Sunday, February 28, 2010

Banoffee Pie

It's not diabetes friendly, by far. Absolutely not. Way too many carbs, too much fat and sweetness. But oh so good.. I made this pie for Eva's birthday and it was pretty popular. Although it takes a couple of hours to finish the pie, it's not difficult or labor-intensive. It's just so easy and yummie!

* 1 can of sweetened condensed milk
* a roll of vanilla flavored biscuits (I used vanilla filled sandwich cookies)
* 3 tablespoons of shortening
* 5 small bananas or 3 large ones
* 300 ml of double cream, whipped
* chocolate shavings

Put a large pan of water on the stove and bring it to the boil. Put the closed can of milk in the water and cover the pan. Let it cook for 2 hours, until the milk has become toffee. (you can boil several tins at the same time and leave them in your pantry afterwards, for a quick banoffee pie)
Open the roll of cookies and put the cookies in a large ziploc bag. Close up the bag and smash the cookies with a rolling pin.
Mix the fine crumbs with the melted shortening and press the mixture down in a round tin. Let it sit in the fridge for 1 hour.
Slice up the peeled bananas and arrange them on the crust. Top with the hot toffee and let sit in the fridge for 15 min.
Spread the whipped cream on top and let sit in the fridge for 15 min.
Finish off the pie with chocolate shavings.

Is your saliva making your chin wet already???

Love hurts..

Love hurts, love scars
Love wounds and marks
Any heart, not tough
or strong enough
To take a lot of pain
Take a lot of pain
Love is like a cloud
Holds a lot of rain
Love hurts...

by Nazareth

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Live life to the fullest

This morning, I got notified that your mom passed away yesterday. Just in 14 days notice, she was rushed into the hospital. She had an ulcer that eventually lead to a gastric perforation. The surgeon did everything he could to fix her. There were complications though. Her liver was affected to the point that there was no manner to make it better...

You loved your mom deeply. The two of you were very close, since your daddy died when you were only 3 years old. She took care of you all by herself and that was not always easy. You have cerebral palsy, that prevents you from walking. Your mom helped out whenever she could and she helped you to get your own apartment, so you could become an independent young woman.

Your mom had served in the police force and later she became an English teacher. Her students loved her and they looked forward to her classes.

She lived her life to the fullest. She lived her life the way she wanted to live it. She was 57 when she passed away. Too young, way too young. I don't think she had any regrets but I do think she was very sorry to leave you behind. She must have known though, that you would manage. She knew you had your boyfriend who loves you deeply. You have your family that loves you. You are independent and you have an assistant to help out whenever you need her assistance.

Hang in there. You'll be fine. Your mom and dad will watch over you. Don't worry.

Fragrant bubble baths

Last year, before summer holidays, you started to complain about pain in your knees. Things have gone worse ever since. We have visited several doctors and specialists, and not one of them has been able to relieve your pain. They diagnosed you to have chondromalacia patellae. You will eventually outgrow it. It is painful, no doubt about that. The thing is, your pain threshold is low. Too low. At least, that's what the specialist tells us. We never thought of that. We thought you could bear a lot of pain. Apparently we were wrong. The specialist wants to test you for fibromyalgia... If you are indeed suffering from this condition, we will have a long way to go and you in particular. You will have to learn to focus on other things to forget about the pain. We are still hoping it will not be fibromyalgia and that you will outgrow the chondromalacia. Sometimes, the pain makes you skip school, because you have to walk in agony otherwise. You see physiotherapists on a regular basis and you also frequent a chiropractor. Sometimes it gives you some relief, but most of the times, the sessions make it even more painful.

You like to take a fragrant bubble bath every other day. It helps you to relax your muscles and let your mind drift off. You're too young to be in pain. I wish there would be a way to help you. I would take over your pain at any time, if only I could. You're such an energetic person and the pain no longer allows you to dance, your most favorite recreation. Riding your bike to school, is causing more pain. But you refuse to take the bus, because your girlfriends all ride their bikes. You don't want to be an exception, you want to go with the flow.

We're going to see the specialist in the beginning of March. I hope she will have your blood work done. Maybe there's another reason why the pain is so fierce. Maybe your knees are infected and she can give you pain relievers. I hope so sweetie... you deserve a pain free teenage life.. xx

Friday, February 26, 2010

Gimme a break!

Today, my friend and I were going out for breakfast at the beach. We had to take two cars, because she had to pick up her kids in one town, and I had to pick up my daughter in another town.

We had just left my house, when someone warned me that the police were giving away tickets for speeding. DUH! Like I needed one! I got one just the other week, on the same spot by the way. So I slowed down and so did my friend, who was driving behind me. I looked in my rear view mirror and we smiled at each other for not getting a speeding ticket.

Just a few moments later, another police patrol was standing in the middle of the street. They were pulling over several cars. They let me through, but my friend had to pull over. Shoot! I parked the car and ran over to join her. Twelve cars were waiting there to get their tickets. What a joke! Come on! They said she had broken the law, because she was speeding: 70 km/hour instead of 50. Now how is that possible? She was right behind me, and I was not speeding???

Anyway, she got a ticket and they wanted to make sure she had not been drinking. At 9:00 AM? Gimme a break! Of course she had not been drinking. I asked the police officer if she was going to be rewarded for not breaking the law this time. Negative answer.. He could at least have given her a discount on her ticket, right?

The officers were so slow, that we feared our breakfast would turn into a late lunch! That was not the best way to start a nice day out with a friend.. At least, breakfast was yummy and the bread rolls crisp.

A devil in disguise

I believe I will have to withdraw 94 euros out of your savings account! I can't believe you did that! I had to leave the house for half an hour and you were sound asleep on the couch, dreaming about marrow bones and peanut butter stuffed Kong toys. I thought it was a shame to wake you up and put you in the bench. I should've known better though.. You ate part of the charger of my Macbook. I was so mad at you!!! you can't believe it. Maybe I should teach you to use your words instead of destroying something out of distress.

I was told by someone who's supposed to know, that whippet puppies are in fact little devils in disguise. If I had a camera, I would make some footage during my absence, to see you transform into that little devil. Red horns on your cute little head, glowing red eyes, a shiny sharp fork in your paw and a pointed tail at the rear end. You must have really enjoyed destroying that charger. You know I need my Macbook! To finish it off, you found a red pen you could chew on as well, leaving red ink marks all over the couch. You little twit!

Maybe I should start putting you in time-out. How about getting a naughty chair for you? Would that help? No more excuses: the bench will be your second home if I'm not around. Sorry Inthe!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fancy dinner

I really like to go out to dinner. Fancy restaurants, pleasant atmosphere, excellent food and corresponding service. I like restaurants where you can look down into the menu rather than looking up to the menu, if you know what I mean...

There is something special about going to a fancy restaurant. It makes you feel special and if the staff pampers you, so the both of you can enjoy the refined food, you are most definitely headed towards a splendid evening.

I had an unexpected fancy dinner last Friday. Great company, excellent food and so many interesting subjects to discuss. I had a long ride ahead of me afterwards, but the evening was perfect so that's okay.

Going out for dinner doesn't mean overindulgence to me. I don't like to eat too much or too much fatty food. I like small portions of fresh food. Meals of which you can tell the cook has taken his time to prepare it. You need to find the passion for food in the cook's creatures. That's when dinner is perfect for me.. So when are we going?

Snap capps

I am pretty sure most of you have never heard of it. I love new gadgets and I have found one that really works and comes in handy at so many places. It's not available over here, so I get them in the US. Curious already? Okay, this is what it's about:

Do you ever buy cans of soda? Maybe your children like to take them to school or to their bedroom to have a drink while studying? Would you take your own cans to work if only you would find a way to close the can again, so the fizz doesn't leave the can?

I found the solution: the snap capp! It's made out of durable plastic in bright colors. It turns a can into a bottle. Now how about that? You snap the snap capp onto an open can of soda, you open and close the bottle whenever you feel like it and you have a refreshing drink where and whenever you want! Isn't that exciting??? Once you have finished your drink, you squeeze the empty can and the snap capp comes off real easily. You give it a quick rinse and let it dry and it's ready to be used again.

I keep snap capps in my car, my purse, in the kitchen, at work,.. My kids take it to school, so they no longer need to worry about not being able to finish their drink. It's great when you have lots of people over at your house. Each one can have his own snap capp. Let them pick a color and there are no more questions like "whose drink was this".

If you have any questions, or if you would like to have some snap capps of your own, just give me a buzz, will you?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The thing is..

I have loads of work to do, but I can't seem to get to it. I just want to hang out on the couch. I can't get organized at all and that's nothing like me. I can't focus and I'm distracted real easily. I do the laundry in 5 episodes and it takes me half an hour to peel potatoes for dinner. What's going on?? I'm tired, I'm exhausted in fact. If only I could get a good night's sleep. My blood glucose is leading a life of its own at the moment and it's not the kind of life I had in mind. I won't fuzz about it, because I know there's not much I can do about it right now. Circumstances are of that manner, that there's too much stress right now. Calm down? Is that what you are trying to tell me? Okay, that's what I want, but it's not totally in my hands, is it? I would like to empty my head of all those spinning thoughts, but who can I trust to take over? Because someone has to take over if I'm no longer allowed to puzzle.
I don't know how much longer this is going to last, but I have reached my breaking point..

The perfect mix

It's handy to have it sit in your kitchen cabinet. Sunday mornings are less stressful if you know your Tupperware container is keeping it safe for you. You need only a few other ingredients to finish it off and those are ingredients you have on your shelves. The mix makes a great family present as well. Just put it in a glass jar, label it (don't forget to add the extra ingredients on the label) and surprise your loved ones with your favorite no fail pancake mix!

10 cups of plain flour
2 1/2 cups of milk powder
1/4 cup of sugar
1/4 cup of baking powder
2 tablespoons of salt

Mix all the dry ingredients and put the mixture in a large Tupperware container. Keep dark and cool.

So you wake up on a beautiful Sunday morning and you want to surprise the kids with home made American pancakes?

Reach for the Tupperware container with your own special pancake mix. Spoon out 1 1/2 cup of mix. Add 1 slightly beaten egg, 1 cup of water and 3 tablespoons of oil. Don't overdue the mixing, just mix it with a fork.
Heat a griddle. Once it's hot, ladle the dough in portions onto the griddle. As soon as the first bubbles appear, flip the pancakes and cook the other side. Keep the pancakes warm on a plate, under aluminum foil. Serve with maple syrup or a dollop of real butter..

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Is it about making the right decision or making the decision right? I don't know anymore. I feel so torn, so troubled, so worried. I'm so afraid to never reach the goal I have set. Why is it taking so long? Why am I being tortured? I have been waiting for an answer for 6 months now and it is starting to take its toll.

Some people say it shouldn't matter where I have it done. Others say I'm doing the right thing, waiting for the right person. I think I should wait for the right person too. But it's taking so long.

I'm so lucky to have all the support I can get. The warmth of my friends and family are helping me to cope. They have been so supportive and they have been there for me all along. Hard times are to come in the future, but with your support, I'll cope with that too.

Just one phone call.. just that one phone call, that's all I need now..

I spy with my little eye

Some people think it's interesting to follow every step I take. They haunt me over the Internet and try to keep up with every post I make on different websites. They think I don't know. They think I'm stupid and that they are invisible and invincible. Well I'm sorry to prick your bubble: you are not! The Internet has no secrets, not even if you pick some silly nickname you think nobody will ever find out about. Bummer.. I guess I'm not that stupid after all. Good luck to you all and "enjoy" your "anonymity".. It makes me laugh, really. The world is a whole lot smaller than you think.

Monday, February 22, 2010

We were all smiles and laughs

The house had been pretty crowded and I had not found the time to cook lunch. So we decided to take you out to lunch for your birthday. Your sister was staying at grandma's, so it was just the three of us. I don't know why this day was so different from other days, but all restaurants we visited, were packed. "Sorry guys, we're full!!" We didn't give up though, and one hour after we left the house to go for a quick bite, we ended up in a little town nearby. A restaurant we had never heard of or visited before. We parked the car and being starved by then, we were happy to hear the lady of the house say: of course we have a table for you, always!

We were rather surprised by the interior of the house. It was old, a little outdated and very catholic (I have never seen so many religious candles or pictures of the Pope in a restaurant before). It made me giggle somehow, while we were walking to our table. I had this crazy feeling that Manuel of Fawlty Towers was going to appear in an instant. The lady of the house had us seated before she sneaked off to the kitchen.

We got two portions of freshly hand peeled shrimp on tomato and lettuce. She must have thought we were really hungry? But I'm glad she did, because the shrimp were delicious.
Figuring out what we were going to have, I was amazed about the hand written menus. Every single card was hand written, no copies in this restaurant. I have written many, many menus when I was 18 (in calligraphy, to be more specific, so trust me: it's hard work).
So we finally decided about what we were going to have: pepper steak for Eva "medium rare, please", Grandma's special pork tenderloin for Hubby and Chef's Scallops for me. Whether we wanted mashed potatoes or hand cut French fries to go with that?
It took them some time to serve lunch, but it was well worth the wait. Eva's steak was superb! It was so tender and the brandy based cream sauce was very much to be liked! Grandma's special pork tenderloin was as tender as can be and the vegetables were freshly cooked and fitted the dish real well. And then.. my scallops: fresh, fat and juicy. My first fresh scallops in a very long time. The finely chopped vegetables in the sauce finished off the dish.

The lady of the house handed Eva a nice bunch of daffodils for her birthday. That was so sweet and thoughtful of her! And she offered her a free dessert as well, but we were supposed to be at grandma's for the birthday party in half an hour, so we asked for a rain cheque. She packed the leftovers to take home, because she thought it was a shame we didn't finish it all..

Funny how things turned out. We went out for a quick bite and ended up in some fancy restaurant with an excellent service and an exquisite menu. Just the way I like it!

The beauty salon

Today is your 13th birthday sweetheart! You have grown so much in the last couple of months, that you have turned into a pretty young lady.. We may no longer call you a child now, you say.
Since school started again today, we had your birthday party this weekend. On Saturday, you had 6 girl friends over. I asked a friend of mine, who is a professional beautician, to come over to our place, to teach you girls how to take care of your skin. You made pairs and she was the one who taught you how to cleanse your face, scrub your skin, put on make up. What a joy that was! Your friends were all very quiet and interested and definitely impressed. You learned about mascara and eye shadow and cleansing milk and of course, massaging the face of the person you were treating.
Afterwards, you continued having your own beauty salon, so you applied make up on each other, polished your finger nails, .. to become ravishing young ladies!

At night we had dinner together and then you all ran upstairs to.. talk about the boys, I guess? Everybody stayed overnight in your bedroom. I don't think I need to say any more..

All 7 of you were up in time for breakfast: American pancakes, sweat rolls, hot chocolate.. It was like you were all starved!!!!

In the afternoon, we were all invited at Grandma's, to celebrate yours and Grandpa's birthday with all the other members of the family. What a great time we had! It's good to have these family reunions on a regular basis. We're a tight group.

Happy Birthday my sweet Eva.. xxx you're a terrific daughter! and I can't express enough how much I love you.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

What makes me smile

  • the sun!
  • going abroad
  • sleeping whippets on the couch
  • a hug from the children
  • musicals
  • a meeting with a good friend
  • having latte macchiato over long girl friend conversations
  • shopping
  • fresh pasta
  • the me-time after 11 PM
  • a fascinating book I can't put down
  • helping out other people
  • spontaneous laughter
  • the paycheck at the beginning of each month
  • diet coke
  • 123 mg/dl on my blood glucose meter
  • manicured nails
  • the annual teeth cleaning session at the dentist
  • the atmosphere of Bruges, Belgium
  • Arabic music
  • having dinner at a fancy restaurant
  • Bollywood movies
  • an unexpected note from my daughter on my pillow
  • ..

Never judge a book by its cover

I met an interesting man. He's 92, still living by himself and very up to date. He has a sparkling personality and a great sense of humor. Some of his jokes are a little on the edge, but that's okay. I can put it in perspective. He said I had a very cute face, but it didn't match the big body.. Darn.. ouch.. that hurt. But his daughter warned me about these possible comments. He can't help it. He's no longer the person he used to be and sometimes he scolds people or ridicules them. I can deal with that. He's a witty man and he has a lot of wisdom to share. He and his wife have raised 8 children and they all love him very deeply. Sadly enough, he lost his wife nearly a quarter of a century ago. He's keeping up the spirit though.

I know many people that are a whole lot younger than him, who aren't as witty and sharp as he is. He's not the typical old man and I believe he would even be offended if one would call him old! Old people are not necessarily boring and dull and lonely. Not all of them sleep all day and have no idea what year we're in. In fact, this man is pretty different. I hope to see more of him. A little voice inside me tells me that is going to be the case. Even if it's only temporarily..

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Color Purple

It's still one of my favorite movies ever.. I have no idea how many times I have watched this masterpiece, but it still moves me. I'm not a Whoopie Goldberg fan and her comic roles certainly don't appeal to me. But the way she became Miss Celie, was extraordinary. It was real, it was touching, it was not acted. Oprah Winfrey as Miss Sophia was shining as well. The hurt that was seen in her eyes, was real hurt. It was the pain she had felt from within and it all came out in her role as Harpo's wife.
Let the songs sung by Shug Avery drift you off and get ready for this old time's favorite.

If the nights are cold and you have nothing else to do, rent The Color Purple. It will take you back in time. Make sure to keep the kleenex nearby.

Until eternity

Maybe one day, a cure will be found to help Diabetes out of the world. I hear researchers are getting there. But then again, isn't that what they said 30 years ago? I admit, things have changed a whole lot over the years. I'm glad I never had to use glass syringes that needed to be cooked to be sterile. I'm glad I didn't have to pee on a strip to know an average blood glucose reading. I can't even imagine life without my Terumo Finetouch blood glucose meter. Things really have improved.

When I got my insulin pump in September 2006, I kinda told myself this was going to be my lifelong partner. Till eternity. Till death do us part. It was always going to be there, attached to my body, wherever I went. It would sleep with me, eat with me, walk with me, talk with me. It would watch me take a shower, go to the bathroom, making love. I would hear alarms in the movie theatre, at work, in the middle of the night. That's the consequence of having this kind of artificial pancreas. It's always there.

I read as much information I can lay my hands on. It looks promising. Scientists are working on making a real artificial pancreas. It won't replace the pump though, on the contrary. You will need the pump and a continuous glucose monitoring system. Meaning you will have two cannulas in your tummy. I'm on that CGM system already, so no big deal about the two cannulas. It will be a big improvement I believe, even with two cannulas. The continuous glucose system will make its own adaptations, according to the blood glucose of the moment. Now we still have to count carbs and tell our pump what we're going to eat. The artificial pancreas will no longer need us to tell it about our menu. Nowadays, we have to justify every gram of food we put into our mouths. That's scary! There's always someone who knows exactly what you've been eating.

So yes, I still believe my pump will be my until eternity partner..

Friday, February 19, 2010

One diet doesn't fit all

I no longer believe in diets. There are so many diets, that your stomach would get sick just thinking about it. Soup diets, low carb, Atkins, Bernstein, Weight Watchers, South Beach, Sonoma,.. name it and I've tried it. Most diets work well for the first week or two. You are all hyped up and motivated and you pay more attention to what you eat. Sometimes you even keep a food diary and that immediately keeps you from eating too much. But then boredom comes in and you start longing for the foods you miss out on. To one person, that is bread, to another it may be junk food. It doesn't matter what foods you crave: if the diet can't make you forget about that food, it's not working.

Up till now, I prefer the Sonoma diet. Southern style, olive oil, veggies, lean meat, lots of fish. It's easy to keep up with this lifestyle as long as you don't eat out. Or if you live all by yourself, so you don't need to cook different menus to everyone's taste. But that's not going to happen.

For as long as we will live, there will be new diets. It makes the world go around.

This is not my first rodeo

This has been going on for many months now, and the solution is still not in sight. But we're working on it. Today we're going to have another meeting, in another country. Just to make sure we are still headed in the same direction. Some more people are going to join us and tell us more about their experiences on the subject. I'm looking forward to it, but then again, I'm also reluctant. What if there's no solution for me? I know I shouldn't think that way, because I can't predict the future, but someone has been working against me for so long, that I don't keep my hopes too high any more. If there wasn't any hope, I would certainly not attend the meeting. I do have people backing me up and they give me all their support. So I keep going, although the hill is getting steeper by the day..

Thursday, February 18, 2010

50 reasons to leave your lover

There must be at least 50 reasons to leave your lover. How many can you think off? I'll start the list, you may complete it:

* no attention for his other half
* never at home
* not of any help in the household
* always out with his friends
* bad sex
* farting and burping is what he does best
* not generous enough
* he's a womaniser
* financially unstable
* no emotional bonding with you or the children
* lazy
* too quiet
* too noisy, especially on family meetings (with your family)
* draws too much attention to himself
* wears sneakers all the time
* forgets to pick up the children, not once, but at least twice a week
* never buys you flowers
* thinks his 20 yo sweater is still very up to date
* forgets your birthday, but remembers his mothers
* drinks too much
* wears white socks in black shoes
* tells stupid jokes over and over again
* he wears the same set of underwear for a whole week
* smoking
* smelly feet
* pees on the toilet seat or leaves the seat up
* changes TV channels without asking
* can't cook his own meals
* calls you at work to say there is no bread in the house
* has no idea what washing detergent is
* phones his mom twice a day, but never rings you
* never walks the dog, but loves to jog
* he humiliates you in front of your friends
* he dominates you
* he thinks women are not entitled to have an orgasm
* never kisses the cook
* dirty socks next to the bed
* nose poking
* only washes his own car, not yours
* has no idea what it means to give birth to a child
* he was drunk on your wedding day
* cries out for his mom when he cuts his finger the first time he peels potatoes
* doesn't notice your new hairdo
* takes you out to McDonald's and has no idea..
* puts you on a diet and asks where the crisps are
* he comes first.. always
* got a promotion and calls his mom before he calls you
* has no idea what grade the children are in
* doesn't know the names of your 3 best friends
* takes your car when his car is out of gas, without notice
* calls you when he'll be late, just to make sure you will keep his dinner warm
* working late means in fact he's in the pub with his friends
* he will never understand you and has no intentions whatsoever to make that happen
* he doesn't wear his wedding band
* has a picture of his ex-girlfriend in his wallet
* never wants to hold your hand roaming around town
* makes you pay for dinner on that rare occasion out
* excuses, always excuses
* he beats you
* he calls you names in front of the children
* he gives in when you put the kids in time-out, to be the friend instead of the bad guy
* he's a child amongst your other children
* he nags
* always the same talk about the army
* he scratches his private parts talking to you
* he nods when you're telling him about your day, but has no idea what you've said
* he can't put down the playstation, not even when you have your parents over
* he complains about your cooking, but complains even more if you haven't cooked
* aren't that enough reasons???

Be yourself

Stop comparing yourself to other people. That's the only way to be the person you are.. Be yourself, without imitating others. Because you are worth being you.

Today is a very important day for you. You've been looking forward to this day for many years. But it's finally going to happen. You have serious exams ahead of you and you have been studying in order to complete the exam in the best manner. You don't have to be insecure. I have complete faith in your knowledge and I'm sure your boss feels the same way about you. Just believe in yourself. You'll get there. Good luck!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I am getting my credits in heaven

Now that was a delightful dish I made! I'm crazy about fresh pasta and I love to make my own. A couple of years ago, I bought a pasta maker and now that I also have a pasta drying rack, things go real smooth. You could say making pasta works therapeutically, but that goes for eating it as well!

I checked my fridge and pantry to see what I could use to make a nice pasta sauce and this is what I came up with:

1 tablespoon of butter
1 clove of garlic, minced
2 tablespoons of thyme
5 roasted red peppers, drained and cut up into small chunks
salt and pepper to taste

pine nuts, toasted
parmesan, freshly grated

To make the pasta, I combined 2 cups of semolina pasta flour (00) with 3 eggs and a little bit of oil. Keep the dough in the fridge in a ziploc bag, until ready to be used.
You can make the sauce while the pasta is resting in the fridge.

Make linguine out of the pasta dough. This recipe is enough for 2. Cook the pasta in salty water and drain. Mix with the reheated sauce. Sprinkle with pine nuts and put the parmesan on the table, so you can add as much as you want!

If you think this is too vegetarian for you, you could consider adding some strips of ham or a can of (drained water based) tuna. Enjoy!

Hide and Seek

I know.. I shouldn't do it, but I did.. I let you sleep in my bed. In your own bed, on top of my bed, at first. But now, you lay as close beside me as possible. Under the covers.. That is, what you normally do. The other night though, you were playing hide and seek. I heard you squeak but I couldn't trace you. I called out your name and you squeaked back at me. My duvet had come alive!!! Apparently, you had found your way in, but not the way out. You were desperately seeking for the exit. I couldn't help but laugh at you. You are such a joy! The look on your face when I pulled you out of my bedcovers.. hilarious!

I'll miss you, when you will be old enough to hold your pee long enough to sleep downstairs. Rebba will keep you warm then, don't worry. The two of you greet each other in the morning as if you haven't seen one another for a whole month, while it has only been like 5 hours.. duh..

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What's wrong with men???

My daughter and I just watched a Dr Phil episode, on What's wrong with men?? Apparently, young women remain single, because they can't find the right catch. They are still looking for a charming man. A man who respects them, a man who understands them and wants to spend time with them. They want a man who takes them out to dinner and picks up the tab without hesitation. But all they find, are lazy men. They only know men who don't trash their own garbage. Men, that are only looking for cheap sex. They don't want to marry you, because they can get it for free somewhere else..
If men would spend as much time and money on their wife as they do on their car or their sports or mates, most women would sign immediately for a long and happy life together.

The best line, was from a woman who said she wanted more out of a relationship than just sex. And the man's answer was the best: so you want more than just sex? Okay, so I can give you...eurgh...eurgh.. Shoot... wrong answer..

I don't know whether it's the country or maybe I frequent other men. But men are not always like described here. There are exceptions. But they are rare..

My daughter thought it was the best show ever. I hope she will meet up with a different kind of man. Maybe she's already found him. He did surprise her with a rose for Valentine..

I believe Lilly Allen found the right man, if we listen to her words:

oh, he treats me with respect, he says he loves me all the time,
he calls me fifteen times a day, he wants to make sure that I'm fine
You know I've never met a man who's made me feel quite so secure
he's not like all them other boys, they're all so dumb and immature..

although.. she does complain about the sex.. Why can't we have it all?

What's another year

Has it already been another year? It's like your birthday was just the other day.. I haven't seen you grow any older? Have you? I met you 10 years ago and you still look pretty much the same to me. But then again, you take real good care of yourself and you are very peculiar about your clothes. I must say: I enjoy you! Have a very happy birthday my bun! xx

At the age of 68, you are still very active and outgoing. You always worked as a painter, but now you have discovered painting for a hobby. You love to scroll through art books, looking for pictures that will inspire you. You have become a true artist and the easel has become part of your home. There's always some painting waiting to be finished by your hand. Have a very happy birthday, gramps!

And yes, it's your birthday as well! I hope you will have a great day, amongst the people that are important for you. 2010 has been a great year for you so far, since you are no longer considered diabetic. I'm so proud of you! You have done a terrific job! xx

Monday, February 15, 2010

Take a deep breath

Just like your mommy, your are not the best athlete ever. You are a very good swimmer, but you had to give up the swimming part, because there was too much practice (on a daily basis) plus the competitions every other weekend. There was hardly any time left for school work and relaxation. You are not very competitive, just like your mommy, again. You really liked to swim, but the competition was not your cup of tea. If you work out, you want it to be fun and not another effort.

In boarding school, the girls are invited to the runner's group on Monday evenings. Your friend and you subscribed and miraculously, the two of you are getting the hang of it. I got you a trainer suit and every Monday night, the runner's group heads of for a challenge in downtown Bruges. The fact that the group runs through downtown Bruges is appealing to you. Running on a track would not be as exciting. You love it when the many tourists make pictures of you and your friends.

Every week, you're getting better at it. I'm happy you are exercising again and that you enjoy it. That's something you and your mommy do not have in common..

Ranking the stars

Star light, star bright,
The first star I see tonight.
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have the wish I wish tonight..

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love never runs out

There are so many forms of love. There's love for your spouse, obviously. There's the love you feel for your children. Love between you and your best friends. Love for your pets. Love for your family.

I believe Valentine is just for lovers in love. Do you remember your first Valentine? I was thinking about it, trying to complete this blog. It's been a while. Okay, it's been ages! so what?

In fact, Valentine and I were never best friends. I think it's not that important. I don't need one day to celebrate the love for the other person in your life. You should feel this kind of love on a daily basis, not just on February 14th. Do I sound masculine now? Do you think I'm trying to avoid buying a present for my loved ones? Not at all, because I really am a giving person. It's just not my cup of tea, to give presents because the media and society manipulate you to do so.

I overheard someone say, you'd better give your present very early in the morning. Your partner will be very surprised then and it will be unexpected at that time of the day. If you give your present later that night, your love may have heard about the presents of friends and maybe she/he won't appreciate your gift any longer.. Isn't that just baloney? Now that's why I'm not a fan of these super commercialised days..

But I must admit.. I was charmed when I got my favorite bouquet of flowers..

Love never dies

I'm very excited about our upcoming trips abroad!! June is going to be a great month! We're going to London with a couple of friends, to have a good time and enjoy two musicals. "Love never dies" is also called Phantom of the Opera 2. It's another masterpiece by Andrew Lloyd Webber and I'm convinced it will be perfect! Since I have only seen the movie and the dvd on the Phantom, we're going to see the Phantom first and then Love never dies. Isn't that awesome?

But first we are going to see the Dutch version of Notre Dame de Paris in Antwerp. It is still one of my favorite musicals and the French version is just...well.. what can I say.. I play the music in my car, all the time. That same month, we are going to see Mary Poppins in Holland. Too bad Julie Andrews won't be in it!

So we have some outings to look forward to. It'll be great to be out of the country for a change, even if only for a couple of days. And spending those days with the people I care for, is as exciting!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Trop is too much

I don't know why, but I'm not very attracted to people that are in to drinking a lot of alcohol. In fact, I believe it's rather appalling and vulgar. There's this tendency amongst young kids to start drinking at a too young age. They start drinking all these vodka based mix drinks. They drink it like it were lemonade. Although under aged youngsters are not allowed to drink, many do.
I remember these 13 year old boys, buying beer before they went to school. There was this small grocery store in our street where we used to live, and school kids would go in there around 8:00 AM to buy some cans of beer. They would start drinking those before they headed of for school. I thought that was so disturbing and sad. Why would kids start to drink at such a young age?

Our girls have reached that age now. It bothers me that they will be going out somewhere in the near future. In this household, we hardly drink any alcohol. Of course we have a couple of glasses of wine when we have friends over for dinner and we do have some drinks in a restaurant or a bar. But not to that extend that we are loaded afterwards. To be honest, I don't tolerate alcohol that well. It makes me feel sick to my stomach and no longer in control after a certain amount of alcohol. It worries me that some people are real binge drinkers. They are so used to drinking, that they wouldn't get through the day without their favorite beer or cocktail. Isn't that sad? I know it's an addiction and mostly the drinker is in denial considering his drinking behavior. But what if people keep pointing out to you, that you drink too much or that you need your booze on a daily basis? Do you think they would nag at you if it weren't an issue?
Binge drinking is scary. It's dangerous to your body and your organs might get brutally affected. Think heart, think liver, think brains. Most drinkers underestimate the effects of their alcohol intake. I can only hope my girls will be smart enough to not overdo it..

High Maintenance

I thought I was high maintenance! But what about you, little Inthe-whippet??? You have ruined so many things so far, that we will most definitely have to replace our 6 month old couch to start with. You try to dig holes in the couch, eating all the stuffing while going at it.

Yesterday was a true disaster for us to come home to. We had taken the girls out to dinner, leaving you and Rebba sound asleep on the couch. What a ball the two of you had, while we were enjoying our meal and companionship. You ripped apart three boxes of expensive glucose strips, ruined my new cook book sent to me by my English friends. You bit holes in the new bras I bought the girls and you ripped apart every piece of paper you could find. A pair of sneakers is ready to be trashed, after you chewed on them.

What a mess.. At first we thought it was such a funny sight, but of course we didn't tell you that. We put you and Rebba outside, so we could overlook the damage and clean up the mess. I guess you didn't like us to be out without you? But that's a lame excuse Inthe! You'd better behave, you little rascal!

Friday, February 12, 2010

It's really not okay

I had not eaten all day. I got up in the morning with high blood glucose (probably the result of a nightly low), meaning I needed an insulin correction to bring those numbers down. I know my body well enough. High morning numbers mean that I will not have the best day. I skipped breakfast because otherwise I would have needed even more insulin to cover those carbs. Around lunch, my numbers were still high, even higher than in the morning.. hmhmhm... I skipped lunch as well. Stupid, I know, but using 130 units of insulin on a daily basis is just too much for me, and I'm not prepared to add any more. I wasn't hungry any way, because that's what high numbers do to me. It's not smart to skip meals, I know, don't you Dr Phil me. I know. And I don't do it very often..

My numbers got a little better around dinner time. Coming back from working out, my BG was 83! Great!! Dinner time! I grilled a nice chunk of freshly marinated tuna, one of my favorites. I needed something out of my car, and by the time I got back, both whippets had indulged my dinner.. grumble... Now that is really not okay!!! I had been looking forward to this dinner all day. I was lucky to have home made spring rolls in my freezer, although that was not the plan for today..

Can mom have a piece of my birthday cake?

The other day, I asked my girls if they remembered the time before I was diagnosed diabetic. They didn't. It's been nearly 8 years now, so the girls were 7 and 5 back then. They don't know any better. They have seen me shoot up insulin, but even that, they don't recall. I have been pumping for nearly 4 years and the pump has become a part of me ever since, that they no longer see it as a strange object tangling on my body.

How many children know about carbohydrates or sweet 'n low? Mine do. Some things are no longer part of my diet, because of my slow digestion. In the beginning, our children would ask why I wouldn't eat a certain food. Then I would explain to them, how it affected my blood glucose. Now they no longer ask. They have become used to it.

Has my diabetes changed the life of our children? I'm not sure.. Would I serve them different meals if I had not been diagnosed? I'm not sure.. I don't think they miss out on anything. The only real difference in our household is, that we only have diet soda in the house (and some regular coke for hypo moments).

I ran into a very informative website. What if your beloved one has diabetes? What if your mom or dad has this condition? Would you know how to deal with that? Would you be devastated? Lost? Troubled? Anxious? Maybe all of these emotions would run through your head. It could be that you are the child of a diabetic parent.. It might be helpful to talk about it with other people, who know what it's like.

If you are a diabetic parent, you might want to consider buying the wonderful book: "Can mom have a piece of my birthday cake?" It will help you explain to your children why you do what you do.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Power Rangers

To all Supermen, Mega Mindy's, Power Rangers, Batmen, Rescue Rangers, Powdered Toast Men and all the other rescuers: I NEED YOUR HELP!

My security blanket

Being a Leo, I try to be independent as much as possible. There are occasions though, when I have doubts or issues I can't resolve on my own. Like a hamster, I keep twirling around in my wheel, not finding the way out. That's where you come in. You are my security blanket. You have a different way of looking at things. You are mature enough to think things over without letting your emotions take control. I know my emotions sometimes take over my thinking and that's where I need your advise, to prevent me from doing silly things. You have been a real big help so far. Thank you..

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A slippery slope

Our country is in deep trouble.. We expected snow and indeed, there was about 7 cm of snow in some places! Ridiculous, isn't it? But because of this pathetic carpet of snow, traffic was down all day. The roads were blocked with traffic, with a total of more than 900 kilometres in total!! Isn't that hilarious? What's so hard about a little bit of snow? As soon as you cross the border with Holland, the problems are over.. May we make the conclusion that government in Holland is smarter than over here? It wouldn't be the first time we have to make that conclusion..

I will be there

For as long as I have known you, I hear you say: I'll be there! And that's exactly what you do. You live at the other end of our country, but no distance is too far away for you to support a person in need. You may be petite in size, you certainly have a big heart.

You work full time and you take care of your young grandson. He's your pride and joy! That little boy adores you and is the happiest kid ever if he can be around you. He's very lucky to have you around to take care of him and nurture him.

Your grandson is not the only child you care for. "Care" is the word that says everything about you. On a voluntary base, you help out whenever you can, to provide finances for Hippo and Friends, the organization for children with diabetes. Not one effort is too much when a child is involved..

You are very energetic and have tons of pazazz! Nobody can keep up with you. Your diabetes will not stop you from doing what you love to do: going abroad and have a great time! Even if that means you have to travel all by yourself, because your husband is more of a homester. It is what you do and it's what your savings are for.

I hope to join you in June, to go horse back riding along the beach. We have been looking forward to that for a while now, but it's finally going to happen. I have been scared to go horse back riding since I got diabetes, but hey, having another diabetic around to support me in case of an emergency is more than welcome.

May I say, I'll be there for you too, whenever you may need me?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Because of you

You give me the courage to go on. You make me laugh with every mail you send me. You are intelligent and at the same time, very down to earth. You may have a title, but you don't abuse it. I have met you twice in person and a third meeting is coming up soon. We keep in touch via mail or phone and I love to discuss with you about the things that keep us busy.

I know you will never corner me and you will not force me into anything I don't believe in. Even if that means you have to withdraw. You say my health is priority and nothing you do for me is more important than that. It's good to have lunch conversations to get to know you and give you the chance to get to know me.

You are not a money-grubber. If money was your goal, you wouldn't do for me what you've done so far. I'm grateful and I don't know how I can thank you. Ten boxes of the finest chocolate won't cover it. I'll do my best for you and I hope not to disappoint you. I want you to be proud of me. We'll make a good team and we'll show the world that what we are trying to accomplish, is possible.

See you soon..

You were saying?

Have you ever seen a whippet's face, when you try to bark at her? Hilarious. The way she holds her head to the side, her ears straight up, not knowing where the barking comes from? She's a doll! Even her little playmate is checking in, to see where the barking comes from. I love my whippets!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Loss of appetite

Whenever I feel like having some goodies, I force myself to think about disgusting food. Immediately it brings me back in time and then I think of the all traditional American Baloney Sandwich. The children I took care of in the US, loved this sandwich, made of two slices of white bread (wonder bread or cotton bread). You spread mayonnaise on one slice and mustard on the other. You take a couple of slices of bologna sausage and you pop that onto the bread. Can you believe some people even fry the bologna before putting it on their sandwich? UGH!
On top of the bologna sausage, you put some slices of cheese, tomato and cucumber. You top it with the second slice of bread. If you wish, you can grill the sandwich now, to make sure the cheese melts over the meat. Indulge..

Thinking of the smell of this grilled baloney sandwich, my stomach turns upside down and my appetite is gone. So what's your ideal method to prevent overeating?

Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful phrase.
It means no worries, for the rest of our days.
It's our problem free philosophy
Hakuna Matata,
those two words will solve all your problems

The lyrics of this song are clear and positive. Hakuna Matata is in fact a very good motto in life.
It makes you dream and go on. Maybe we should say the words, whenever we feel blue or pessimistic. It won't hurt to say them. You could give it a try. I'll give it a try.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I'm painfully aware..

Diabetes is not some disease you can ignore. If I hear other diabetics say: "My sugar levels are somehow elevated, but not dramatically", or "I'm not a severe diabetic, I don't shoot up insulin", it hurts. It means these people are not informed well. And not being informed well, means you may underestimate the silent killer Diabetes is. Because that's what it is: a silent killer. If you don't acknowledge the fact that you have this chronic disease, you will certainly not take good care of yourself.

Many type 2 diabetics still don't have a glucose meter, because they find it too expensive, or too confronting to see the numbers appear. This is the group of people that sees a doctor like once a year. That's the only time they hear about their glucose levels. For the rest of the year, they might think they're doing great, but in the meantime, their body is suffering and crying for help. Sticking your head in the sand and thus ignoring the symptoms, is not much of a help and it's certainly not going to make your diabetes go away.

I'm happy to hear that there is also a large group of type 2 diabetics who do take care of themselves. They try their best and they learn as much about their condition as possible, to prevent getting complications in the future.

Having diabetes is not the end of the world. It's a pain, I admit it, and it needs your full time attention. Ignoring the fact you have this condition, may be compared to committing a slow suicide. Because that's what you're doing. You are slowly killing yourself and the problem is, you don't feel it coming until complications start showing.

Oprah Winfrey, the Queen of Talk, had a show on diabetes, just this week. Many people were stuck to their couch, to hear what she and Dr Oz had to say. And even more people were very disappointed, to hear what Dr Oz had to say.. It was such a great opportunity to show the world that there is more to diabetes than what he informed. It was a chance to tell the world that there are different types of diabetes and no, type 1 diabetes DOES NOT go away with exercise and low carb food intake.. How many people will now believe, that us, type 1 diabetics caused our own condition?? Let me be straight: we didn't!
Dr Oz said diabetes is reversible, without mentioning what type diabetes he was talking about. No Dr Oz, type 1 is NOT reversible! How come Dr Oz - a cardiologist - was doing this show with Oprah, and not an endocrinologist? These mistakes could have been prevented by a diabetes specialist.

The following video may be too confronting for some. The 44 yo woman in this video has diabetes type 1. She has ignored her diabetes for many years, leaving her with kidney failure, half a leg amputated and a partial foot amputation. This is not where you want to be at the age of 44.. it's really not where you want to be. Her poor condition is not caused by adjusting her insulin to the carbs she ate (as the programme stated!), because that's just what we HAVE to do. I feel for the lady in the video.. her complications are severe and not very hopeful. But that's not how all of us diabetics will end up. Sorry Dr Oz, Sorry Oprah, but this time, you were wrong.


I'm used to having different allergies: dust, dust mites, dog hair, cat hair, snails, grass, nicotine, drunk men (lol), .. Some allergies are worse than other. Although I'm allergic to dog and cat hair, we have two dogs and one cat. I'm used to them and their hair is no longer a problem to me. Unless I get scratched and my skin and the hair meet. Then I get a rash and my skin starts to itch. Sometimes my eyes sting and my nose runs. I have special tablets to make the symptoms less dramatic. But I only take those if really necessary. Normally I just cope with it.

What I have more problems with, is nicotine. It's just so bad for me. My food allergy for snails and the allergy for nicotine are the worst allergies for me. Spending time in an area where people smoke, is an ordeal for me. My throat feels sore, my eyes sting, my nose itches and I get an overall bad feeling. My body starts to protest, making it hard for me to breathe and speak. The next day is even worse. It leaves me with a stuffed nose, a raw throat, red eyes and spots on my face. And it's not just the allergy. The smell in your hair and on your clothes is not my cup of tea. So the choice not to smoke ever, was a smart choice for me. I know I cannot forbid other people to smoke when they are around me, but most of them are very considerate and they don't smoke in my presence. I don't mind if they smoke outside, as long as they don't expect me to join them. Because inside or outside, the effects are the same.

I care a lot about my health and I try to lead a healthy life. Smoking is not part of that life and I would like to keep it that way. I hope my daughters will be strong enough to never touch a cigarette. Just like me, they are very opposed to smoking. Let's hope it will stay that way.

I will not dislike you for smoking. Smoking is your choice. Just like not smoking is mine. It's a shame if smoking or not smoking becomes more important than a friendship..

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Being the provider

You have to make a very difficult decision. Probably the most difficult decision ever. There's a possibility you are going to be the provider of your household in a certain amount of time. You have to take these steps to lead a better life with your children. It's so unfair and it's not what you wanted, but it's how things went. You have serious doubts about your future, especially because you have 2 wonderful little girls. You have set your first steps: you found yourself a job, so you will be financially independent. It will be different for you, to be working full time and your children will have to get used to it as well. But you'll manage. I just know you will. You're a Leo, right? And Leo's know what they want and they are strong. Just like you.. Being a Leo also means that you are proud and you are used to solve your own problems. Just don't forget there are people around you, that are ready to catch you whenever you might fall. Count me in, will you?


I want to scream from the top of my lungs!!!


Why is it necessary to complicate ones life in such a manner, that you are backed into a corner? Is he God Almighty or what? If my blood could boil, it would be way over the boiling point by now.

Friday, February 5, 2010

A babylicious bride

You are getting married!!! I'm so thrilled for you and your fiancé. The two of you make a fantastic pair and I'm so happy for the both of you. I'm glad you are taking the step to become a married couple. I hear that little sheet of paper doesn't really matter, but I think it does.. you will no longer be girlfriend and boyfriend. You will be man and wife...

You showed me a couple of pictures of your wedding dress and I must admit: I was stunned.. you looked ravishing in that dress. I had to blink my eyes to get a tear out of the corner. It was moving, my friend. You looked happy and pretty and surprised and above all: you looked real slim! And isn't that what all brides want: to look their best on the most beautiful day in their life?

I'm looking forward to your wedding day. In 6 months, you will be married. Have you realized that???? I wish you all the best with the preparations. Take your time and don't forget to enjoy the road to happiness.

I'm stunned

You didn't have much time, but we went out for lunch anyway. Did I tell you how pretty you looked? Oh my gosh, you have lost so much weight and your dress fitted you like a glove. I'm so proud of you for how you are looking after yourself!

It's always good to see you. We understand one another and we can talk about anything. You're a very good friend..

Thursday, February 4, 2010


C'est ce qu'il y a de plus beau
C'est monter si haut
Et toucher les ailes des oiseaux
C'est ce qu'il y a de plus beau

C'est voler le temps
C'est rester vivant
Et bruler le coeur d'un volcan
Aimer c'est qui a de plus grand

C'est plus fort que tout
Donner le meilleur de nous
En sentir son coeur
Pour avoir moins peur..

Aimer - Romeo et Juliette

Ordinary people

We're just ordinary people. Nothing more, nothing less. If you think how small we are and how big our mouths sometimes are, it's ridiculous. Look at the size of the world. A few people rule our world and even they are nothing but.. ordinary people. Some people have a title: doctors for example. Some doctors attach more value to their title than others. Some doctors want you to call them doctor or Professor with a capital P. Others think it's just fine if you call them by their first name. Because they too, are nothing but.. ordinary people.

I don't like people who think of themselves as better than ordinary people. Many of those are a whole lot less impressive than they believe they are. But then again: who am I to judge.. I'm just one of those.. ordinary people..

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Everything in life happens for a reason

I don't believe in coincidences. I believe that everything in life happens for a reason. Sometimes I let my mind dwell off to the past and I relive some happenings. There were circumstances and occasions that weren't that positive. Those experiences made me sad and for a long time, I had negative feelings about them. But at that time, I couldn't know yet, what was to come of these experiences. Things don't happen just like that.. There must be a reason why things happen to us and not to someone else. If you can find that reason, it means you listen to your guides and you are open to improve yourself.

Some lessons are harder to learn than other. If you didn't learn your lesson the first time, you will get new encounters to have a second try out. Maybe you still haven't learned. Time will give you more experiences, until the light bulb in your head starts to glow. And then you have that aha-erlebnis, where you realise what lesson you have been taught. Don't worry if you're a slow learner. You'll get plenty of chances..

Don't give up

Don't give up
'cause you have friends
Don't give up
you're not beaten yet..
Don't give up
your daughter needs you more than anything..

Your life is pretty complicated and not of the easiest kind. You have overcome so many struggles by now. The only goal in life you would never give up on, was having a child of your own. That was by far an easy subject. People pointed at you for wanting to become pregnant. They called you names, said you didn't deserve to have a baby.

Friedreich's Ataxia is a horrible disease. It prevents you from getting out of your wheelchair and do what you want to do the most: have a great time with your daughter. Play with her on the floor, hold her hand to go for a walk, dance with her while her favorite song is playing. You are clever and you always find ways to give your daughter everything she needs.

Life's a struggle. Yours is a battle. You're brave, very brave. I think you are the most courageous person I have ever met. Your daughter is lucky to have a mother who is so in love with her.. You didn't get much love from your own mother. Maybe that's the reason why you have so much love to give..

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Proud as a peacock

Hey Kiddo!

you turned 8 today. You are a very smart little girl and I have a lot of fun being around you. You are so wise for your age and you are witty! What makes you even more special, is that you have diabetes, just like your daddy and some of your and mommies friends. And you do so well dealing with that. We should all be a little more like you: take it or leave it!

In May, you are going to get a new insulin pump. It'll be a change for you, because you have been used to your pump forever. But you're smart Kiddo and you'll figure it out real quick. It won't have any secrets for you. You know how to bolus and you prick your own fingers to determine your blood glucose. You take it as an adult: without tears or moaning. I'm so proud of you! By no means are you a wimp.

Have a very happy birthday Kiddo! You rock!

Who let the dogs out?

Hubby takes you on a walk on a daily basis. It's really hard to get you off the couch. Your leash cannot tempt you to budge one inch. If we're lucky, you open one eye, to close it even more quickly. You pretend you are sleeping, but the twitching eye lids prove otherwise. We have to drag you all the way to the front door. But once you are outside, you are happy and ready to walk. Your little tour around the town ends on the soccer court. That's where you get the chance to run your lungs out. Without your leash, you can run as fast as you want. Whenever we call your name or whistle, you stand by our side in no time. But that was before Inthe came...

The last time hubby let you loose to race, you were fast as lightening, racing in the wrong direction. Well, to you it was the right direction: straight home! Did you miss your little companion Inthe? Hubby was very lucky that a bystander caught you just in time. You could have been killed in traffic sweetie.. What a shock.. Inthe wears you out, but nevertheless, you have closed her in your heart and you want to be near her. So no more walks without cutie pie. That's why I bought a kangaroo bag to put the puppy in, until she's big enough to do the walks by herself. I'm not sure whether we'll unleash you again in the near future. It was too scary..

Monday, February 1, 2010

Emotionally bankrupt

I hate to be blackmailed.
I hate it when people give you no options but their option.
I hate it when people say they do what they do in your best interest, when you believe it's in THEIR interest, not yours.
It makes me sick to my stomach when people do not wish to involve you into a matter that concerns you and your life. When they make decisions or talk about your future in your absence.
It makes me want to throw up.. Maybe that would make me feel better..

Because you're worth it

You are a very special person.. what more can I do than wish you all the best? Your happiness means a lot to me. Because you're worth it..