed you and I wanted to cuddle you too, but I couldn't come along to pick you up.

Last year, you came off the train, trying to keep your cool. And it's definitely not cool to run over to your family and hug them in front of your friends. You pretended you didn't miss us. But I'm sure you did, although you had a great time at summer camp. It's just not cool. And 15 yo's want to be as cool as an ice cube! That's okay sweetie...

I was all excited, waiting for you to come home. My ears were pointed and waiting for the sound of the BMW coming into our street. The dogs and Arthur were waiting for you as well. They have missed you too! Inthe and Rebba were all over you, licking you and jumping at you! You couldn't stop laughing.. We have some catching up to do!

Stirring and stuffing

She likes to help out in the kitchen. I like to watch her when she's stirring in the pots. I can tell she's enjoying herself. She has good taste buds. "It needs chopped chives mom", she yells! And I can tell she's right. I hear the kitchen door slam when she races off to the backyard, snipping some fresh herbs to finish off her dish. She's a great kid.

The best part is, when she's going through the book shelves, looking for a cookbook that can draw her attention. That book may be written in Dutch or in English, it doesn't matter. She drops the book on the kitchen table, pulls up a chair and frowns her eye brows. Flipping over the pages, she's looking for recipes that have pictures of the result. Because the eye says a lot. A pen, some scratch paper and she's ready to make her grocery list. She knows pretty well what we have in the pantry and both fridges, for she helps me put away the groceries after a trip to the supermarket. I hand her some money and off she goes, to the local store, to get whatever is not in the house.

Most of the time she doesn't need any help. She's only 13, but she knows how to operate the oven and the microwave. The Kenwood has no secrets anymore and she knows where I keep the cookie cutters. She's not nervous at all in the kitchen. Cups and spoons or a regular kitchen scale, it doesn't matter. She uses whatever the recipe asks for. In fact, she made the most delicious chocolate cupcakes just yesterday..

I like to observe her. It's good to have her home..

Monday, July 19, 2010

You chuckle head!

Accu-Chek Combo Insulin Pump
The sun was out and I was chilling in the garden. A good book, a cold drink and nobody else around. Just me and the whippets. They were laying beside me - tongues out and closed eyes - trying to catch some sun.
I had a bag beside me, holding my glucose meter, strips and lancing device. I do have to poke my fingers several times a day to check my BG, so that came in handy.

Going inside to go to the bathroom, I didn't bring anything with me. In the meantime, I wanted to check my mail. That's when Inthe ran into the house and jumped on the couch. I could tell she was holding something in her mouth.. Darn you Inthe! She had brought in my lancing device! I rushed outside, to find an empty bag!! Where was my meter??? Where were my strips!? Good grief! Inthe thought it was a pretty fun game, because she ran along, looking for my stuff. And there were my strips! Still had to find my meter.. grumble. That meter is very expensive, since it is also the remote of my insulin pump.. I kept hoping she didn't chew on it! But no, there it was, in the shrubs! What a relief.. my doctor would have killed me!

Why does the innocent look on her face make me belief, she wanted to bring me my appliances? She must have thought I forgot about them.. Or do you think otherwise?

Colored facts

My second blog book has arrived. I intend to have one printed every 6 months. Meaning I will have to continue writing I guess. I love to write. It's a great pastime and I enjoy looking for topics and titles. I keep typing titles and subjects on my mobile phone, whenever some idea rushes into my head. Some titles sound real nice, but don't mean anything yet. I archive them until I find a post to go with it. Sometimes I already know what I want to write about, but I can't come up with a good title. That happens as well.. Doesn't matter, the MacBook saves it all.

My blog is about my life and how I see things. How I have experienced my childhood, my youth, my young adulthood. My life as a wife, a mum, a woman with diabetes. I like to keep track of things I guess. It may be a great resource for my children. Maybe they will read my lines later in life. I don't know. Maybe some events they will remember. They might even smile reading about the life of their mom.. It's not a waste of time. At least not to me. It helps me reflect and think things over. And that's plenty.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


I think I will need to unplug a little from the world. I'm tired. Tonight, you could have knocked me down with a feather.. I do need my rest. Tomorrow is an off-day. No tasks, no visits, no nothing. Just me and the couch. It'll do me good. My eyes need rest. They want to close their lids and relax. Sssjjjjttt.. don't wake me until I'm ready to get up and going.

La dolce vita

I woke up around 6:30 AM. The sun was already out and the beams warmed my face. I feel like going outside today. Just in the backyard, with a book (I have so many books I want to read!) and some mint/lime tea. Relax, chill, lay back and rest. So I guess that's what I'll do today. It is Sunday after all and some sun will do me good, after having spent 7 days in the hospital...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

This is who I am

My father-in-law

You are some character! Dad of 4 boys and 1 girl, grandpa of 5 grandsons and 4 granddaughters. You love every one of them.
From the day you were 14, you left school and you started to work as a painter. For all of your life, you have had the same employer. Not many people can say that. Some years have been really rough, because alcohol affected your life.. Until the day you decided you wanted that life to change. Eighteen years ago, you gave up on alcohol and you haven't had a drop since. I do respect that very much. It's been a true battle for you and your family. But it's been a big improvement and achievement as well. You do not like to miss your AA meetings. Every Monday night you're there, to meet up with your peers. You have welcomed so many members, and you have seen so many drop out.. But some do stick to their promise and they stay sober for the rest of their life. Having one more drink could ruin it all.. so you don't tempt yourself. I'm proud of you!


There is a small number of people I would gladly delete from my life. Because they have no business interfering in it. Because they are of no value to me. Because they have hurt me deeply and because there's no way they can ever make up for it.

In a way, I should be grateful to them. If I had been loved in my youth, I would not be the person I have become now.. But that says more about me than about them.

So if someone can show me where to find that DELETE button, please contact me.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Thanks for taking care of me

We only have one body. It is our temple. It is our duty to take care of it and let that care be priority number one. Invest in your health at all times, it is the only thing we truly possess. Millions of dollars can't buy you good health, so a lot of it is in our own hands..

Getting diabetes may have been my wake up call. It certainly changed my life in that manner, that I'm much more aware of health and disease. Health has become so much more important. Life has become so much more important. It's no longer obvious to be young and healthy.. It's like getting smacked on the head with a sledgehammer. You can no longer ignore your own body. It's time for action and you need to rethink and reorganize your way of life. There's nothing I did wrong that made me get diabetes, but it did help me to achieve a better lifestyle. Please don't take your health for granted. Nurture that body and take good care of yourself. Your body will be grateful.

I'm so excited!

and I just can't hide it! My little girl is coming home today!! She's been away on camp and I missed her terribly. Hubby is going to pick her and her friend up in the Ardennes this morning. They'll go out to lunch before they head home. I'm so anxious to hear about her adventures and I can't wait to cuddle her. She may be 13 but she's still my little girl..

For the first time, I haven't been able to send her presents while she was at camp. I did mail her, but she couldn't mail me back. I heard her on the phone every once in a while and hearing her voice warmed my heart. I love my girls so much and we tell each other quite often. They know they are loved and welcome.

I won't be able to do much activities with her, but I'm sure she won't mind. Just hang out on the couch, cuddle up against one another and listen to her stories..

In the afternoon, 4 more friends are coming over to see me. I missed them.. We did talk on the phone and we mailed back and forth, but still, I want to see them. No fancy dinners this time. I won't have the energy and I'm not allowed to do much more than breathe and relax. But they understand and they wouldn't want me to force myself. Hubby will have to run around a bit more to help me out, but that's okay. He's doing the best he can.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Benvenuti a casa

It was great to come home in a clean and fresh house. It's been a while.. The children aren't home yet, at least not the human ones.. My dogs went totally mad when they saw me and I had a hard time protecting my belly. A friend told me to bend over whenever they intend to jump at me. So that's what I did!

I made an online order at my favorite food market. The fridge and freezer are stacked with goodies and the pantry looks tempting. I have been ordered to take it easy and rest. So that's what I'll (try to) do. Women don't get rest. They are supposed to do the household and take care of their family. But this time, I will have to listen to the doctors. I don't want to make an emergency call and ruin whatever the doctors fixed.

The male nurse who took care of me at the short stay, signed the bandages on my tummy. He was good fun. We had a ball. I never hope to see him again though, because that would mean something has gone terribly wrong.. So yes again: I'll be careful and I won't lift anything. I'm looking forward to a good night sleep..

The hypo shake

I've had quite some hypos since the surgery. That was to be expected. We need to find a new insulin schedule and calculate the new doses. Hypos make you shake, so maybe I should try to come up with some sort of hypo shake?

I'm glad my endocrinologist gave me the chance to stay hospitalized a couple of days longer. My diabetes nurse is so clever! She gives me logic hints and she looks into my diabetes/food diary before she advises me to do so and so. I'm not the most logic person on Earth.. so I do listen to her. Sometimes I do things concerning my diabetes and she asks me for the reason behind the action. And then I don't know the answer.. I feel so silly and rebellious at times. Then I tell myself to grow up.

Do you think coming up with a hypo shake is a grown up thing to do?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Non, je ne regrette rien

A couple of days ago, a reporter contacted me. She wanted to hear all about my surgery in combination with Type 1 diabetes. She writes articles for a Dutch magazine and she wanted to cover my story. She was very friendly and sympathetic and we had a good conversation. It is going to be a positive story. A story of someone who refused to give up. Of someone who had to fight for her rights in order to get help.

Somewhere soon, a photographer is coming over to make a photo shoot to go with the article. She's coming all the way from Rotterdam, Netherlands. Pretty exciting huh!

The purpose of telling my story, is not to badmouth the people who were not willing to help me. It is meant for other people out there, who are going through the same ordeal. I want them to know there is a way out. They no longer need to feel the way I felt. They can breathe again and feel beautiful and healthy. There's no such thing as a database where doctors can look for the experience of other people who underwent the surgery. For patients, it's even harder to find peers to share their story with. I had the opportunity to meet other women in the same situation. I had a surgeon and a Dutch endocrinologist who were willing to sacrifice their leisure time to organize meetings for me. In the end, I ended up with a different surgeon and a different endocrinologist, because some doctor refused to give me permission to go ahead with the surgery. I'm very happy with this surgeon and endocrinologist as well. I still keep in touch with the other surgeon and endo, because I know they care.
I was very happy to talk to the patients and to see for myself how well they were doing. After all, their experience is important, because they live it day after day.

I'm looking forward to reading the article. I wonder how people will react to it. If people want to contact me, I'm more than willing to share my experience with them and give them a hearten stabbing. They can mail me, I'll take my time for them, as other people did for me..

Going back in time

You came to visit me this week. When you entered the hospital room, I went back in time. Do you remember the time we first met? We had no idea what to think of one another. We had one thing in common: diabetes.

Time's gone by and we have seen each other more often now. You're a great woman! You make me happy and you make me smile.. you are a wonderful nana to your beautiful grandchildren - hearing you say that just the sight of your grandchildren can make your eyes tear up in happiness - and you are a very good friend. I'm sure I could ask you anything, you would always try to help me out.

Happy birthday my friend! I hope it'll be a wonderful year!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

You are golden!

I have an exceptional diabetes nurse... We haven't known each other for that long, but from day one, I knew we were going to get along just fine. It is important for a diabetic, to have a diabetes nurse you can talk to. After all, we are depending on that nurse for our diabetes treatment and you just have to be able to talk to her about anything that involves your diabetes. There are so many people out there, who have a diabetes nurse they can't connect to. Those people are not motivated to keep good control or poke their fingers several times a day. In fact, your diabetes nurse is somehow a psychologist as well. Diabetes can be an emotional rollercoaster and emotions do affect your diabetes control more than we may want. If your nurse knows you well and she knows what keeps you busy, she can become very important. She can be a true motivator to help you cope with this disease. She's your back-up, your engine, your advisor.

For 8 years, I have struggled with diabetes. I have bought books, I have done research on the Net, I have listened to other diabetics. But in the end, it was still me and D.. Always trying to figure out what was the best way to get good control. Trying this and that, not knowing what the outcome would be.

So what a relief it is, to finally have found a nurse I can really talk to. A nurse who is willing to listen to me and help me figure out the best way to better control. A nurse, who doesn't scald me if things are not going well. A nurse, who picks me up after diabetes knocked me down again.. she does what she does, because we matter to her. We're no number in a waiting room. We're people. And we happen to have D..

Dream it.. Wish it.. Do it!

For 8 years I have tried to loose weight. For 8 years I've been struggling and fighting weight issues. I never wanted to grow bigger. I didn't want that fat on my body. Not because I don't like curves, because curves make you more of a woman, but because the fat content in my body was completely unhealthy.

I had to fight my doctors. So many people advised me so many different things, but nothing helped. Medication, sports, diets,.. Been there, done that. It wears you out, but you keep fighting. You keep believing there must be someone out there who can help you.

How I wished for that solution. How I wanted that weight to come off.. For almost one year, I had to fight this particular battle and stand up for myself. I'm so glad I persevered and didn't give up. Because I had some people who were willing to back me up. People who believed in me. People who cared..

My average basal insulin dose at its highest point, was 85 units a day. Now I use no more than 42,40 units a day and the dose is still too much.. I feel so good. My stomach no longer bothers me and I no longer feel bloated. What can I say? Thank you doctor, for helping me.. You gave me a new life.. A new life that is about to start..

Monday, July 12, 2010

In sync

My new insulin pump is pretty neat! The glucose meter is also a remote control. Meaning I can hide my pump under my clothes and use my remote control to give myself a shot of insulin. Bluetooth makes it all available. I love technology! Don't you think that's kinda cool???

I'm still waiting for the pumping companies, to design an insulin pump that also has the possibility to upload photos and ringtones. I mean, come on, we have to drag the pump along 24/7 and it would be a bonus if it would do more than deliver insulin. Maybe the pump companies should hire more women in their developing team..


My dear friend... It was so good to see you and your husband yesterday. We are staying in the same hospital, for different reasons. You gave birth to your third child, your little princess. She came early.. too early. You were 33 weeks when Little Miss decided it was time to take a peek at our world. She's so fragile, but she's gorgeous! I thought she would be a whole lot smaller and skinnier, but considering the circumstances, she's doing pretty well.

When you told me one of her lungs had collapsed, I was terrified.. Not your little girl, not now. She's so loved and you have wanted her for so long. But there's no need to despair. She's in good hands and the doctors take good care of her. There are so many people around you that care and keep their hopes up for you and your family.

I hear that diabetic women were advised not to have children in the old days. A friend of mine was still advised that same statement. But look at you: you have 3 beautiful children.. How special is that.. You had to take good care of yourself and make sure your blood sugars were as stable as possible. And so you did. And it was worth it, my friend. You are a great mother. Your children are privileged.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Visitation rights..

Hospital stays are never pleasant. You're always off better at home. But sometimes, there's no other option. And I must say, the staff is very pleasant and helpful.

Today I had quite some visitors. Several friends came over, from all over the country. I was happy to see them and they were glad I'm doing so well. I'm so happy to be blessed with good friends!

In the late afternoon, my family came over. I know my aunt isn't a big fan of the heat, but nevertheless, she and my uncle drove over here to see me. We talked on the phone several times prior to their visit, but still, it was good to see them. I'm expecting some more company tomorrow. I'll be in a different section then.

Hubby has been racing around, back and forth. He's done great, making sure the kids got off to camp. He's taking good care of the pets as well and he even found time to clean up the garden and do some ironing. So in fact, I'm leading a pretty good life here in the clinic. Brought loads of new DVD's and books to keep myself busy. I need to rest after all. I think I'm doing pretty well, considering the operation I've been through..

Staples versus stitches

I'm healing well. I'm not too sore and the wounds aren't too painful. Whenever the nurse comes over to change the bandages, I like to take a peek at the wounds. I thought they would be stitched, but the surgeon stapled them. Nice! Kinda looks like the wound on my whippet, Inthe! We look familiar now.
The staples may be removed 10 days after surgery. I'm glad they are covered up with bandages. I don't have to see them every day..

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bloody Mary

This morning, I had my first meal since Wednesday night and I must say: did that taste good!!! I had one cracker with cheese spread! There was one more cracker with butter and jelly on the plate and a small container of yogurt, but I skipped those. Didn't want any hassle or nasty stuff to happen..
Half an hour later, I had my first cup of coffee. Sweetened with my favorite hazelnut splenda (thank you my friend!). It was cold by the time I could drink it (have to wait half an hour after a meal to have a drink), but it tasted like champagne.

I'm happy things are going rather smoothly. The nurse emptied the drain that comes from my stomach, in a glass container. Great.. just what I wanted to see: a Bloody Mary.. I'm glad they will free me from the drain tonight, because it was not that comfortable. The assistant surgeon passed by and he was happy to see me that chipper. I could go home tomorrow, but I asked to stay a couple of days longer, to make sure my diabetes is up and going.

I had some yogurt, poached fish and mashed potatoes for lunch. I had no trouble eating it. Of course I didn't finish my plate, but I do believe the amount I ate was plenty.
In the afternoon I had some pudding and another cracker.
For dinner, another cracker with cheese spread, some canned tangerines and coffee. I feel like a stuffed turkey..

Have a little faith

Your sister has left yesterday. Today, you're leaving for summer camp as well. I'm not too sure what to think of it. You and your peers are riding your bikes all the way to Olmen. That's far away.. Since you are not blessed with the best knees, I'm worried about the outcome. I know you.. you won't give in to the pain and you will keep going until you can't ride any more. I'm afraid you'll hurt your knees even more and the damage will be irreversible. Please be careful, okay? I'll try to have a little faith and rely on your sense of responsibility.

I'm sure you and your friends will have a great summer camp! You haven't missed one year of camp and this year won't be any different: fun, fun and more fun. Enjoy sweetie! See you in 10 days!

Friday, July 9, 2010

What a relief..

Yesterday morning at 8:15, they wheeled me into the surgery room. My table was set. Not for breakfast, but for my operation. I was no longer nervous and I was completely ready for it.

The operation lasted for 1.5 hours and I didn't wake up until 3 PM. I was told they were going to keep me in the recovery room overnight. Just to make sure my blood sugars behaved and there were no complications from the surgery.

I had no phone in the recovery room. Didn't feel like making phone calls either, although there were some people I wanted to hear. My night was.. well, how should I state it? Turbulent? My fingers were poked every hour. My blood sugars had never been this stable before!!! Numbers in the range of 130 - 165 mg/dl. That was amazing!

The surgeon came to see me and told me everything had gone according to plan. Good! What a relief! No complications so far. Let's keep it that way.

My sweet diabetes nurse stopped by twice. She's just the best. She's taking very good care of me..

This morning, an ambulance drove me back to the other building, where I have my room. I'll be staying in the hospital until July 15th. I'm glad the kids will be away on camp, so I won't need to worry about them.

Thank goodness for the Internet availability in the hospital. Where would I be without it?

Laugh as much as you breathe

You and your friend from boarding school are leaving for summer camp today. You are going to attend a sports camp in the Belgian Ardennes. In Durbuy, to be exact. You have been there before, when you were about 10 years old. It was your dream to go back there and now you have the opportunity. I hope you will have a wonderful time! Have loads of fun and don't forget to prank some jokes, will you?

As any child, Eva loves to get mail and postcards. Do feel free to send her some!

La Petite Merveille
t.a.v. Eva JOOS
Rue comte Th. D'Ursel 51

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hugs for free

I love it when a friend comes up to you and hugs you for no particular reason. Just like that. Because they care. Because they love you. Because you're friends..

Hugs are important. Love and friendship are important. Without love or friendship this world would be a very cold place. Everybody needs to be loved and is able to give love to others. Whether you enjoy being cuddled or not, you have a choice. I don't think I would ever refuse a sincere hug..

Think twice

Today is the day. It's my last chance to run away and say: this is not for me! Deep down I know I'm doing the right thing at the right time. I know things can go terribly wrong. I counted that in. But I also know things might go just fine and I prefer to stick to that thought.

I'm excited.
I'm apprehensive.
I'm scared.
I'm happy.
I'm anxious.
I'm worried.
I'm cheerful.
I'm looking forward to my future.
I have faith.
I feel.. different.

You'd better think twice, is what many people tell me. They love to tell me horror stories about people who made the same choice. They warn me of the possible negative outcome. Trust me, I have considered all of their concern. In the end, it's my choice, it's my decision and it's my body. And that body needs help. Because I have many more years to enjoy..

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hold my hand

A tough period is coming up. I know what to expect, but then again, everybody is different. Some heal better than others. I hope the pain will be bearable and the results satisfying. I won't keep my hopes up too high, to prevent disappointment. We have no vacation planned this summer, for I need to stay around. Just in case.. I'm glad the children won't be here while I'm in the hospital. I won't be that entertaining and they don't need to see me suffer. They are going to have a great time, I'm sure they will. I'll text them every now and then, to let them know I'm fine.. Their goodnight kiss tonight was pretty emotional.. I'm sorry I'm putting them through this ordeal..

Please hold my hand..

Total strangers

You were complete strangers to me. Over the years, we grew closer and now, those strangers have become real friends. So unexpected, but so real. Last night, we met for dinner at the seaside. I wanted to see all of you before D-Day and you wanted to give me a good luck-hug. I missed Dr. G, but I know he was thinking of me. He was on my mind as well. He knows what I'm going through. He's been there himself. I know he'll help me through this ordeal, as will all of you. It's good to have you people around. Knowing that I can count on you, gives me a secure and warm feeling. And that's exactly what I need. Hope to give you a call soon, to let you know I'm doing just fine. That's all you want to hear for now..

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

If you know what I mean

When the night returns just like a friend
When the evening comes to set me free When the quiet hours that wait beyond the day Make peaceful sounds in me

Took a drag from my last cigarette
Took a drink from a glass of old wine
Closed my eyes and I could make it real
And feel it one more time

Can you hear it, babe
Can you hear it, babe
From another time
From another place
Do you remember it, babe

And the radio played like a carnival tune
As we lay in our bed in the other room
When we gave it away for the sake of a dream
In a penny arcade, if you know what I mean
If you know what I mean, baby
And here's to the songs we used to sing
And here's to the times we used to know
It's hard to hold them in our arms again
But hard to let them go

Do you hear it, babe
Do you hear it, babe
It was another time
It was another place
Do you remember it, babe

And the radio played like a carnival tune
As we lay in our bed in the other room
When we gave it away for the sake of a dream
In a penny arcade, if you know what I mean
If you know what I mean
If you know what I mean
If you know what I mean..

A time bomb

My new insulin pump is really fast in giving its boluses. The ticking sound it makes while delivering insulin, can be compared to the sound of a time bomb. Something to remember when we decide to take the airplane to go on vacation. I'd better not bolus near customs, I guess..

Monday, July 5, 2010

Comin' up!

My second Blog Book has been printed and shipped. I'm so looking forward to The Sequel. Wow.. things go so fast! Last year, I had not even thought of writing a blog and now it's already been more than over one year that I post twice a day. I still enjoy the writing and my head is always full of ideas. It's a pleasure for me to read the book instead of reading on a computer screen. I'm still a fan of books and these books tell great memories. My memories, to be exact.

Blog2Print is a fast and easy way to have your stories printed and shipped. It's not cheap, but so aren't the stories. I'm looking forward to receiving the book. It'll be a true joy!

School's out for summer

I just realized school's out for summer. Two fantastic months lay ahead of us. Both children did great in school and now they can relax and have a good time. I'm sure they'll meet up with their friends at several occasions and we'll definitely have some sleep overs. There will be day trips and visits to amusement parks and BBQ's and beach days.

The girls are getting older though. When they used to be toddlers and even when they were 6th graders, they would get up early in the morning and go to bed at 7 PM. Since both of them are in highschool, they get to stay up later and tend to stay in bed longer. They like to hang out on the couch in their PJ's, watching their favorite shows on TV. We made a deal though: they have to help out in the household on a daily basis. They have learned how to cook, iron, vacuum the house, feed the pets, clear out the dishwasher, walk the dogs, .. It's not always their first option, but they know they have to do it. That's part of growing up. It will help them in their adult life. Both of them would like to go to college after highschool and live away from home. I'm a fan of that plan. It'll give them independence and a chance to make their own life.

But first, we'll enjoy the summer holidays. The school books have been ordered for the upcoming schoolyear so now they can go out and have a great time!

Sunday, July 4, 2010


My foot is killing me.. There's no improvement whatsoever. On the contrary. Some days, that ankle is so painful, I can hardly walk. Stretching my left foot hurts big time, as is driving the car long distance.

I went to see the orthopaedist again, after the CT and bone scan. He told me there's nothing he can do. There's been a crack in the bone and that needs some time to heal. And how long will that be??? His answer wasn't what I expected: a year and a half.. Hello??? At the least! There's also the cyst in my foot, that is bugging me. I would love to take the dogs for a walk, but it's too hard to step on that foot while Inthe and Rebba pull their leashes to keep going.

What else can I do but lay back and be patient...

Positive reinforcement

Parents are very important in the life of a child. Especially in the days where the child is still depending on the parents for education, food and shelter. A parent can make or break a child. It is their job to help their children grow and become good adults. Not all parents are capable of raising their children the best way possible. Some even really suck.. while others do a terrific job.

I can honestly say we never lacked anything in our youth, financially speaking. A new winter coat every year, new school supplies every new schoolyear, plenty of food in the fridge and a fully equipped bedroom. We were not spoilt rotten, but we were not short of anything either. Materialism is one thing. Children like material things. They always want more. If there had been computers or cell phones in our days, I'm pretty sure we would have had one.

Emotionally speaking, my youth must have been quite different from the youth of my brother and sister. At least, that's how they see it. I can't say I had a good bond with either one of my parents, nor my siblings. We shared a house, but we didn't talk. At least not about things that mattered. I never learned to solve issues, because issues were not allowed. I never heard my parents say that they loved me. We didn't hug. Of course we kissed each other good night, until I reached a certain age. There certainly wasn't a warm emotional connection. It made me independent though. It made it a whole lot easier to let go. You can't miss what you didn't have, can you?

I love my children deeply, both of them. Although they are so different, I appreciate each one for who they are. We hug and kiss and cuddle all the time. I often tell them how wanted they are and how I love them. Never ever would I give up on them. I remember my mother-in-law telling me once, that she would still love her children, even if they were convicted for murder and serving time in jail. Because that's what mothers do. They love their children unconditionally. No buts, no ifs, no conditions. Just unconditional love between a mother and her child..

I'm so lucky to have people around me, that love me for who I am. They don't condemn me for making mistakes. They still love me, even when I don't do what they expect me to do. I don't have to live up to their standard, for I can be me at all times. What a gift.. I feel blessed..

Saturday, July 3, 2010


It must have been ages ago, when I last bought a little black dress and killer high heels.. I see my oldest daughter in her first little black dress and she looks stunning. She's a popular girl. Intelligent, articulate, slim, good looking, ship shape. She keeps saying she's not interested in having a family of her own. No husband, no children, no pets. She likes having boyfriends though. And the like is both ways. She likes to hang out with her friends. Go to the pool or do some shopping. They like to listen to music together and make pictures. She's a good kid and she's fun to be around. Her killer high heels are not very killer and certainly not that high. But she does like high heels! She's tall (taller than me, I know, no need to remind me) and she has great muscular legs (that's what ballet does to your limbs). So yes, high heels look great on her. I hope it will be some time before little sister starts wearing her first LBD and KHH. She's still my baby girl..


I'm desperate. Don't know what to do..
Last night we went out for dinner. The dog run was ready for Inthe and Rebba, although we don't have a dog house yet. But it was just fine the way it was, so we put the dog beds, food and water in the kennel. The dogs were pretty excited to run around in the kennel. So we left..

We were in Holland, just near the restaurant, when our neighbor phoned us.. Inthe had tried to escape from the dog run. She had managed to wrench both shoulders through the fence and then she got stuck. She couldn't move back or forth and she was in total despair. My nearly 70 yo neighbor heard her scream and howl so he climbed over the fence to free her. He needed some tools to force the bars (he's not the Hulk after all), so he could set her free. Inthe ran into the garden and he couldn't catch her. That's when he called us.. So we raced back home (I hope I won't get a ticket for speeding) to comfort her and let Rebba out of the run. I don't know what else we can do, to make them a safe spot. We want them to be safe while we are out.

So the next solution is to tie netting around the fence, so she can no longer stick her head/shoulders through the bars. Both dogs had been in the kennel before, but only with us in their surroundings. This was the first time that we were out.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Feeling hot hot hot

We no longer need to fly to Turkey or Morocco, to get good weather. The sun was burning hot today, reaching a temperature of 90°F! Ouch! Now that's hot, at least for Belgian standards. I didn't feel like coming outside and my blood glucose played tricks with me.. too many hypos in one day..

I'm not complaining though. We did ask for sunshine after all. I know it's a little too much, but hey, what did you expect? There will be more red fruit if the sun keeps shining.

The dogs need to find some shadow. Hubby is still working on their kennel. The run has been placed and floored and now he's building the whippets a nice custom made dog house. They will love it! It's like their new kingdom! Let's hope they will feel the same, once they have to stay there for a couple of hours. They are tired, laying all over the place, and their tongue licks the floor to find a cool touch. I'm happy we have no problems keeping the house cool. There are huge chestnut trees in front of the house, protecting us from the heat. It's been a hot day..

We're off to Holland now. Out to dinner: the first mussels of the season have arrived!

Feel funky, feel good!

Another year passed by. Some things have changed in the past year. You have reset your boundaries by giving me two whippets. I know you were not fond of the breed at first, but you are their number one fan now!
You have also been promoted at work and that was well deserved. You're doing great and I'm proud of you!
And last but not least: you quit smoking! I think that's the best reward you could give yourself. The girls and I are so happy you finally gave up. It will improve your health and lengthen your life. Good on you!

This Sunday, your family will be ready to celebrate your birthday with plenty of cake and presents. Let's hope you'll be back from work in time to help us clear the cake plates!

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

What a performance

After having seen an interview with Gabourey Sidibe - who plays Claireece Precious Johnson - , I couldn't wait to see the movie. It was shocking and moving at the same time. What a great performance by this young girl.. Respect, nothing but respect.. I hope her real life is a whole lot better.. This is the story:

A 16 yo black obese uneducated girl by the name of Claireece "Precious" Jones, lives with her dysfunctional family: her mother, who beats her up and abuses her both verbally and physically , and her stepfather, who got her pregnant twice. Her firstborn child Mongo (short for mongoloïd...) is being raised by her grandmother. Claireeces mom lives off welfare and has no intentions whatsoever to make a living of her own.

Being pregnant for the second time, Precious gets suspended from school. Her principal arranges an alternative school for Precious, where she will learn how to read and write, in the hope to break the circle and provide a better life for Precious and both her children.

Precious has a way of her own, to escape the devastating reality of life: she pretends to be someone else. She daydreams, and she pretends to be elsewhere while being raped by her stepfather.. (who started abusing this girl at the age of 3).

Precious does real well in her new school. She and her new teacher, Ms. Rain get along real well and she even moves in with the teacher for a while. She flees home with her newborn baby Abdul, to get herself a better life. That's how she and Abdul end up in a half-way house, where she learns to take care of herself and her child.

In the meantime, her stepfather dies of AIDS. Precious is devastated to hear that her stepdad gave her the HIV-virus. But she's determined to go through living her new life. A life she has planned for her, baby Abdul and daughter Mongo..

Keep the kleenex by the hand..

Snapshots in the sun

Photo by Eva Joos
Both our girls like to take photographs. Buying that camera was definitely worth the cost.
This week, Eva made a picture of Inthe, our youngest whippet. She's just adorable. Full of mischief, but still so loveable.

This snapshot was taken in the hot sun of June 2010. I have entered the photo in a contest. It would be great if all of you could leave your vote for Eva and her picture of Inthe? I think she did real well on capturing Inthe on camera.

It would be a real boost to Eva's selfesteem, to get as many votes as possible. A very good photographer - Lieve Blancquaert - is always looking out for upcoming talent. Her pictures are just sublime. I know our pictures are not coming even close to those of Lieve Blancquaert, but she sure is a true inspiration.

Thanks for voting for Inthe! I'm proud of my little photographer and the model isn't too bad either!