Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm so sorry for your loss

I'm so sorry to hear you had to let go of your mother.. You and her were very close. In only one year, you lost both your father and your mother and I don't know what to say to you. It's okay.. your mom was ready to go. She must have known your father would be waiting for her. He'll take over now, my friend. She won't be by herself. She'll be taken care off.

Things will change for you and your family. Your children lost the grandparents they loved very deeply. They were old enough to hop on their bikes and pay them a visit. They will no longer be able to do that. All of you will grieve. I hope you and your sister will find a way to cope and hold on to each other.

Remember the good times. Think about the holidays at your parents' place. How you had fun and how you enjoyed each others company.

Photo by Lana Joos

Some hectic days are coming up, arranging everything for your moms last wishes. If there's anything I can do to make things easier, give me a buzz, okay? I'll light a candle for your mom. She's in peace now..

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Well, duh!

This man goes to the doctor and he says: Doc, my hearing is no longer what it used to be. Please help me..
The doctor asks him what the exact problem is and the patient tells him: Well Doc, the thing is, my wife says I hear only half of what she's telling me..
The doctor scratches his head, thinks some more and suggests to test out the problem. So he sits in front of his patient and says: I'll tell you something. Then you let me know what I said, okay? The patient agrees and gets ready to hear what the doctor has to say.
The doctor says: 16!
His patient looks at him and replies: 8??

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Delicious! I believe that is the exact word to describe my lunch at Litus in Dendermonde. What a fine place to have lunch or dinner. I'm always looking for good places to eat out. Places where the cook is not dead yet, but vibrant and energetic and daring. A cook who is creative and not afraid to make some adjustments to the menu if that's what the customer wants.

I still don't eat that many carbohydrates, because for me, that's the best way to control my blood glucose, so I asked for a veggie stir-fry dish without noodles or rice. The dish I got was filled with crunchy goodies in a yummy sauce. It was an exciting meal and very fulfilling. Too bad the restaurant is an hour drive from our place, because I would most certainly frequent the place on a weekly basis.

The menu is inviting to say the least. There's a lot of creativity and healthy dishes are not an exception. Fresh fruitsalad for dessert? I'll sign up!

Friday, February 25, 2011

The C-word..

I was shocked when I heard your ringtone at 7:30 PM. This is not your hour to call me and I immediately knew something had happened. You confirmed that thought... Your mom is in the hospital. The doctor called you with bad news.. Indeed.. the C-word. I find it too heard to pronounce the complete word in your presence. Because the news is devastating. This ugly disease has spread its tentacles inside your mother's body. This is so unexpected. Okay, she wasn't feeling well and the grief over the death of your father has left its traces for sure. Your mom is so strong and realistic and a proud woman. She's been through quite a lot in the last decade, but she kept going and didn't complain.

I don't know what to say to you.. It's too much. I would want to comfort you and tell you everything's going to be okay. But it's not.. How could it be okay? You may be losing your mom in the near future. That is not okay at all. It's too soon after losing your dad. I wish it were different, but there's not much we can do, is there?

Let's hope your mom will find peace and pain relief. She knows you love her to pieces. She knows what you have done for her over the years. Hold her.. she'll need you..

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Simplifying life

My friends ask me when I cook all the meals I talk about. There's some planning involved and good kitchen appliances are beneficial too. My latest catch is a slow cooker. Back in 1992 I was introduced to this kitchen tool in a shop in Portland, Oregon. There was a demonstration on the slow cooker and I thought it was a great invention. I wanted to take one home, but those machines are heavy and I never got to take one to Belgium.

The slow cooker had slipped my mind, until this January I saw several cook books with slow cooker recipes in Florida. I scrolled through the recipes and again, it drew my attention. But there were still the same objections: how would I take one home??

In Belgium, people are not familiar with slow cookers. They prefer pressure cookers. I own a pressure cooker too and I do use it on a regular basis. But can you believe the joy I felt, when I saw the slow cooker in a local supermarket??? I didn't hesitate this time and I got one for me and one for my friend. I was anxious to try it out and discover new recipes. It does what it's supposed to do: you add the ingredients to the pan in the morning and you leave for work. When you get home, dinner is ready and you can serve yourself. How about that? Is that a time saver or what?

Man, how I love this appliance! In only 7 days it has prepared as many dishes. This is the perfect kitchen tool for all those who have no time to cook. By the time you come home from work, your house smells wonderful of that delicious home cooked stew. How about that? Does that sound like a plan? It sure did to me! Think of making your own chicken stock in the slow cooker. Chili con carne, coq-au-vin, hotchpotch, a good old fashioned pea-soup, sticky chicken thighs and thick chowders. Or barbecued shredded pork to fill those soft buns with?

So next August, when we go back to Florida, I'll get myself some cookbooks on slow cookers. Looking forward to that! And in the meantime, I'll cook some more chilis, stews and soups and pot roasts. Long live kitchen appliances that simplify our life!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Until the day I die

We just started to get to know one another and we already have to say goodbye. I'm ready to come over to your place, before you head off to your last destination. You're not getting any better, that is impossible because C took over and made you very sick. You know what everybody else is talking about. They try to whisper, but their words are harsh and too loud. They frighten you and the words make you anxious and uncomfortable. You don't really know what to think of it. In the beginning of the week, you asked your nurse to help you fill out the euthanasia forms. You have always been a proud man who took real good care of himself. That's one of the reasons why it's so important for you to have closure worthy of a human being. There's no need to suffer, you had your share in life. I hope it will be a comfort to you, to know that you will see your partner again, in the next life. He'll be waiting for you, you know. He may not recognize you right away, since C made you loose a lot of weight. But he will find you in the end, for the two of you were so close nothing can come between that kind of love.

Photo by Lana Joos
I'll give you a warm hug later this morning. I hope you will find peace. Take care, Mr R. It was an honor to get to know you. You will be missed. We share the same nurse and you made her proud. You took your disease like a man and you lived your life the best way possible. Whenever I will listen to my favorite musical songs, I'll keep you in mind. You will not be forgotten..

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A happy camper

You kept saying: I can't believe I'm about to turn 14!!! Guess what? Today is your day! Happy birthday sweetheart.. Years go by in a fast mode and you change even faster. You're no longer  my little girl since you grew up to become a beautiful young lady. Last week, you had your first valentine party at boarding school. I tried to imagine the excitement and joy of the ladies' boarding school on their way to throw a party at the boys' boarding school. It's so movie like! You probably had a cheeky blush on your cheeks and sweaty hands. These are moments to cherish sweetie pie..

photo taken by Lana Joos

You were very specific about your birthday present this year. Tonight, I'm coming over to your boarding school and that's when you'll get your present. You'll be excited! The relatives can't wait to have your birthday party. As usual we're celebrating at grandma's. The whole family will be there to sing for you and your little cousin, who's about to have his birthday too. I wonder what cake you will pick this year. Maybe your sister will make you her famous Nigella Lawson pavlova?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Say shava shava

For those who are Indian movie lovers like myself: does Kabhi khushi kabhi gham ring a bell? Just the sound of the words are plenty to make me smile. Indian music is so vibrant and catching, it always makes you want to get up and dance.

This evening we came home from spending 3 days in The Hague, Holland. The purpose of our trip was the Bollywood Dance Show in the World Forum Theater annex Novotel Hotel. We had a blast! Let's say 90% of the audience was Indian and they came in their colorful outfits, what made the night even more special. We had great seats and didn't have to miss anything happening on stage. Say shava shava was our most favorite song. Let me warn you: the music is really contagious! That is, if you are willing to open up to Indian music. Bathe yourself in the culture and the atmosphere of Bollywood!

It's always total excitement to spend a couple of days abroad accompanied by our friends. We share the same interests for music, theater, shopping, dining out,.. meaning we do not get bored.. ever! Too bad it was so cold outside. The wind was too much. We were all longing for the Indian sun!

Some years ago, my sister-in-law and I took Indian cooking classes and that was so interesting! I love Indian cuisine! Too bad the hotel restaurant didn't serve an Indian meal beforehand. Their menu was definitely fine and delicious, but we like to do things a little different. I would not have minded chapati, aloo paratha, Bombay potatoes, a spicy curry and a cooling raita for dinner. Maybe we should've bought a couple of shalwar kameez to dress up and enter the theater in style?

We enjoyed the show and there is the need for more hangers to put away the new clothes. The Hague is a wonderful town if you like to shop. Check out The Sting! for your newest outfit or visit the shops in Hasselt or Antwerp on your next bargain hunting.

There's one anecdote from the show I would like to share with you. Young couples get engaged and that's where the engagement ring comes in. The next one in line is the wedding ring. A few years later, you get the "suffering"..

Thank you my friends and hubby, for giving us the opportunity to hang out together and enjoying a great time! It was awesome!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I know what you mean

I get tired and upset. And I'm trying to care a little less. When I google I only get depressed. I was taught to dodge those issues I was told. Don't worry, there's no doubt. There's always something to cry about. When you're stuck in an angry crowd. They don't think what they say before they open their mouths.

Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and bury them beneath the sea. I don't care what the people may say, what the people may say about me.
Pack up your troubles, get your old grin back. Don't worry 'bout the cavalry. I don't care what the whisperers say, cause they whisper too loud for me...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Intimate stories

Three ladies on a couch, holding their glasses of wine and sipping in between conversations. Intimate stories are being told and olives are gobbled up, leaving oil and herbs on their fingers. The clattering of their laughter, the softness of their words, the warm feeling of their friendship. Tears may be rolling down their cheeks and breaths may be held for seconds, listening to lifetime experiences..

The age doesn't matter. They all have their own stories to tell, their own experiences in life. One happened to have suffered from a major life threatening operation: she survived.. It has made her a different person. A person we get to know better little by little. A person worthwhile. Nourished and loved by the beloved ones in her life.
A white pigeon keeps her safe when she's going through rough times. She's being looked after and that is comforting.

She welcomed the other two into her house, making them feel at home. She has been in the life of one of the others for 17 years. She's grown to become a woman and a dedicated mother. She's doing well in life, despite some down episodes on her way. She's a fighter and a struggler but still she can hold her back straight. The care over her son softens her personality. He and she are a good team.

The third lady in the house is the oldest one. Nearly forty, but feeling a whole lot younger. Her children are a bit older and so are the issues. She's enjoying the company of the other two, soaking up their feelings and emotions and wiping away a tear in the corner of her eye. Grateful for this friendship and bond. Grateful for life. Grateful for being..

photo by Lana Joos

Friday, February 18, 2011

Snowdrops, crocuses and daffs

Spring must be announcing its presence. Walking around town, I saw bunches of snowdrops, purple crocuses and little daffodils peeping out of the soil. It always warms my heart to see the first signs of spring. Time for new life, time for new adventures. It does not yet smell like spring outside. There's too much rain and the clouds spoil it all. But thinking of spring makes me happy nevertheless.

I can't wait for Lana to go outside and take the first spring pictures. The other night she got up at 5 AM to take pictures of the sunrise.. and with a very good result. I would like to have some of her pictures enlarged to expose them in our hallway. I'm not sure yet, whether I should have them printed in color, sepia or black and white. Or maybe I should keep them in a file until there are enough pictures to have them printed in a book.. We'll see.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Grand Opening!

This evening, Diabetescafé Aalst is opening its doors for the very first time. From then on, all people with diabetes (and their friends/relatives) are more than welcome to join in and come over for a drink and a chat. Every 3rd Thursday, the Diabetescafé will be happy to receive you in Bed & Breakfast  Royal Astrid, located on Keizersplein 27 in Aalst. At 7:00 PM, the doors open and about half an hour later there will be a lecture on diabetes. You will get the opportunity to ask your questions and discuss the subject with colleague diabetics. Get your agenda and schedule these Thursdays, so you don't miss out next time!

If you'd like more information on the Diabetescafé, you can call or email 09 333 57 40 or

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hello darling - hello goodlooking!

Why is it that children want to turn 18 overnight and grown ups do not wish to grow any older? At what age did you tell yourself: this is the age I would like to keep forever?

Happy birthday, my friend! If I could come over now and give you your birthday kisses, I would. Just a couple of more days, before we head off to Holland. Three wonderful days are laying ahead of us. I like to go away for the weekend if a birthday is to be celebrated. Just friends among friends, what more can we wish for?

Now what do I wish for you this coming year? I have thought about it. The best I could wish you, is a good health I guess, since it's priceless and life is better if ones health is promising. I hope we'll see a whole lot more of each other too and I'm pretty sure that will happen. I'm still working on a special gift for you, and I hope I will have enough time to finish it. I'll do the best I can, sweetie xx

I would also like to give away some more birthday wishes to my D-friend from Lier and my father-in-law xxx

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I'm passionate about cooking. The kitchen is my domain and I spend a lot of time trying out new recipes. Reading is another passion of mine, but lately I have read more cook books than other stories. People ask me: how much time do you spend in the kitchen? after they read my menus. To be truthful: not that much.. It's mostly about planning and mise-en-place and having the right ingredients in your fridge and pantry. The actual cooking is not that intense. I love to stir-fry and that comes in real handy. It's fast, healthy and you end up eating loads of vegetables you would not eat otherwise.

Since I skip bread, I have to replace those meals by something else. That's when I choose to have leafy greens or a plate of veggies. How can you ever run out of ideas? There are so many vegetables to taste and prepare. I never get bored, reading recipes and running errands. World cuisine is more than exciting and you get to taste new flavors. Why not? I'm not the boiled potato-sausage-applesauce kind of person. I like excitement and that's what I want on my plate as well. Dishes that burst with flavor. A plate that is exciting to look at, because we do eat with our eyes, don't we?

When is the last time you had bean sprouts, pea pods, romain lettuce, salsifies or horseradish? Do you always pick peas and carrots out of a tin or a plain tomato? Vegetables are so much more. Surprise yourself. Treat your body well and give it the vitamins it deserves. You will benefit from it..

Monday, February 14, 2011


Unforgettable, that's what you are
Unforgettable, though near or far
Like a song of love that clings to me
How the thought of you does things to me
Never before has someone been more

Unforgettable in every way
And forever more, that's how you'll stay
That's why, darling, it's incredible
That someone so unforgettable
Thinks that I am unforgettable too

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Just the way you are

We all come in different sizes, shapes and personalities. That's what makes the world interesting to say the least. Imagine a world where we would all look alike and share the same opinion. It might be fun for some time, but I would definitely miss the diversity of the people around us. Meeting with and talking to people from different cultures, religions, disabilities or orientation enriches our life. It doesn't mean I would want to live exactly like them or that I need to agree with everything they stand for, but it gives us the opportunity to reflect and think about who we are.

In each person I meet, I find attractive and interesting features that I like to indulge. I'm like a sponge, soaking up as much information I can hold. The world is immensely big. We will never have the chance to visit every country and meet up with locals. That's why I embrace other cultures in my neighborhood. It's different than learning in school or out of a book. It's real life. It's sad that some are too blindsighted to open their heart and let other people get to know them. Maybe they miss out on a unique chance. It doesn't mean you have to become best friends, but at least it will be a new experience. Isn't that the reason why we like to go abroad and travel around? Then why is it so hard to appreciate different people for who they are in our own surroundings..

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Negative Nelly

Life isn't always what we want it to be. I do believe that life is what you make it. There are many factors we can't control, but still, there's a lot we can do to make life worthwhile. Being a Negative Nelly is not part of it.. Some people have the tendency to remain negative, no matter what life brings them. Instead of seeing the positive things in life, they keep focussing on what goes wrong. That is so sad and it ruins their opportunities to make the most of it.

I try to keep away from negative people. We all have days we would like to forget about as soon as possible - I won't deny that. But is it really necessary to keep whining about whatever went wrong in life? What's the use? I don't get it. Try to have fun. Be happy. Keep busy and change whatever you're not happy with. Did your boyfriend break up with you? Fine! Too bad, but hey, would you rather have stayed with him, knowing he didn't love you any more? Don't think so. Cry, stand up and move on. It's not the end of the world, really.. You'll be much happier as Chipper Charlotte, than you were as Negative Nelly..

Friday, February 11, 2011

A knight in shining armor

We talked quite a bit on the Internet, before we finally met. Yesterday, I came to Antwerp to visit you in the hospital. After being diagnosed diabetic type 1 a year and a half ago, you decided you wanted to swap your syringes for an insulin pump. They promised you 4 days in the hospital, to get used to the pump.
My astonishment was huge! Your knowledge on the pump is immense. You must have read that manual back and forth and inside out, I assume? It didn't look like you had not been pumping beforehand. It looked pretty professional to me!

You're a very sweet young man. I would say: the perfect son(-in-law). Seriously! So honest, open minded, friendly and considerate. Your parents raised you well JW. They couldn't have done better. They must be very proud of you. I know I would!

It was worth the ride to come visit you. I have met a wonderful knight in shining armor. I hope to get the chance to get to know you better. You have a fresh attitude and you are very charming. Kill those D-numbers, JW. Be proud of your pump and be proud of you. Your sweetie is a lucky person!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Plunged in thought

Lana made this picture and it made me very proud of her. She has such a good eye for photography. The subjects she picks are very personal. Sometimes I can't even guess what item she took a picture off but it is nevertheless a wonderful shot.
I really love the portraits she makes. They are special and they each have their own story. There are many titles to describe her pictures and some just don't need a description.

Just the other day, a friend told me about the exposition of the Belgian top photographer Lieve Blancquaert. What a great idea! Yesterday, I decided to take Lana to the exposition and make it a day out. She's absolutely passionate about her hobby. That's why we bought her some extra lenses for the Canon. She takes real good care of the camera and uses the lenses (macro, close-up,..) the best way possible.

Having had the opportunity to admire the work of Lieve Blancquaert will give her so many ideas for future pictures. She will without any doubt study Lieve's book on the exposition and while wandering around the exposition, I could tell Lana was plunged in thought.. I'm sure she loved the portraits. I'm longing to see more of her.. Her as in Lieve and her as in Lana..

Photo by Lana Joos

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Not too long ago, my diabetes nurse invited me to join her at the theatre. We were going to attend a monologue on diabetes. Since my nurse and I get along real well and an evening out together is always a good plan, I didn't hesitate and hopped into the car.

She forgot to tell me she had also invited another friend of hers. He's been a T1 diabetic for 4 years and she wanted to introduce me to him or the other way around. He doesn't know that many other sweetbees and maybe it was time for him to find a mate. Now that was a great idea! What a wonderful personality! The three of us had a good time together and the diabetes monologue was interesting too.

I guess I have found another D-friend. If only I could convince him to join us at a diabetes meeting one day, it would open his eyes. It would teach him that life with D isn't that bad. That many of us need to inject insulin. Nothing wrong with that. I do like his way of eating: low carb and healthy.

I went to see him this week. He gave me a trendy haircut and we talked some more. He's a good guy and very thoughtful. I think we'll see more of each other..

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Exactly. That was my curse after a whole day of high blood glucose.
I hate it when that happens. Changing my site, filling up a reservoir with fresh insulin, drinking loads of water, checking for ketones. It's a fulltime job if your diabetes is not behaving. I had a terrible headache, was thirsty like crazy and I had an overall sick feeling to my stomach. Thanks, but no dinner for me!

The numbers kept crawling up, although I continued to drink water and inject insulin. Aaarrrggghhh! At a certain point, you don't want to inject any more insulin, because you absolutely don't want to have a freaking low in the middle of the night, right? I hear insulin can heap up in your body and then be released all at once. So I wanted to take it slow and inject a little at a time and see what it did. Not much, too badly.. So I stayed up late, checked some more and had more water than our fishtank can hold.. I felt bloated but still very thirsty. When your blood glucose is too high, you have to pee a whole lot, because your body wants to get rid of all those surplus sugar crystals. So your body needs to be refuelled with water, to prevent you from dehydrating. High numbers can make you very sick, up to the point where you need to throw up ('cuse me if you weren't expecting this). It's very hard to keep focussed or stay awake. All you want to do, is lay down your head and sleep. But that's not a good idea when you are on your own. So if nobody is around, you have to stay awake and keep checking your blood glucose. It's a pain, but that is also a part of D and we deal with it whenever we have to.

I slept on the couch and had the whippets to watch over me. They did well. I checked my BG regularly and hopefully today will be a better one.. The 100 mg/dl reading on my meter this morning, was satisfying and normal. That looks promising.

Monday, February 7, 2011


On one hand: fire frightens me. The thought of being surrounded by fire and not finding a way out, is just too much. I think suffocating in a burning house is the most painful death possible.

On the other hand: I'm intrigued by fire. I love to watch the flames and I embrace the cosy feeling a fireplace gives you. We have installed a gas fireplace a couple of years ago. Sitting by the fire, all cuddled up, is just so homey! The heat is different than the warmth the central heating brings you. The game of the dancing flames is interesting to look at and the red cheeks caused by the heat make you feel at home. I'm not much of a winter type, but I don't mind sitting by the fire..

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Curry in a hurry

Photo by Lana Joos
That's so not what I'm going to cook today. We have invited my favorite relatives for lunch and I have been looking forward to that. Hubby is lucky his family lives nearby, so we get to see them all the time. My relatives live a bit further off and we don't meet up that often. But we keep in touch and we call and sometimes I hop in my car to go see them.

So they are coming over today! I have been cooking and baking and making preparations for two days and I believe I'm ready for them to come. Since one of them is a diabetic too, it definitely altered my menu. I always try to cook healthy - low fat, low carb and low sugar - but you do try to make an extra effort, right?

Our children are so happy to see Auntie and Uncle! They love to cuddle them and prank some jokes. Auntie is the godmother of our oldest daughter. They have a special bond. My mother-in-law is Eva's godmother and they have that same special bond. They are lucky girls!

I'd better make those whole wheat bread rolls now, so I can pop them in the oven when they get here!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

La rivière du temps qui passe

Children grow up way too fast. Before you'll get the chance to realize it, the fingerprints on the wallpaper will have faded. You will ask yourself: when did they get to grow so tall?

Nobody is entitled to have children. Children are a gift and they should be treated likewise. Children are the most precious gift ever and they deserve respect. We are fortunate to have been blessed with two daughters. Not one day goes by, without being thankful for the joy they bring into our lives. I cherish my girls for who they are. They don't have to be someone I want them to be. Being who they are, is plenty.
Does that mean I put my girls on a pedestal? Not at all. I'm pretty realistic. Own child proper child is not a saying I support. I'm more than willing to support them and stand by their side, but that doesn't mean they can do whatever they please. I will always love them, no matter what.

Sometimes it's scary to see how much they resemble their parents. I see parts of me and parts of their daddy in each one. After all, they are a mix of both parents and that's an interesting fact. Maybe we wish some of our characteristics were not passed on to our children. We may recognize parts of their personality that are very confrontational. Should we hold that against them? Absolutely not! They are who they are and that's the best they can be. I can't grasp why some parents despise their children. How can you not love your own flesh and blood? That will remain a mystery to me, I suppose..

Love your children and let them know they will always be loved, no matter what. Children are vulnerable and they are like sponges, absorbing so much information. If that information is not stimulating but negative, it will take many years to get over it. Words can be so powerful.. to a much bigger extend than we can ever grasp. Words can hurt so much and leave deep wounds..
Even after a divorce, children need to know how much both their parents love them, despite the fact that the parents are no longer in love. The love for a child is different from the love for a spouse. The love for your children is unconditional, they say. At least, that's what it should be. I can't imagine letting my children down to the fact that they would not want to see me anymore. After all, we are the adults and we should swallow our pride and let our kids know, that parents too, make mistakes. Nothing's wrong with letting your children know, you haven't been fair to them and you would like to make up. Don't break the bond between you and your children. Don't let anything come between that bond.. you won't regret it.. because children love their parents eternally and unconditionally, no matter what.. Sometimes they are more of a hero than we will ever be..

Friday, February 4, 2011

The story behind the picture

You could think this woman is hurting.
You could say she's crying in despair and seeking help. 
But is that the true story behind the picture? Who says she's not laughing and bursting into tears because of the funny things being told? 

Photo by Lana Joos

Sometimes, people jump to conclusions before they know what's really going on. Things are not always what they seem. Maybe it's good to talk to someone first, before you make it your own story. A first impression may be good, but it's not always the truth..

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Light a candle

I would like to light a candle.. 
for all the beloved ones who are no longer among us. 
You are on my mind. 
You matter. 
You will not be forgotten. 
Because you were you. 
Because you mattered to so many. 
Because you mattered to me..
Photo by Eva Joos

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hang on

You are hurting.. I know you are. It's so painful to hear you tell your story. I don't know if I can help you. I can listen to you and give you some advice, but in the end, it's up to you. There are decisions to be made. A future lays ahead of you, but it's up to you to decide which way you are heading. Those decisions are probably going to be the most difficult ones you ever had to make. But there's no other way. Things are just not working out the way you planned them. Is that your fault? Is it his? Is it a bad combination of both? Who knows.. But we all know it's not working. Not for you, not for your partner, not for the children. Please take care of yourself. You are at the end of your rope. But did you know there are other ropes? There are solutions - there is a way out. If only you could find the courage to think things over..
Don't burn all your bridges behind you. There's light in the darkness. Don't let all of the darkness take over. Please don't.. Hang on. Don't slide off that slippery rope. Reach out for help and give up some of that pride. It won't hurt to come down a couple of steps and give in. For you. For your family. For the sake of love.. for the sake of your children..

Photo by Eva Joos

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

On hold

Time is flying by. 2011 is starting its second month already. The children are growing up before I'm ready for this stage. Eva is turning 14 this month and her sister is facing a sweet 16. My babies have become little ladies overnight..

What if we would have a hold button? Would you push it? Would you like to have the chance to put your life on hold, for a day, a month, a year or a decade? Would you? Imagine your life to be on hold for a while and you being the only person to keep moving. You could walk around those people on hold in time, taking a deeper look at them, trying to figure out where your life is headed to. That would be very strange and it's very unlikely it will ever happen. Would you try to alter things? Or are you happy with the way life is leading a life of its own?